I think how close I came to never knowing you. If I’d done one little thing differently and we never met, I wonder how different things would be. Could it be that I’d care about someone else as much as I care about you? Or would I feel as though something were missing, even though I’d never be able to know what it was?
—  how did i get so lucky
Words are tricky and tactful all at the same time. They will either make people love you a little less, or a little more. It is as simple, and as complex as that.
—  Lukas W. // Tricky, tactful words
i wish i could rewrite our story because i hate the way things turned out. i want to write in the margins and rip out all of the sad pages. but more than anything i want to change our ending. so maybe, just maybe, we wouldn’t have ended up like this.
—  you will always be my favorite book to re read
For every funeral we planned, there were sixty we couldn’t.

Emi Mahmoud - “People Like Us” (WOWPS 2016)

Performing at the 2016 Women of the World Poetry Slam. Emi won the tournament, along with co-champion Imani Cezanne. Subscribe to Button on YouTube!

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It hurts so tremendously bad when you have to be alive because it would kill other people. I think that’s what makes me cry the most here lately.  I’ve lost this war with life & I’m only living so they don’t cry & in turn it literally brings me to my knees. I don’t want them to feel like me, but…
—  Treading
I don’t know why the sadness manifested itself into a physical thing. I don’t know why sometimes my bones feel like lead pipes and my heart feels like a broken faucet. I don’t know why I can’t be comfortable in my own skin. I don’t know why there are parts of me that I feel like I can never let the world see. I don’t know why I have convinced myself that I am not the person I need to be. But I do know that sometimes it hurts to get up in the mornings. I know that sometimes I look in mirrors and all I can see is you grabbing me. I know that sometimes I look at my body and wish it was something that had never been touched by you. I don’t know what you took from me, but I want it back. I need it back.
—  Lacee Rains, my emptiness was never yours to fill.
people that are really gone
never come back.
bits and pieces of them
may drift to shore -
a tired smile in the right light,
a familiar tune trickling out
of the shower with the steam,
a scar bristling out from the knee -
but things that are gone
can never really return.
they are shadows.
they are dreams.
construct an image of your love
and what you get back
 is the empty space
they used to fill.
—  o.g.k
You have so much warmth, maybe you can’t feel it because you’re always so worried about heating everyone around you. But it’s incredible and so are you. You’re like a breath of fresh air, it’s delicate but also very powerful.
—  /Emily