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What’s Love Got to Do With it?

Your opinions are so interesting… So I ask you, what you think about Furuta’s love for Rize? What was revealed recently with Mutsuki makes me think they are same in a some way, I mean a twisted love and unhealthy obsession in a one-sided.
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An interesting question posed to me in an ask that I’ve decided to turn into a full meta because I think the asker is missing that Furuta and Mutsuki are not the only ones with unrequited love this arc. Luckily I’ve drawn up a chart.

Why all of this unrequited love all of a sudden? Is it because Ishida wishes to write a Shoujo manga with corpses, and has decided to convert the last arc into one? It goes deeper than that, so let’s analyze it under the cut. 

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6570 days and look how far you’ve come.
‘don’t grow up’ they’ve all said.
but growing up is inevitable.
as we get older the days and nights have started to blur into this beautifully created painting we call life.
the memories we’ve shared together,
the endless laughter, adventures that end in mishap, the car rides where we chased the sunset, an abundance of meaningful talks that bled late into the night.
all of those now are just a part of the past.
they’ve been written in your story, and maybe one day
you’ll open that novel and relive those adventures.
but right now, we’re in the here and now.
carpe diem, right?
maybe not, maybe we’ll just live for the moments instead.
eighteen fascinating years have passed you by and here’s to the rest of your life.
may today be filled with joyous smiles and
skies as blue as the tenerife sea.
—  happy birthday // h.h

Ironically, he wasn’t a romantic.

Sure he appreciated romance.  

But for a poet born on St. Valentine’s Day, Derek was not a romantic.


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Soaring (a birthday gift to Adam Young)

It was like a winter in the spring
Wrapped like frost in the cold and the fear it would bring
The trees they whispered that I was weak
But you said ‘hello’, you sang of a dream that I just could not see

I see you in the stars sometimes
As if you fell from the sky, to shadow all the sleepless nights
Between you and me, Adam, you’ve warmed hearts and crashing lives
Your words, I heard, they crept on deep in flight
Brown eyes, I must thank you, for standing by my side

Bless you for each and every smile
Your music is pure magic, it brought me back where I should be
Happy Birthday, you deserve the best by a mile;
For a world as wonderful as you have portrayed
Keep singing, keep soaring, and from the bottom of my heart
Stay happy


Omake + Meta = Ometa

It’s time once again to over analyze the omake. Jokes? What are those.

All of the omake cited in this meta are translated by @kenkamishiro​ and can be found on this tag [x]. 

Mutsuki’s Power Level

The first omake to have anything potentially of substance is the confrontation between Shinsanpei and Urie. A confrontation which also results in a return of Urie 400%, but we’ll get to that in a moment. The new details are the tidbits that are shown in Shinsanpei and Urie’s brief exchange of words.

Let’s cover that and more under the cut: 

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Good lord, hearing you talk about Mari and Adrien makes my heart SWELL so much it's almost SUFFOCATING. I'm sure I won't survive once they get together.

Hey man, this is canon, okay? I’m just regurgitating all the feels that Thomas Astruc and his crew have given me.

Love-starved Adrien Agreste pining for Ladybug, having no idea that Marinette/Ladybug loves him so much and wants to be with him and worries for his safety and would give up her powers for him and made him a scarf for his birthday and wrote him a love poem and pictures his face in the sky sometimes and would destroy anyone who tries to hurt him.

Like… this dynamic is AGONIZING when you sit down and think about it (as I have, on various occasions).

So if my fan fics reflect that, I must be doing an okay job.

All that I wanted
For my birthday
Was to see my best friend
And now I’m ending it
Crying, and
Feeling bad for
Even trying to make that happen

I know better
Than to expect things
From anyone
And I know that I shouldn’t
Get my hopes up
For anything
But I really wanted
This one to work out

I trusted for once
I let myself believe
And look where that got me
Crying myself to sleep yet again

I just wanted to see him
The one person
That I actually want to be around
Who hasn’t left me
It’s was too much
To ask for though


Praise the spells and bless the charms,
I found April in my arms.
April golden, April cloudy,
Gracious, cruel, tender, rowdy;
April soft in flowered languor,
April cold with sudden anger,
Ever changing, ever true –
I love April, I love you.

Ogden Nash (This is one of the poems Nash wrote annually for his wife of 40 years, Lillian, for her birthday.)

