poems and quotations

//I wonder if some people
are just born without a soul
maybe that’s why it hurts to touch them
and they leave me feeling cold//

//but maybe the heartless ones
are the ones that I should help
by caressing them in my arms
until they feel the love I felt//

//Then I’ll locate in them
where their hearts should be,
and open my own chest cavity
where I keep the parts of me//

//And at this point I’ll gift them
partitioned portions of my own,
so that maybe the heartless ones will learn
what it means to have a soul//

//And don’t worry about me
for my heart will learn to mend itself
and though it will probably hurt quite a bit
I will not scream or yell//

—  V.I.P.P.

When you are hurting remember
that a wilting flower has the power to disseminate seeds of life.
Fragments of broken mirrors will always manifest reflections of beauty

and the storm inside of you will find its calm.

—  //growing
Usually when I feel lonely it’s not because I don’t have people around me it’s because no one seems to think the way I do. That being said, I feel alone because I’m surrounded by so many people that don’t know who I am.

Don’t ever fall in love with someone that cannot be yours. I promise you, it’s better that way.

Because if you do, it’ll consume you, devour you to the point where you can’t breathe.

It’s heartbreaking, knowing that person will never belong to you.

But what hurts the most is…

Watching them love someone else that isn’t you.

—  S.V//@Sempiternal.poet on Instagram
Quote from an unwritten story that needs to be written soon.
It’s not about finding someone who can make you happy; it’s about finding someone who can reflect all the good things about you, someone who can feel the same pain as you and still go through with it, someone who sees the bad things with you and still accepts you for who you really are.
—  Poets Love Her

Tell society no.
Demand respect.
Burn like the brightest fire you’ve ever seen.
Glow like the sun itself is burning beneath your skin.
For once be the opposite of graceful.

Don’t become “just a girl”,
Become a statement.

—  international women’s day