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So, I have a kinda weird question. Ummmm... What do you ship. I mean, like all of them? It's weird. I know. You don't have to answer... Love your blog BTW!

Thanks and it’s not weird, I get asked this all the time,I just never have had the timeto sit down an truley realize how many I have… I think this is all of them. I’m sure there are some I forgot about (sadly).

Dean x Castiel
Sam x Gabriel
Sam x Lucifer
Garth x Kevin
Charlie x Gilda
(In certain AU’s) Charlie x Jo
Crowley x Bobby
(In certain AU’s) Pamela x Ash
(Sometimes) Dean x Benny

Sherlock x John
Mycroft x Lestrade
Moriarty x Sebastian Moran

The Walking Dead:
Rick x Daryl
(Sometimes) Michonne x Daryl
(Sometimes) Michonne x Rick

DC Universe:
Bruce x Clark
Harley Quinn x Poison Ivy

Steve x Tony
Steve x Bucky
(Sometimes) Steve x Tony x Bucky
Steve x Sam
Sam x Bucky
Steve x Sam x Bucky
Tony x Rhodey
(In certain AU’s) T’challa x Clint
(In comics only) Natasha x Steve
Charles x Erik
Logan x Hank
Logan x (X2)Kurt
Kurt x Peter Maximoff
Kurt x Warren
(Sometimes) Kurt x Jubilee
Peter x Wade
Thor x Bruce
Tony x Bruce
Thor x Steve

Star Wars:
Kylo Ren x Hux
Finn x Poe

Star Trek:
Bones x Kirk
Bones x Spock
(Sometimes) Kirk x Spock
(Sometimes) Kirk x Bones x Spock

Brennan x Booth
Booth x Sweets
Hodgins x Zack
Arastoo x Cam

Criminal Minds:
Reid x Morgan
Morgan x Garcia

Lord of the Rings:
Legolas x Gimli

The Hobbit:
(Sometimes) Bilbo x Thorin
Smaug x Bilbo
Kili x Tauriel