You’re gonna regret it.

That’s what people say when others get tattoos or gambles or buys a car worth more than their paycheck. No one says it about love. No one says it about people. No one said it about you.

But in retrospect, I dearly wish that someone had said it. You’re gonna regret it. You’re gonna regret it. You’re gonna regret it.

And they were right. I regret it. I regret you.

—  Regrets || -J.Kim.

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She never looked nice.
She looked like art,
and art wasn’t supposed to look nice;
it supposed to make you feel something
—  Rainbow Rowell, Elounor & Park
They always told you letting go of your first love was the hardest thing you’ll have to do. That it will kill you inside. And they were right. But what they didn’t tell you was how good it would feel when you are finally over them, and are able to laugh when you hear their name, rather than become upset. They didn’t tell you would no longer have to fear anyone hurting you, because you’ve already been through the worst. They didn’t describe to you the feeling of joy when you can finally walk past them and give them a smile while feeling good about yourself; because you’ve finally accepted who you can become without them in your life. Letting go of a part of who you were is difficult, there’s no sugar coating that. But when you can finally accept your new self without them, that- that is one of the best feelings in the world. And everyone deserves to feel that.
—  paxadisee
And it hurts because
I’m not good enough
and I won’t be enough
and I’ll never be close to be enough
and I’m sorry.