poem request

a sugakookie poem:

it should have been a clue

when i entered the room

how your cheeks went red

how your smile grew

how at my touch 

you trembled lightly

how at my touch

you held on tightly

shoulders touching 

and fingers brushing

how did i not notice 

your heart was rushing

these signs, these clues

left for all to see

how come i never knew

what you felt for me

it was strange

when you called my name

my heart beat changed

and sparked a flame

i could not comprehend 

this strange new emotion

inside my head

causing a wild commotion 

but damn when i knew

that i had fallen for you

my world fell apart

and started anew

and you waited too long

for my poor self to see

that you had your whole heart

completely open to me

and it broke me inside

the secrets you hide

waiting for me

always by my side

tears that fall 

like gentle rain

caused by realization 

of your silent pain

and it stained my heart

my very soul

i knew at that moment

i was not whole

i needed you

to fill the gaps

and i better start

repaying you back

for all you’ve done

for staying by my side

i swear i won’t run

i swear i won’t hide

i’ll stand before 

your shining eyes

where beyond the veil

your secret lies

i’ll gather the courage

and finally confess

that all this time

i was a mess

and it took me awhile

but here i am

with a smile

a fragile lamb

i know you’ll be kind

i know you’ll understand

i know you’ll be mine

i know you’ll take my hand

i was hopelessly caught

like a fish on a hook

and i owe it to you now

to say that i, yoongi, am in love with you, jungkook

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Our souls intertwined before they managed
to attach to these physical bodies.
Mine will find yours and yours will find mine.
Through any tangible and intangible things.
Despite any physical and emotional tempest.
In this lifetime and the next and the next and countless more.
Mine will meet yours over and over again.
In coffee shops.
At the farthest corner of libraries.
By a broken bridge.
On the edge of the ocean shore.
At a park on a warm summer day.
There’s no place where mine won’t find yours
and yours won’t find mine.
Our souls chose each other lifetimes ago,
and I’m choosing you right now
and in the next hundreds of lifetimes.
—  (NJ.) // a poem on soulmates

I just want someone
Who can help me breathe again
And help me feel again
Who will be a shining green light
Pulling me toward something better
Who will tell me about my (our) future
When I can’t see it myself

I just want someone
Who can pick me up again
And help me see again
Who will teach me how to fly
And follow me if I fly away
Who will be a hand to hold
When I can’t seem to hold it together

I just want someone
Who will give me a reason to live
Because lately I have had none.

Requested by @late-night-thoughts-quotes

eleutheromanias asked you: hello :) since everyone is asking i’ll just give it a try. my boyfriend and i are 4000 miles apart and it would be great if you had a poem about long distance relationship and i could let him know it’s about us (would be part of a christmas present) thanks a lot either way and merry christmas ;)

What a lovely story, thank you for sharing it with me. I hope you like your poem and your boyfriend does too. Wishing you both and your families a wonderful Christmas. x

Thanks to everyone for your poem requests, they are beautiful and heart-felt so please keep them coming.

For those who are interested, my book will be available early 2013. Send your email to lang.leav@akina.com.au to be put on the waiting list, otherwise you can either check back here regularly or track the tag: Lang Leav

Thank you again for all your hearts, re-blogs and general gorgeousness. ♥

‘constellations everywhere around you’ (cr.)
requested playlist for @bittenpoetry


i. Higher Love - James Vincent McMorrow   ii. Elevator Song - Keaton Henson iii. Saturn - Sleeping At Last   iv. When Ginna Kissed Harry - Nicholas Hooper   v. Sun - Sleeping At Last   vi. We Move Lightly - Dustin O’Halloran vii. Doves - We’re All Astronauts viii. Interlude - London Grammar

There’s something about your brown eyes
that makes me want to write crappy poems.
Those mundane ones with cheesy metaphors like
your eyes are two cups of coffee I make first thing in the morning,
and I want to drink them and burn my tongue.
I want that dark taste to kiss my sleepy eyes awake
as I attempt to write bad poetry
at six in the morning.

There’s something about your brown eyes
that makes me want to drop similes into your bag
or slip hyperboles between your notes,
and I want to scribble you and me into a “we” or an “us.”

But it’s 6 in the evening,
and there’s no “we” or “us”
and I’m writing terrible poems
on a scrap piece of paper with a no. 2 pencil -
those mundane poems that your beautiful eyes will never get to see.

—  “could you maybe write a poem about wanting to write a poem for a boy with beautiful brown eyes?” (NJ.)

You send a tornado of insults my way
And I take shelter in silence
Because speaking only gives you more to say,

But now you have me cornered.
I cannot attack nor defend,
So I obey just as you ordered.

How can I rise without power?
All I have is the power of my voice,
But you don’t listen, so instead I cower.

You want me to stay quiet,
Hide it, deny it,
Pretend until they buy it,

But only stages are for acting;
I cannot stage every move like a chess game.
Life is not made for subtracting.

In a society that claims equality,
How can I live among others more free?
Who am I supposed to be if not me?

I cannot change my reality.
I cannot change; the change must come
From you, the oppressors of society.

Requested by anon

Spit out my name
just like you spit on my dreams.
not once did you ever apologize
for basking in the glory
of hurting me.

Stomp on the ground
and throw things
and yell at me, call me names.
do what you must to get me out of your system,
for once i’m in it - it’ll take me months to get out.
i am not perfect, nor have i ever claimed to be,
but i am a drug.
i am ecstasy,
and coke all rolled up into one.

i am highly addictive.
and i don’t whither under your touch.

i am not delicate,
nor am i weak.
i am far from strong but i’m still here.

i’m begging for the pain
as i throw daggers at you
in your sleep.
they all miss.
And when you wake up we’re back at it again.

