poet art

Do you know that terrifying feeling of knowing that you are about to fall right before you fall?
The time between the realisation and the fall is of just a few seconds so you can’t really prevent yourself from falling.
The fall for me isn’t as bad as the terror of the knowledge that I am about to fall and there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it.
Actually, I am wrong. There is one thing in that second I can manage to do.
I can break my fall.
That’s what ‘falling in the right way’ is called.
It still hurts, but less.
It will give you bruises but won’t break any bones.
It’s damage control.
—  But how do you break your fall when you’re falling in love?

And on some days, it becomes too difficult to tell what’s real and not.

Wind blows as though released from the Pandora’s box.

Walls become papers.

The sky becomes a gaping black hole.

Butterflies whisper their colours to me.

Red turns to black to blue to red again.

And the voices whisper. Your name.

—  (in)sanity?
I got on a boat and swam it out to sea; I wanted to jump in the water and drown myself in its depth. But I didn’t do it; because I had to save the man who had jumped in before me.
—  Eliot Knight
Usually when I feel lonely it’s not because I don’t have people around me it’s because no one seems to think the way I do. That being said, I feel alone because I’m surrounded by so many people that don’t know who I am.