poet of fate

Because when you’re obsessed with someone, you see them in everything you’re doing. Everywhere you go. You see little pieces of them in other people. Their quirks & mannerisms here & there, but it’s not the same. Something’s missing…they’re missing & that’s always the problem.

•kiss of fate•

as she reads
her book
and ponders
a teasing little thought
delicately saunters
about her mind
of her hidden hope
to find true love
that was confined

her sweetest dream
she dared not speak
continued to play
a foolish game
of hide
and seek
this illusion on replay
of someday
to finally feel
the succulent seal
of fate’s
upon on her lips
the most pure
and rare bliss
that always seemed
to miss

if only once
to not have to
read it from a book
or envy the strangers
while she look
upon true love’s
just one chance
to be embraced
two lovers
to perfectly blend
as their brokenness
each shattered piece
desperate to be one
would seamlessly
begin to

in the arms of a man
who knew
how to touch her
a man who
had taken time
to discover
and uncover
the enigma that she was
to explore the intricate maze
each complexity confined
in her body
and mind
willing to console
the past that occurred
yet still stirred

this man…

her one
and only lover
who looked upon her
with a clarity complete
not simply for the beauty
she outwardly displayed
but her luminous soul
that she relinquished
and with love
to join his own
within this dream
of fate’s



Not everything our eyes are drawn to can stay in our sights forever.
Not everything our hands reach for can be ours to hold for a lifetime.
Sometimes we’re allowed glimpses of things… worlds we cannot be a part of, or things we love but cannot keep.
Understand that this is not a punishment. It’s not that we haven’t earned happiness, or that we don’t deserve it – it is simply because some happiness is transient and cannot stay with us forever.
But what defines us as the person we are is how we accept our fate and how gracefully we let go of those things we wish to love forever for but cannot hold onto.
It’s not easy – I won’t tell you it is because it’s not… but somehow it feels ‘right’. I cannot explain it any other way than that, just that you will come to an understanding that as painful as it is – this is the way things are meant to be.
But the choice of how we move forward from this loss is ours and ours alone. We can choose to be bitter over the injustice of being unable to possess the happiness we desire – or we can choose to carry a piece of that happiness with us, simply by being grateful we were lucky enough to know happiness… to call it by its name and say that it was ours for that brief time we had it. Because as much as it hurts to let go of something like that… it’s nothing compared to the lifetime of emptiness we would have lived without it.

Fate freezes time
And loses all beginnings
And ends.
Fate cuts off all choice
And possibility of change
Because if something should happen,
It will. It will. If course it will.
Fate ties its victims
To the ground,
Weighing them down,
Convincing them there’s no need
To act.

Without fate,
There is motivation.
There is adventure.
There is freedom.

It’s been a month since I last posted a poem. Well, writers block isn’t a myth.

I usually dont use metaphors and personifications in my poems, but here’s something I tried with the help from @i-just-be

Hope you guys like it..

To let the stars spark
I cloak myself in the dark
Why I grieve every while
Just to see you smile

Im in love with the moon
But my love shall never bloom
To keep up with the night
I banish my light

Dying for others seem fine
Being bright, yet cant shine
Living for others is tough
Crying, to see her smile, ain’t it love?

You orbit around, yet never meet
My love doesnt care, how you treat
Even if I eclipse, for you to take the stage
I wish to set you free, from this gravitational cage

My love maybe one sided
By the horizon we are divided
Though we both, might not feel the same
I’ll never let you take the blame

Impossible love story, this seems
Between us two extremes
Will I be always stuck waiting?
And see my life negating

Is it the distance or the magnitude
Or maybe I myself need to be valued
Live for myself and then the dear one!

Or maybe the moon is unlucky for not having the Sun


24th Nov, 2016

I tell you that you’re the sun, and you tell me I’m the Earth,
I guess it’s true,
That my entire world revolves around you.
And I know we have and will go through a lot,
I thank you and value all that you are, and all that you’re not,
Sometimes I lose focus, you’ve become my every train of thought,
I daydream and dream of an eternity in your arms,
Your charm, your burn,
I yearn to learn you off by heart,
I can’t see us apart,
No matter what,
I can say I’ve loved a great love,
And by far,
My shooting star,
I’ll continue thinking of us,
Therefore I am,
Eternally yours,
I hope our love endures,
The oldest test of time,
For it would be God’s greatest crime,
To not let us be,
As we.
As us.
—  ‘Love Letters to Him’ - Sharnay
Please get me under control, I can see the cliff drop off in the distance.
Somehow Ive managed to convince myself that you are in some way different.
I will step to edge and lean off the side and see what is a thousand feet down.
And I know it’s going to make me feel like I’m flying until I smash into the ground.
—  Pushed // @kylie-not-kylis
He tells me he believes in fate
and thinks I’ll be his shooting star one day.
I’m afraid that’s exactly what I’ll be.
This person
always burning,
always crashing.
You’ll wish on my presence
but I’ll leave your world dark
and empty.
My goodbye will come so quickly
that if you blink you might just miss it.
I’ll leave nothing
but debris
and unanswered prayers.
but if icarus were to have fallen in love with the moon
if the story had been altered in hopes that his wings and heart would be saved,
would he not still fall?

for the moon, despite how she wished to love him, could not return his affections,
as she was committed to the sun.

and the sea.
the sea loves the boy with the burnt wings to the point where the fates set the ending in stone, no matter the change.

because the moon and the sun are meant to love one another.
and icarus is meant to heal in the arms of the sea.

—  the sea is meant to suffocate in his own love. || { inspo - arach }