poems vi

Azure. To rise. To rise through the azure. Illegible joy.
No second heaven. No first.
I think I’ll lie here like this awile, my back flat on the floor.
I hear that days bleed.
I hear that the right word will take your breath away.
—  Charles Wright, from The Appalachian Book Of The Dead VI in “Appalachia”

Αύριο λοιπόν - Μαρία Ιωάννου

Να κλαις θέλω,

ψυχή μου

Να κλαις

από έρωτα

Όχι γιατί


αλλά γιατί


Τόσο πολύ που


Poetka, samobรณjczyni,
Loki rozwiawszy fioล‚kowe,
Nad wodฤ… stoi…
ยซSafo, co chcesz uczyniฤ‡?ยป

โ€“ ยซChcฤ™ morze zarzuciฤ‡ na gล‚owฤ™,
By nikt nie dojrzaล‚ ล‚ez moich…ยป
—  Maria Pawlikowska Jasnorzewska, „Róże dla Safony. VI”


1. the absence of all boundaries in the endeavour to shield that which is precious from all harm or misadventure.

2. often misunderstood, twisted, unappreciated, a ruthless determination is the means to an end, always justified regardless of interpretation.

3. any part of yourself that can be extended in intervention, physical or emotional, is to be risked with no accounting for self preservation.

4. rewarded by the desired outcome, a victory tinged bitter by narrowed eyes of mistrust and impassioned words of hatred.

5. an old fortress heart steeped in loneliness yet free of regret, battered and broken by self-imposed duty, waiting for forgiveness that will never be requested.

gm. dictionary poem (vi).