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Wall Flower Part II

Author’s Note: Thank you so much for the love and warm comments for Wall flower. I decided to make this a series guys. :) And of course feedback is gift feel free to message me anytime. :)

Part I

To say that everything remained the same was an understatement. The moment you step off Zach’s car everyone’s attention was on you. Heck even you will notice if this kind of phenomena happened. Little Miss. Nobody with Mr. Popular. A little cliche. But you wish you’re not the one on this situation. You’ll take extra shift at Monet’s if you have to. Volunteer on every dog shelter if you’ll be able to escape this situation. But no it’s happening: for real. You feel like a deer caught on the red light. There’s no escaping this.All morning everyone’s eyes was on you. It’s weird being the center of attention when all your life you’re just the wallflower who watches the drama on this school.

“Guess what’s the headline on Shaver’s paper! ” Hannah said while looking at me.

“Lemme Guess, a poem you write?” I sass back. You see last month Ryan published Hannah’s poem. Which for a geek poet like me it’s a privilege. Not so much for  Hannah  tho.

“ Touche.” says Hannah while rolling her eyes. “But seriously tho. Do I really need to know it from someone else? I thought I’m your best friend. I’m wounded,(y/n/n)”

“Hannah Banana. You of all people should know that you can’t know gossip. It is what it is. GOSSIP.” I retaliated while closing my  locker.

We were walking on the hallway on our way to the cafeteria for lunch.

Hannah linked her arm with me,“ So you and Zach is not in a relationship?” She pried.

You weren’t able to answer that. Coz technically you are. But it’s not something that you can explain with her in the middle of the hallway.

You stopped on your track when you saw him standing on the center of the hallway. Everyone is just oblivious of him.He was just looking at you. And you’re the only one seeing him. It’s like he’s not really there. You’re ready to go to him when a chest blocked your view. You looked up and saw Zach.

“Lunch?” He said. Smiling at you. “ Hey Hannah”

“Uhm. Are you gonna eat lunch with us?” You asked trying to look pass him if he’s still there. BUt he’s no longer there. Did you just imagine that?

“You’re my girl. You’re supposed to be having lunch with me. But I understand you  don’t like hanging out with my friends so I’ll adjust for you. Compromise remember?” He explained while draping his arm on your shoulder.

You suddenly feel bad. It seems like Zach only does all the compromise on this relationship. “ We can eat with you guys. Right Hannah?” You blurted out. Zach smiled his megawatt smile that is so blinding and squeezed you in a hug. “Za.. Zach, I caaaan’t breathe.”

“Oohhh sorry.” He laughed. opening the door of the cafeteria for you and Hannah.

“Hey Helmet.” Hannah greeted his boyfriend Clay who became your friend as well. “Hey Clay!” You greeted him. Clay seems in a bad mood and just nod in your direction. Hannah sensed Clay’s mood and smiled at you.

“Let’s go sit outside, Helmet?” Hannah said trying to diffuse the awkwardness. “Sure.” Clay answered. “ See you on 5th, (y/n/n)” Hannah waived while dragging Clay with her.

Zach already ordered food for the both of you. He balances the tray on his hand while the other holds your hand. You just look at it. It feels natural. Your hands perfectly fits each other. How can this feel right? You feel torn. You have not been completely honest with Zach. And you have to explain to him everything as well. He needs to understand what page you’re in right now for this to work. You unknowingly squeezed Zach’s hand which he reciprocated. He walked passed his friends table which all of them are looking for the both you catcalling and just cheering you both. He settled in a table at the back.

“Why are we here? I thought we’re staying there?” you asked pointing at Zach’s friends.

“I don’t want you to get uncomfortable. We’ll take it one step at a time.” Zach smiled.

“For someone who’s so bossy, you are so thoughtful at the same time, Dempsey." you said settling beside him. 

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the bus

Doleful faces at the bus stop. I was one of them. The clouds were vehemently spitting thick rain, smiting the cobblestones of the streets, and trickling down our wan faces. Drowsy, I closed my eyes and let the cadenced sound of the rain lull me to sleep. Alas, the bus of perdition came. I never dared to get out. 

Copyright © 2016 Margaux Emmanuel


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