Eden, Matthew and Milton


In the latest chapter, Tsukiyama makes a conspicuous reference to the garden of Eden. As I’ve made a post about before [x] there are other places in Tokyo Ghoul that can be considered a lost Eden, such as Anteiku to Kaneki.

The meaning of the name Anteiku is unknown, however it can be written as  安定区 in Kanji which literally means “peaceful ward” or “harmony zone”. It is a place, unlike the other wards that encourages nonviolent ghouls to live in harmony with humans. It’s a small paradise far removed from the world, and represents an ideal lifestyle that its inhabitants try to live, it is Eden.

Chapter 126 where Anteiku begins to make its last stand against the CCG is even named “Original Sin” after the first betrayal of mankind which caused them to be forced out of Eden.

In this regard though, Tsukiyama refers to the ability to simply dwell on the surface as a lost Eden. Even though beforehand, ghouls were hunted down same as ever, just with less efficiency.

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When The Rememberer Is Gone (a poem)

When The Rememberer Is Gone

His wife was the rememberer
of birthdays and anniversaries
of who is whose cousin
and how many sisters
their son-in-law has
even what each does for a living
laying a card across his open book
for him to sign and slip in a twenty-dollar bill
now he barely knows
where the stamps are kept
and in which drawer
she hid her address book
while outside the front door
events and special days
are piling up like snow
all waiting for a response
he wishes she was still here to give.

anonymous asked:

I hope you will accept the request since writing a niles x female corrin and anything involving niles is like always nsfwish but I odn't want it nsfw. Just i fyou could please have niles making moves at corrin and she's like so oblivious to his dirty jokes or innuendos. Good luck on your blog.

I didn’t plan for this to end up around his birthday but here we are. Poems used: Venus and Adonis, Children of Adam

Niles was walking beside Odin when he saw you. You were standing beside Silas, the insufferable puppy of a man and his horse. Niles took a moment, observing Silas, before passing over his baggage to Odin, who stuttered and stammered under the surprise weight, and with a pointedly leisurely walk, made his way towards you. Odin huffed, probably glaring, and gave a dramatic speech Niles didn’t listen to, but continued walking anyway. It wouldn’t be the first time one of them had covered, allowing the other to be distracted. Niles would return the favor.

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anonymous asked:

Im really agree about the meaning conversation between amon n touka, bu im not such amazing n detailed as u did. I even didnt recognize if touka has some little decrease in her development after closure in this chapter. But how ur thought about the last panel? Bc for me, ishida didnt make that just for fun right? Is something bad/good will happen for ccg soon? What furuta purpose for do that?do u can see that panel indicate some sad or does ishida want to tell something on that panel? Thanks 😊

Thank you! I don’t think Touka is regressing so much as her arc isn’t over yet and it’s a misnomer to look at this conversation and say “Touka’s grown so much”, because she has just not necessarily in the right ways. 

As for this panel: 

I think this is commonly what is referred to as a ‘victory lap’. 

As for why the chapter ended in this specific panel, I think it solidifies with really quick visual imagery Furuta’s takeover of the CCG’s narrative. 

Charlie Chaplin is quoted as saying: "Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot.“ Appearance wise, Furuta’s outfit and design is heavily based off of Charlie Chaplin, and hes’ even associated with him in the calendar. 

To explain what that quote means though, genre wise there’s not actually that much of a difference in the content of a comedy. Characters can die in comedies as well, and even really tragic happenings can occur within a comedy. The difference lies in how it’s framed. A tragic narrative requires tight up close and personal framing, while a comedy tends to play more fast and loose. Therefore, close up vs a long shot. 

There are even times in Tokyo Ghoul a story which is specifically called by Kaneki “A Tragedy” in the first chapter alone, is instead called a comedy by characters other than Kaneki. 

Consider this, Tokyo Ghoul is a tragedy because Kaneki is it’s main character and therefore we define it as such. We see the events that happen to Kaneki as tragic because as the main character were are constantly up close and personal with both the traumatic happenings to Kaneki’s life, and also his own personal thoughts and reactions to them.

Furuta however is a character that we only see from a distance. We almost always see his personal mask in the situation and never his inner narration. The reason we are suddenly cutting to Furuta now only to see him do something absolutely ridiculous is to solidify this point, Kaneki frames his life as a tragedy and Furuta as a comedy. 

