poem hotel

Maybe the fascination of travel,
of seeing new places,
discovering foreign cities
or tasting a different kind of sea
is actually caused by the chance
to escape from ourselves.
—  // maybe it is about leaving everything behind

He knows all the curves and edges of your body’s shape, the feeling of your hands and the wavy flick of your hair.

He doesn’t know the coloured specks in your eyes, your favourite flower or favourite smell to breathe in. He doesn’t know what keeps you up at night or what you lost in the fire when you were fourteen. 

He doesn’t know that you’re a temple, he doesn’t know because you haven’t told him. He puts his fingers in your mouth and his lips on your chest and he doesn’t stop at all. 

You haven’t said no or stop or get out or goodbye.

Because he doesn’t know, he doesn’t know, he doesn’t know.

He doesn’t know because he’s too busy spitting down your throat to ask you the questions that matter.

And I hope one day you walk out and never come back.

—  leave - blue-delusion
Wes Anderson

No vas a oír
mi voz rota en el contestador,
no creo que ese sea
mi estilo,

soy más de los que tachan
los días en el calendario,
los haya vivido o sobrevivido,
da igual,

y ven esa sucesión de
fechas como un puente entre
tu partida y algún tipo
de bienestar que está por llegar,

así que si descubrís
que extrañás los momentos
no te quedes esperando
una postal a tu nombre,

podés buscarme
en la vidriera del café
al que voy
todos los martes,

o encontrarnos
en el Hotel Chevalier
así te muestro
mi vista de París.

Hey everyone! Since my tumblr is back up and running, i figured why not put up some of my spoke word! “everything you should never say on the first date” is currently being revisited to be entered in a Button Poetry contest! I hope you enjoy it, and drop some feedback if you have a second!

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