Addictions are toxic and maybe we’re addicted to the abuse.

So spit out my name and stomp on the ground.
Throw the lamp at my head - missing me by three inches,
i’ll laugh when the shade rolls on the floor and ceramic pieces go flying in the room.
Some things are so unpredictable,
but I can predict when I light your fuse.

—  it’s so easy to get you mad - GMP

I remember day one as tear-stained pleas and shaky litanies
of I want you back where are you oh my god I hate you I love you
please don’t is this it tell me it’s not come back,
and I wanted to bury my fist in my mouth, hoping to stop
the endless cycle of regrets and cries
and I did shove it deep down my throat
and I drank your poison afterwards just to continue to feel something.

Day two. Repeat. And a shot of sleepless night.
Day three. Repeat. And a slap of helpless cries.
Day four…five…ten…you left your toothbrush…twenty-seven…
forty-four…seventy-three…oh god where are you…ninety-nine…
it’s still on my bathroom counter…one hundred and twelve…
and I’m still counting as though you’re just away on a vacation
because that’s what you meant by “break,” right?

I don’t know what day it is anymore.
I just know that I want to stop filling the silence with your name.
I’ve called it out numerous times and I think you’ve disconnected already.
I’ve looked for it everywhere but I don’t see the right shade of charm
or the right pallor of bliss or the right touch of warmth.

The days continue to roll by.
I’m slowly rolling out of bed and untangling from your sheets.
I’m throwing away your leftovers and grabbing for my tomorrows.
I’m finding my passions and loosening your smiles around my neck.
I’m fast-forwarding through your kisses and listening for my goals.

It’s day 365 and it’s another good day.
I happen to get struck again by an arrow-shaped memory
of that time you held my hand against your chest.
I smiled.
I pondered.
I smiled again.
My hand doesn’t feel the aftershocks of your warmth anymore,
but I’ll always remember your shimmering flames
and I hope you’ve rekindled them again.
I may think of you from time to time,
but I’m getting along now, to say the least.
I survived life before you
and I can survive it again without you.

—  (NJ.) // after he left I fell into a horrible and scary depression. On a good day, I made it out of bed. It’s been a year and although I still think about him everyday I think I’m finally okay without him

She watches the rabbit.
The rabbit stares back.
He sits up on his hind legs
Only a few feet away,
His grey fur reflecting his age.
This rabbit has seen it all.

He knows of the hard work
In the garden when she tried
Desperately to work the hurt away;
He knows of the pain in her back
From bending over too long;
He knows of all the weeds she’s pulled,
Week after week, to be sure
That the flowers can grow
And thrive, whether rain or shine.

This rabbit doesn’t take from the garden.
He gives a pair of ears
And gentle eyes
And a promise that life
Is waiting for her,
Just around the corner.

Requested by @improperpoetics

evaacake asked you: Your poems are my favouritest part of tumblr! I’m constantly checking your page for new ones! I just found out that a close friend of mine has been sleeping with my ex boyfriend behind my back. Im mad at her rather than him. The betrayal of a friend is horrible ): Have you written any poems about this? If not, could you pretty please write me one? It would be great to be able to put these weird emotions in to poetry form! x

Thanks sweetie and thank you for sharing your story with me. What an awful thing for you to go through… really feel for you and sending lots of hugs your way. I hope you like your poem, it’s a bit of a spin from what you asked but hopefully still captures the same kind of emotion you were describing. xo

I love seeing all your requests so please keep them coming. I might not be able to get back to you right away but am slowly working on it. For other general questions or comments, please hit my ask box. I usually reply within a day or so and if you don’t want your message published, just let me know. : )

From the first fleeting glances
exchanged over the shoulders
to the shy hellos
uttered with butterflies in the stomach,
I liked you.

From the first slight pecks
induced by stuttering lips
to the passionate amore
shared by a pair of intimate mouths,
I wanted you.

From the first warm hug
exchanged during one cool summer day
to the fervent embrace
performed with heartbeats beating as one,
I loved you.

—  “would you write a poem for me about the beginning of a relationship; first kisses, cuddles, heartbeats” (NJ.)

You spoke of leaving,
But it was so unlike you
I never expected to walk in
To a room with bins stuffed full,
A bare coffee-stained mattress,
A half-empty closet,
And no sight of you.

You walked in,
Addressed the elephant in the room
As though it were only an ant,
And I nodded my head
And helped you carry your belongings
Downstairs to your car.

You leaving did not sound
Like footprints
Or slamming doors,
But soft whispers
With too wide of spaces
Between each of the words.
It sounded like after a concert
When the erie beep rings in your ears
As though to compensate
For a sudden lack of sound.

Days later, the sound of you leaving
Became the memories I played back.
The sound of your voice
When it cracked,
The tone of your voice
When you were suddenly calm
After the tears and fights,
Your ringtone, your alarm,
The crunch of the tortilla chips
You always ate in your bed,
The Taylor Swift song we sang in the car.

I waited and waited,
But the sound never left
Like you did.

—  The Sound of You Leaving: requested by @ptv-chloe3
For Komal, With Love

A friend like you
Is all I’ve ever needed
Your kindness reflects
The light from your eyes
Which will live in my heart
For all of time
Long after the light of the sun
Burns out
Your friendship carries me through
I’m so grateful for you
Your soul and everything
That comprises you
Your warmth
Your friendship
Your love
Stays with me
And lives deeply inside
And warms me even when
The rest of the world
Is so cold
I cherish you
And our friendship
And our breathless laughter
Will ring in my ears

To Komal, for Anon.

KH 8/5/14