He also has kind of a point to highlight the CCG’s side of things as comedic. Look at the characters honored in this chapter, besides Tanakamaru whose a minor character so who cares, none of them really deserve the honors they’re getting. Urie is getting rank and accomodation, plus the S2 Squad leadership that he’s wanted for what exactly? Framing out and screaming a bunch but not actually managing to capture Donato? Ui is taking the role of Furuta’s chief advisor, but he’s really just Furuta’s unwitting pawn, being strung along to believe that Furuta saved them when really he just made up the conflict entirely. 

Then we have Furuta, who became Bureau chief by orchestrating a fake fight between the clowns and the CCG, and leaving a note on his father’s desk reccomending him even though he was the one who murdered every last Washuu except himself. Not to mention that, but he very clearly got away with it all and now he’s just gloating.

I think this panel is just as important for showing the contrast. Things are tragic for goat because they are taking things seriously and getting deeply personal with the conflict, whereas the CCG’s narrative is now one of a comedy because Furuta treats the CCG as a whole as impersonal, just an objective for him to climb. 

@bloodycarnations does a better job of summarizing the difference between the two organizations right now than me though:

Kaneki’s group is facing an internal crisis? Meanwhile, Furuta is at the peak of his power. Kaneki despairs because he’s a horrible leader and his organization is only held together by the lack of other options, meanwhile Furuta laughs in the face of his own success, and all of his scheming give way to the exact outcome he’s envisioned.

As for why Furuta adopts this comedy attitude towards life though, I think it has something to do with the clowns. His birthday poem hints that it might be a coping mechanism to deal with the circumstances of his birth:

Even if I celebrate it, I can’t help it.
I’m just a human being who doesn’t think of anything about the day they were born.

PS: (Laugh, it’s fun!)



However, to his relationship to the clowns as a whole, the clowns are pretty intent on getting what they call, “the last laugh.”

There’s been interpretations on what this means, but keeping to what they’ve been doing recently, it seems what the clowns want is to apply fictional tropes to life and then comment on it like it was one big book they were reading. Donato himself simply spelled out what Urie’s character flaws were, Roma has always been a big fan of Kaneki but loves him the same way that the fandom loves the so called “tragic shironeki.”

Say Furuta is not really the king of the clowns and he’s instead just cooperating with him. Perhaps then, Furuta’s way of getting the clowns’ involvement is promising them this. “I will find a way to make a big joke out of the CCG and point out to everybody what hypocrites they are, I just need you to help me with this, this and this.” The clowns being the purveyors of what they call comedy would probably cooperate on those terms. Their modus Operandi seems to be to point and laugh at the flaws inherent in the system, that’s their source of “comedy”. 

So no, it’s not just for fun. There’s a lot of inherent meaning to framing the CCG as a comedy now that Furuta has become the bureau chief. 

My little Silicon Valley project! A bunch of fluffy, canon* facts I picked up about the main five characters while rewatching the show! These are very random facts, but great for developing ideas for fanfics, headcanons, background stories, prompts, etc. 

*The facts with multiple episodes as references are not always solidly canon, but are sometimes facts through assumption by consistent things that have been said or done by a character throughout the show.

*Facts with the reference ‘deleted scene’ can be canon or not, depending on what your view is.

P.S.: if anyone wants to do something like this for another character, or even one of the characters listed below, please feel free! I love to share and have ideas shared with me in return. Also, if I missed anything, tell me!

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Happily Ever After

“are you still writing too-flowery poe party drabbles? don’t you know it’s over? move on!”

sorry i can’t hear you over the intense need to write down every poe party fic idea i get in my head

alternately titled: i have no idea what this is and it’s so long and i’m sorry

There was nothing Annabel Lee loved more than a good story.

Growing up, she’d read anything she could get her hands on - fairytales, folkstories, romances; thick, ancient books that Lenore said gave her a headache just looking at them. Annabel disagreed, privately; there was something only too thrilling about books, about the promises lingering on their pages, the characters and morals and twists and turns, waiting for you to open the cover and soak it all in.

It was all, of course, terribly unladylike. She knew that, and she knew what people would say, if they found out about her literary obsession. It was just that, when she was reading, Annabel didn’t really care.

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anonymous asked:

Sometimes I see pictures of Kyung smiling and I think he's doing it only as a reflex. Other times, when it looks like it comes straight from the heart, my own heart soars and I want to do anything it would take to keep him looking so happy.

*writes him poem on his smile* I actually wrote him a poem on his beauty for birthday this year but was too shy to post so I draft then delete it hours later

Genuine Smiley Kyung

Can we talk about those gums? His gummy smile makes me feel….guys it’s not even after 10 pm here, my fluffy side is not allowed out until after 10 pm.

