poekmon black and white

zturtle  asked:

Hmm... any memories about Garbodor and Vaniluxe? ;)

Vanilluxe was one of my new favorite pokemon when Unnova came out, actually between my friends i think that its awesome, but my friends think its stupid as a design  but as a pokemon is very in Sp Defense

Garbordor in the other i thought it was literally fucking garbage, but now i think i dig his design, i don’t know is just something about his eyes 

goldensimisage  asked:


I have a friend of mine that loves axes, as weapons in every universe he pics when playing rpg`s, he is one of my best friends and has always been there to support me since jr high, i really like his style and how cool he is, also sometimes when I’m with my other friends people say that we are the complete opposite in our opinions, that and for many other reasons i think he is a cool friend to have and to keep in the future~

((Also Haxorus is my third favorite non-legendary dragon of the bunch~))