Learn to give people up before they hurt you beyond repair. Even if they tell you they will change. Even if they tell you that they love you. Just remember, love isn’t meant to be permanently damaging. Love is meant to aid your healing.
—  Nikita Gill

“no feelings,” he says as he wraps both of his arms around my waist, pulling me into his chest.

“no feelings,” i say when his fingers raise my chin towards his.

no feelings. our lips meet and a fire erupts inside me.

no feelings. days become weeks. his secrets become my own, his laughter the soundtrack of my nights.

no feelings. we lay on the couch, limbs intertwined. he plays with my hair. kisses me with his entire being as we say goodbye.

no feelings but i don’t mean it. i don’t mean it. i’m sorry.


when you come to realize that your flaws truly are what make you beautiful, you’ll gradually recognize how extraordinary you are: perfectly imperfect, uniquely yourself

— alhwrites

better sooner rather than later

“Everyday with you is a dream come true”

- Day 368