And this photo this one right here is my favorite photo of him

Really any photo that shows his bottom jaw is my favorite. (my father just caught me talking to myself about my love for Kyung). But back on track any photo or gif that shows his bottom jaw is my favorite.

My favorite things in this world is

Kyung smile w/ jaw and gums

Kyung’s jaw

Kyung smile w/ gums

19 year old Kyung

Kyung touching his right ear lobe

Kyung piercings 

Kyung’s lips

Kyung’s ears turning red (you can’t really see it but if you watch the ep they turn really red)

Kyung in a skirt

REMASTERING Kyung with his DAMN black nail like DAMN

and his DAMN face like DAMN boy

Kyung hands

which I bet he lotions! I wouldn’t say any names…naco

Kyung arm veins !!!!

Sleepy Kyung baby 

His height/him being tiny

Shorts short day

Glasses Kyung

Middle part Kyung

Fun size Kyung

Medium size Kyung

When Zikyung went through that long hair phase

The only time we will ever get facial hair Kyung

Wait whats this? A WILD RANDOM TEENAGE KYUNG HAS SHOWED UP *Pokemon battle music plays*

Kyung’s car

Warm cute jacket Kyung

$$$$$$$ Kyung (I see BLUE LIGHT @w-daisies I SEE THE BLUE LIGHTS)

Hide-and-go-seek Kyung


This too

Forehead Kyung

Okay I’m done. I have more but I’m done for now. My main goal is to make you guys fall for him. I’m going to make you all Kyung stans and you’ll all make him your shining star

Foreshadowing in Juuzou’s Birthday Poem

On Juuzou’s birthday another one of the melancholy poems was attached to his birthday art, but this one was a bit more perplexing than usual which is why I wanted to take a crack at deciphering it. One important thing to note right away is that in the birthday art, Ishida deliberately chose to draw past Juuzou which is important because the current scene Juuzou is in is all about referencing his past actions. 

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“Please don’t tell dad.”
you are six and I am eight,
keeping the bugs at bay and leaning forward
over the murky pond in our forest in Virginia.
Today we are hunting for frogs -
racing to find the fattest to bring home
hidden in our sweaty chubby palms,
to hide in the pillowcase of our least favorite cousin
who is visiting from the country, and is in the first grade, and has not yet learned
how to pray
before eating, or how to say
our last name without an accent.

When you slip and fall, I do not catch you
and I am so scared watching you sink
that for twenty seconds after I do not think
to call for help. When our mother runs
and jumps
into the murky pond she is sobbing.
While she pumps black water from your blue body
I rub a frogs stomach with my little finger.
He is hypnotized, and you are alive
but barely. That night I promise I will never let you die again.

“Please don’t tell dad.”
You are fourteen,
sneaking out with friends for the first time
and I find a stolen bottle of wine
in your backpack. You say dad would have
a heart attack, and I believe you. You say you need this.
You say that you will do
anything that I ask. But I don’t ask.
Instead, I watch you pile into the back of an older friend’s Jeep,
and I am careful not to let the window creek
when I close it behind you.

In the morning I find vomit on your shoes.
I wash them in the sink. I bring you something to drink
and two aspirin. The next month your older friend
hits a cyclist in his jeep,
and kills him. The police find drugs in his system.
They send him to prison.

“Please don’t tell dad”
you are sixteen, and I catch you smoking weed,
catching you needing something
that you do not have. You are sixteen, bleeding and softening,
and when you tell me you want to die sometimes
all I can say is “so do I.” You are sixteen,
so I don’t tell dad that I think you need help
because you tell me you can help yourself.

“Please don’t tell dad”
you say on the phone, and I am nineteen now,
living on my own
eight hours from either place I call home
and I feel guilty for leaving you alone
with him.
But this time it is not about drugs or dead friends.
“I wrote a poem,” you say,
“and I think I might be good at this.
Please don’t tell dad, but I want to be a poet.”

When you hear me crying on the end of the line,
you tell me that it’s fine. That you love me. That you are thankful
for everything I’ve done, for the water in your lungs
and for the drugs and for all the times you’ve needed me
and I have not come.

“Please don’t tell dad,”
you say,
and then thank me.

—  Poem For My Little Brother on His 17th Birthday; Hannah Beth Ragland