poem on opera


Ji-ji, again ji-ji,
Mulan faces the door, weaving.
You can’t hear the sound of the loom’s shuttle,
You only hear Daughter’s sighs.
They ask Daughter who’s in her thought,
They ask Daughter who’s on her memory.
“No one is on Daughter’s thought,
No one is on Daughter’s memory.
Last night I saw the army notices,
The Khan is calling for a great force.
The army register is in twelve scrolls,
and every scrolls has Father’s name.

Ode to Mulan

Mulan’s costumes in the cantonese Opera by order of  appareance



Another little poem about our favorite basement-dwelling sewer goblin. Enjoy!


A light that leads from darkness

A curtain
Finally closing

A song that sought out
Endless days

Last notes
Far from composing

An ink that dries
With whispered tears

A loss that’s not
Worth noting

An echoed cry
Beyond its years

For hope that’s long
Escaped him

No one to

No one to

And still, no one to
Hold him

I like to wear masks because they keep away from everything else apart from the eyes. I think the eyes are the most expressive and communicative muscle in the whole human body. The eye is so beautiful. So intense. There’s not a single colour that doesn’t shine like rays of light. Everyone’s eyes are beautiful to me.  Use them to tell the person you love how much you want them and how much they mean to you. People that have never spoken to each other, they make love with their eyes. You love, you loath, you cry and you laugh, with your eyes :) Eyes tell a story no words can really ever tell.


It is a truism that Helen’s face launched a thousand ships, to say nothing of countless books, dramas, poems, paintings and operas. She is arguably the most notorious woman in Western culture. Yet she remains strangely faceless. Removed from the spotlight, she becomes unrecognizable, commonplace. Without her thousand ships, how would anyone pick her out in a crowd?
—  Robert Emmet Meagher, The Meaning of Helen: In Search of an Ancient Icon

PRINCESS LUCIANA is my favourite character in “Barbie as the Island Princess” movie.

To begin, Luciana is talented, romantic, and very nice. She plays the harp and paints in watercolours, reads books and poems, and she loves opera. She’s helpful to Rho during tea and to her mother with a muddy dress. And she likes the comforts of home and thus isn’t too adventurous.

However, the most interesting characteristic about Luciana is that she has a very cruel mother, Queen Ariana. Her mother has trained her to marry for money as she did - but Luciana has read books and has thoughts of her own. She has always dreamed of marrying for love. In reference to the “Love is for Peasants” song, imagine how little girl Luciana would have reacted to her mother saying that she never loved her own husband, who would be Luciana’s father.

But, despite her upbringing, Luciana is never entitled, envious, nor selfish and is a romantic rival only in the narrative sense. She immediately recognizes that the romantic chemistry isn’t between her and the prince (unlike Ro) and she has no negative feelings apart from natural disappointment.

In the end, Princess Luciana stands up against her mother and does what’s right.



Operas based on texts

In case anyone is interested, here are a number of books/plays/poems (excluding Shakespeare) that various operas are based on. A fair few of them are rather different to the opera but they’re nonetheless incredibly interesting to read:

Manon Lescaut - Prèvost (Manon Lescaut, Puccini, Manon, Massenet) 

Madame Chrysanthème - Loti (Madame Butterfly, Puccini

La Vie de Bohème - Murger (La Bohème, Puccini)

Thaïs - France (Thaïs, Massenet)

Carmen - Mérimée (Carmen, Bizet)

War and Peace - Tolstoy (War and Peace, Prokofiev) 

Le Mariage de Loti - Loti (Lakmé, Delibes)

The Sorrows of Young Werther - Goethe (Werther, Massenet)

Faust - Goethe (Faust, Gounod, La damnation de Faust, Berlioz, Mefistofele, Boito)

The Bride of Lammermoor - Scott (Lucia di Lammermoor, Donizetti)

Yevgeny Onegin - Pushkin (Eugene Onegin, Tchaikovsky)

Boris Godunov - Pushkin (Boris Godunov, Mussorgsky)

La dame aux camélias - Dumas (La Traviata, Verdi)

Happy reading! 

Long let me inhale, deeply,
the odor of your hair,
into it plunge the whole of my face,
like a thirsty man
into the water of a spring,
and wave it in my fingers
like a scented handkerchief,
to shake memories into the air.
If you could know all that I see!
all that I feel!
all that I hear in your hair!
My soul floats upon perfumes
as the souls of other men
float upon music.
Your hair contains an entire dream,
full of sails and masts;
it contains vast seas
whose soft monsoons
bear me to delightful climates
where space is deeper and bluer,
where the atmosphere
is perfumed with fruit,
with foliage and with human skin.
In the ocean of your hair
I see brief visions
of a port resounding with
melancholy songs,
of vigorous men of all nations
and ships of all shapes
outlining their fine and complicated
against an immense sky
where eternal heat
languidly quivers…
In the glowing fire-grate of your hair
I inhale the odor of tobacco
mingled with opium and sugar;
in the night of your hair
I see the infinity
of tropical azure resplendent;
on the downed banks of your hair
I inebriate myself with
the mingled odors of tar,
of musk and of coconut oil.
Long let me bite your heavy,
black tresses… it seems to me
that I am eating memories.
—  Translation from Baudelaire’s erotic poem,
“Un hémisphère dans une chevelure,” from Peter Sellars’ libretto for “Doctor Atomic”

Okay! So my friend made this really cool poem about the newest episode. I hope you guys like it!!

“The deal has been made and done
There is no use trying to hide or run
You might as well give up, i’ve already won.

Watch me now as I stab and strain,
Slowly crushing your mortal viens
You can’t do much from the dream plane
Its ok, I LOVE the pain.

Its to easy to fool your twin
You shoud not have shook hands, this could not have been.
So now I am in human skin….
Sit down. The shows about to begain.”