poems about self esteem

She is..

She is anxious, she worry about everything She fears heights, crowded places, She has a lot of fears She is fragile, she get hurt easily.

She never think she’s beautiful She is been bullied over days, People’s make fun of her and She hate every inch of herself

She is a great pretender, you will always see her smiling but deep inside she is crying She is sick of playing strong and pretend to be okay

She is there for everyone, but no one is there for her and She keeps everything to herself She is me


and here’s a poem about my dysphoria

-watching everyone

-face pressed to the glass

-walled off.

-you should feel connected

-but you know you’re alone

-you feel like a prisoner

-where it should feel like home

-they all seem happy.

-they don’t see mirrors and want to

-smash them

-and lie bleeding in the broken shards.

-they don’t see clothes on themselves and want to

-tear it all apart

-and bury their broken bodies in the tatters

-they don’t want to rip themselves apart


-never get up

-but you do.

-the only way you want to see yourself

-is broken

-beyond repair.

-and they don’t see.

-the walls may be glass

-but their eyes are stone

-looking on, never seeing.

-they don’t see you screaming

-they don’t hear your desperation

-they don’t understand.

-but maybe you’re broken enough.

-maybe you’ve snapped.

-maybe you can piece yourself back to one

-tear down the walls

-and scream

-maybe they’ll see you then.

-after all

-glass can be smashed

-mirrors can deceive

-and the broken can be fixed.