poem i wrote yesterday

I don’t exist today. Let the bus take me in circles around the city. Let me feel some movement. Let nothing outside this moment be real. No future, no past, just vibrations. Just dissolving into the collective stream of this city.


Do you ever look behind to see
who has stabbed you in the back
and realize
it was you all along.
—  ‘Your Own Worst Enemy,’ - Megan’s Poetry #257
5 times I’ve done something ego related that’s been scarily coincidental
  • I randomly wanted to draw Google on 19th May. I remember being at my grandparent’s and thinking that it had been a while since I’d drawn him, but I didn’t actually upload it until the next morning (for anyone who find the image and asks why it says 20th May). 20th May was the day Mark brought Google back for Google Gets An Upgrade
  • When the Epidemic video came out, I had just started watching it when my mum rang me. On the phone, I jokingly said that Sean seems to be enjoying killing people too much and I don’t think Anti every really existed and it was just Sean being suspiciously murderous, then made a comment that Anti would love this game. Continue watching the video, and lo and behold the glitch himself appears and the Antipocalypse begins
  • On June 22nd I uploaded a load of ego stamps to my DeviantArt. For Schneeplestein’s, added a caption asking why hasn’t Sean brought him back for Bio Inc Redemption. 2 days later, Schneep appears in a Bio Inc Redemption video (the one where he’s killing people)
  • Friday I made the decision to go through Anti’s appearance from October and make gifs out of them for my own use. There was nothing to make me want to do thatand I don’t know why I suddenly decided to do that. That night, Robin’s animation was uploaded and we saw that he’d included little Anti moments which Sean that referred to in his live stream saying something along the lines of ‘technically an anti video went up today’
  • Yesterday I wrote a poem relating to WKM and Dark. The inspiration was spur of the moment. Today, we get a video with Dark talking and what appears to be music from WKM playing at some point

This is starting to scare me…

Creed Interviews: @broken-bell

We had the pleasure of speaking with the lovely Alex of @broken-bell. Take a minute to read into his insightful answers, and give his blog a follow if you haven’t already. 

WC: So, what’s your name? do you have any nicknames? 

A: um, like a real-world nickname? not my tumblr name? um, i don’t really have any nicknames :P

A: ppl usually just call me alex haha

WC: haha real world name works. what’s the meaning behind your url?

A: nice xD yeah it’s just alex. short and simple haha . and oh, ok hahaha. there is this band i used to be crazy about, called the broken bells. i needed a url so i just thought, hm okay broken-bell. it seemed natural, idk. plus, the broken part sorta resonated with me, because i was going through a bad breakup and my heart was breaking, so yeah

WC: aww. Are they still one of your favorite bands?

A: yes, yes they are :P i don’t listen to them as often as i used to, but i still really like their stuff

WC: that’s pretty cool

A: thanks !

WC: what got you into writing?

A: some of the details are sketchy in my memory banks, but one thing i remember for sure is reading allen ginsberg for the first time and i just remember going “yeah, this is what i wanna do.” his poems “howl” and “kaddish” really pushed me to write my own poetry…at first i tried to mimic his style but then as i really go into the process of writing i developed my own style over time…funny thing is, i’m still developing my style so it’s an always-changing process

WC: your style changes as you grow in experiences.. we’re excited to see where your writing will take you.

WC: what do you write about? are there any topics that you favor ?

A: thank you!! it’s a fun journey, for sure. sometimes frustrating, but usually pretty fun haha. and i mostly write about heartbreak, love, loss, stuff like that. but i also write about struggle and joy, too. i like to focus on a specific emotion and then translate it into imagery and then go from there. i’m big on imagery

WC: and we love your imagery

WC: why do you like writing?

A: thank you!! :D and um, well, i like it because it helps me organize my thoughts.. it helps me focus and breathe. it helps me understand myself. it’s often a mirror to myself, it helps me see things clearly. and it’s just fun sometimes to experiment with imagery or structure…if i really get into it, it makes me feel free, like i’m not bound by my pain and my past. like, i’m still influenced by them but writing helps me see that i can choose the life i want. the very act of creating is liberating

WC: beautiful.

WC: how long have you been writing?

A: :) thanks and um! for about five years! i don’t wanna sound cliche but it does feel like only yesterday when i wrote my first serious poem..

WC: haha no worries. That’s how you know you love what you’re doing.

WC: has anything strange happened to you because of writing?

A: hm. well one time i performed one of my poems at an open mic sort of deal and i had a lit candle on the stage and i was on my knees sort of “praying” to it? i was trying to give the whole night a supernatural sort of feel?? idk i don’t really remember what i was thinking then haha. does that count?

WC: haha it counts if you want it to

A: okay, sure it counts xP i just can’t think of anything else strange/awkward that happened cause of my writing..

WC: Last question. any fun facts about yourself you’re willing to share?

A: fun facts.. hm.. well, i used to paint and draw. i still do from time to time, but i’ve mostly switched to writing. whenever i have an idea or an image in my head, i write it out instead of drawing it or painting it, like i used to. i paint with words now, haha.

WC: A true artist. Thank you for being such a good sport :)

A: aw shucks :P and no problem!! this was a lot of fun. thank you.

For Want of Solitude ~ Sammy Bissonnette

What a comfort, my dear, to be sometimes alone

To collapse in the arms of Peace, for I am weak;

My sweet, could I but cease my laboured speak

And secure a pulsing quiet of my precious own.

Would that I could hasten to the chapel door

To wed myself with reluctant Silence there,

So eternally may sweet nothing grace the air,

And I be in his breathless grasp forever more.

Oh my dear one, I am so fatigued of Noise

And how he plagues me with such cruel intent.

My love, I am pregnant with volume in my poise,

Though no soul can grasp the turmoil I could vent.

But for lack of Silence, I will trill these little toys

And cry in muted volumes till I am justly spent.