poet of sound and image


Things that excite me at this passage: Metaphysical paintings of Chirico in front of my nose, afternoon light on women’s skin, ancient architectural feats from Central Region encrusted on 15th century buildings, tunnels of vision, anarchy in accordance with the rebel flag that my operative liberty waves, making André Breton feel like a conservative… and stationary and anything that is related to ink. — Venezia, Italia.


About a year ago, we talked about collaborating and now we are standing in it. Keti creates costumes and Marcus makes computational tricks with music and software. We got 3 outfits in the works for 9 in Photon Sea, light and sound emitting performance contraption as my transformative tool. Marcus have been developing all sorts of gadgetry and a show in his upstate haven. We are talking about wicked ways to control ‘wearable synths’. The digital is thriving, time to call Blenkinsopp for the analogue! 

I am in the smack middle of Hollywood. You know how I feel about this machine. What went through these reels was blank film, what came out on the other hand is a waste coated with terrifying lies, abstracted from reality to dumb(found) people, blinding vision. I am here on a mission. The spirit of Chaplin, Lang, Orson, Hitch, Fuller are keeping me good company, in fact we are having coffee together in a moment, so that I can tell them about where I am at with the writing of my film.