poems of sorrow

A million words won’t bring you back,
I know because I tried.
Neither would a million tears,
I know because I cried.
Last spring

I imagined an April
with love-rattled trees
and the heat catching hard in your throat

I imagined an April
with sky kissed raw
and your eyes rising wild to hold it

I imagined an April
with wish-softened grass
and the shadows aching on your shoulders

I imagined an April
with sun-opened skin
and a light stretching out in our hands

I imagined our April
without any endings.
Once, I imagined an April.

And then make love

And then make love.
No sex, only love.
And with this I mean slow kisses on the mouth,
on the neck, on the belly, on the back,
biting lips,  interwining hands,
and eyes inside each other’s eyes.
I mean hugs so tight
to become one,
embedded bodies and souls in collision,
caresses on the scratches , taking off clothes together with fears,
kisses on weakness,
on the marks of a life that was a little wrong till that moment.
I mean fingers on the bodies, creating constellations,
inhaling scents, hearts that beat together,
breaths that go on the same rhythm,
and then smiles,
sincere smiles after a while they weren’t anymore.
So, make love and don’t be ashamed,
because love is art and you the masterpieces.

-Alda Merini

Translation by Frances Gray Wilde

Alda Merini was an Italian poet who had her life marked by tragedies and sorrow. She found through poetry her healing and salvation. She’s one of my favorite poets. Today I stumbled upon this poem of hers I didn’t know. I found a lot of me in it and I couldn’t help sharing. 

They Killed the Moon River

The daily evils poison the moon river
our escapades are gone as giant behemoths
excrete the wastes of a lavish consumption
but it still seems like a mysterious event
as we can’t pin point our gloom’s inception
even as it falls upon the once pure waters
waiting for the purging tears of Isis
to gleam away the vile muck

Tears pour down when our souls bleed.
Tears, it’s where all relations lead.
Tears maybe the result of a mistake
Or the conclusion to a heartbreak.

Tears are your companion on a lonely night.
Tears are the aftermath of a foolish fight.
Not only is it accompanied with sorrowful cries
But even your happiest moments can wet your eyes.

—  Have you ever wondered why tears are salty?
Why it starts pouring when life gets faulty😭
If life gets bland, let it add taste
Worrying about bruises don’t you quit the race!
Let it add colors; red or blue😂
Let it teach you a thing or two.
- @frncs-the-poet

You think you’ve seen her naked because she took her clothes off?
You’ve kissed her lips, and you’ve climbed inside her.
Somehow you think that’s enough to know her…

Tell me about her nightmares?
The ones that have her twitching next to you as you snore on, oblivious.

Look down at your unblemished hands and tell me how many times you’ve cut yourself on the pieces of her broken heart.

Tell me why she paints,
Why she writes,
Why she takes long baths.

Tell me about her life, her childhood.
Tell me about the first man who broke her heart.
Tell me about her father and her brother.
Tell me about her demons, and her fears.
Tell me about her insecurities and the conversations she has with herself.

Tell me about everything she wants from life.
Tell me all the tiny little things she’s wished upon a star for.
Tell me why her favorite city is her favorite city.
Tell me why she flinches, ever so slightly, when you call her beautiful.

Tell me all the little things you hate about her, and I’ll tell you why I love them.
Tell me about her darkness, and I’ll tell you about her light.
No my friend, you may have seen her body, but you have still yet to see her naked.


These words hold no meaning to you
as I sit down across a screen pondering
whether or not this linguistic code
will prove sufficient to attract an audience
Cause deep within my core, I’m but
a clown, demented in its sick routine
self aware of his own clown-ness
desperately pleading for attention
And this convoluted show?
Perhaps it might get a cult following
But otherwise, the ratings are so low
Cancellation is in the immediate future

“In life, one day is for you and the other is against you.” -Imam Ali (a)

If these days have been against you, find your heart. Find what state it is in. Find what saddens your heart and what brings it joy. Know the fuel of your happiness and sorrow. For if your happiness is reliant on something that is temporary, sadness will soon follow. But if it is reliant on something permanent, sorrow will be a gift and not a burden. I knew a woman, who placed her trust in God and never knew of anything else. She had patience through struggle, she had wealth in poverty, she had courage when others deemed to be afraid. This woman, who surrendered herself to her Lord in times of ease and hardship, witnessed the murder of her brothers, her family, and yet still uttered the words, “O’ Lord, take until you are satisfied.” And yes, let us be like her. For when sorrow does honor us with its presence, we too can tell Allah (swt), “take until you are satisfied.” Surely sorrow may ridicule our joy, but there are more lessons to be learned in times of loss than gain. Because what we have lost, was never ours to attain.

السلام عليك يا زينب الكبرى