“I am scared to let people know what’s in my heart.” she said. “Because, I never want to see them run away from me, once they’ve seen its wounds and cracks.”

Hideous, Was It? // ma.c.a

I would rather spend my life all sad and blue with you, than happy with any other one but you. I just want you.
People can be very toxic. Even if you’ve known them for 5 years or 5 minutes it’s okay to let them go and wish them well.
—  kenzie lawson

She has a delectable smile…but it’s her mind that is most formidable…she wields it as the sharpest sword and any man that approaches her without the most honorable intentions will surely be cut to pieces. ~ B.T.

being an anxious person means trying to be in control all the time. unfortunately, we can’t control every single thing that happens in our lives and that drive us mad. there is, though, something we can control and it’s our reaction to a bad situation and how we try to make the best of it. remember, it won’t get better unless you make it better.
—  giulswrites 

“Loving you”

the only true thing I’m good at

is loving you

all of the layers

that consume you

are so simple to peel away

all of the thoughts

swimming through your eyes

always lead me the right way

everything about you

is so difficult to most

even to yourself

but loving you

is the easiest thing I’ve ever done

and loving you

is the best thing I’ll ever know

I’m frozen in

the flames of a

distant dream.

My body gnaws at

itself as it

remembers everyone who

walked away or


slept on

our dialogue.

Burying myself in

grief, I


The morning city,
still stretching, rubbing its eyes
on the rising sun.
Stragglers from last night find dollar coffees
and sip it in the low light of the park.
Brunchers order mimosas
and poppy-seed bagels.
Beds go unmade,
taxis are called,
and the metropolis–
the skyscrapers and high-rises
are painted with light.
The city starts
gently humming again.
—  Schuyler Peck, Burnside Street
One day at a time. Part 2.

Some people pray to live.
Some people pray to die.
some people love to smile.
Some people hate to cry.
If you want to heal.
You gotta let yourself feel.
I pray for the protection of your heart.
Peace to your mind
and for the future ahead of you
to be brighter than the past you leave behind.

The journey has to continue. One day at a time. Have faith.


If you were to write me, write me unjustly,

Word for word, make me seem sadly,

Unkindly fill the pages with my morose eyes,

Write me on a hotbed of depressing flies,

Yet if you deign to paint me, paint me dearly,

Though a lie and untoward insincerely,

Make me seem I had no care in the world,

Hide my anxious over-caring from seers.

Your smile only describes the sweet fascination of missing me, on and on, and from the imagination, to the still photographs you reminisce day by day, as you wait for me, nose to nose, keeping still, while under your spell.
—  Chuck Akot, “Under your spell.”