poesiegrenadine on Etsy

Embellishing my new camo shirt with old Walthamstow Girl Guide badges, a Hanecdote patch, goodies from the Knitting and Stitching Show, and my own Poesie Grenadine patches. May be offering bespoke embellishing services in the near future!

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New post on my performance at Cella Salon on Thursday night/my collaboration with hanecdote/hannahscupofcare over at http://poesiegrenadine.blogspot.co.uk/. Check it out!

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Thanks everyone!

I have had a very productive day! I ordered a new credit card (so the Poesie Grenadine Etsy shop will be up and running some time next week), I’ve been offered a job (I will soon be a CraftTea Lady!) and my CPN has helped me draft up a schedule and get my life a bit more organised. Now to do a few household chores before sitting down to stitch.

Here is a preview of the soon-to-be-opened Poesie Grenadine Etsy shop: