For anon…the first part is before the movie events, and the second part is when Poe returns (after being tortured and lost on Jakku).

Y/N continued to chastise herself as she wasn’t listening to the resistance report. Her mind continued to wander from her superiors to a certain Sith they were trying to beat. Of course, she wasn’t so focused on beating him as she was meeting him.

For whatever reason, she found herself attracted to Kylo Ren. Needless to say, this caused some internal confusion and frustration. She shook her head as she tried to refocus on the situation. She felt a nudge from her left. Y/N turned and smiled at her brother, Poe.

“You okay?” he whispered, “You seem distracted…again.”

She inwardly groaned at her failed attempt to pretend to be listening. Outwardly, she gave a slight nod.

“Yeah. Just figuring out where I am in all this,” she lied.
He smirked. “Don’t worry. I won’t let the First Order touch you.”

Thanks, she thought sarcastically, Because that helps.

Y/N paced back and forth, on the air strip, as she worried incessantly. It had been weeks since her brother had been kidnapped. Days since they had located him. Anytime she heard the sound of an X-Wing flying overhead, she would shoot her head to see if it was her brother.

Finally, after what felt like eternity, Y/N laid her eyes on her brother. He seemed to be missing his trademark leather jacket and BB-8. She gasped when she noticed how battered he looked. A couple of people were holding him up. She rushed over and threw her arms around her brother. He leaned on her heavily.

“Poe,” she cried, “You’re safe!”
“Y/N,” he breathed with relief.

She held him by him arms and looked him over with an expression of worry. Those who had brought him over decided to leave him alone with his younger sister.

“Are you okay? What happened? How did you end up on Jakku?”
He smirked. “Calm down.” He became serious. “They…They tortured me, Y/N. That masked bastard went inside my head!”

Her eyes widened and her grip tightened at the mention of him. Despite the fact that he harmed her brother, her family, she couldn’t help but think of him. Her brain yelled at her to go find the Sith and kill him for hurting Poe. But her heart wanted something different; to see his true face, to get to know him. She grit her teeth.

“What did he want?” she asked, unsure of her motives.
“He wanted information but-” he stopped himself as he gazed into his sister’s eyes.

She gave him a slight nod, knowing he didn’t want to go into detail. Y/N swallowed before slinging her brother’s arm around her neck.

“Come on,” she spoke, “Let’s have the docs look at ya.”

As they hobbled off, Poe couldn’t help but to think what Kylo Ren had said to him before leaving the room.

What a pretty sister you have.

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Poe headcanons

Need to get some more stuff on this blog so here, have some headcanons.

- As much as he is perfectly happy to lend people his clothes he also has a bad tendency to “borrow” clothes from his friends.
- While he is very experienced with sex he still feels nervous when he is with a new partner because he is unsure if they’ll like it or not.
- He loves to sit in his X-wing while it is raining and listen to the sound of the rain bouncing off of the metal.
- Droid isn’t the only language he understands, having grown up basically in the resistance he knows many other languages, notably Wookie and he actually gets on well with Chewbacca.
- He and Ben knew each other as children, if only for a short time.
- He loves dusk more than any other time of day and finds it relaxing to watch the suns go down on whatever planet he is on and will sit out in the darkness for as long as he can.
- He has never had a serious relationship, only flings and some short ones, he has yet to find someone he truly loves and can share his heart with.
- He and Rey get along incredibly and are platonic best friends and always annoy Finn with near endless talks about flying and the various types of crafts they have flown.
- He would never say it but he is incredibly jealous that Rey got to fly the Millennium Falcon.


This video was based off one of my friends’ (@youngbloodheart) ideas of having Poe singing “Pocket Full of Dreams” by Hedley to Finn. I kind of imagined that this video would take place directly after TFA, when Finn is in his coma-ish thing. Enjoy!  

Shoes of a ballet dancer


She loved ballet ever since she was a little girl, growing up in an orphanage.
There was nothing else she loves more, excluding Bebe and the new found family.
Yet when he enters her life - and that is all Finns fault - suddenly everything turns upside down.

AU – In which Rey is a ballet dancer and Poe someone who went to a ballet because Finn made him to after he lost a bet.

SW Preference- How They Confess Their Love: P2


-Very elaborate and romantic

-Spelling it out in the sky is a possibility

-He would yell it, loud and proud, he loves you .He doesn’t care who knows, and probably wants everyone to. 

-Quick kisses, but lots of them. All over. While just repeating how much he loves you.


-Pep talks in the mirror

-White lies to impress you, that you can totally see through.

- “I only lied, because, well, I wanted you to think I was interesting.” “Because…I love you”

-Slow, nervous kisses at first, then you guys get comfortable.

-Protective, but sometimes you have to save his ass, too.


-She isn’t much of a “love enthusiast” so she might have to convince herself a bit that what she’s feeling is real before she confesses it to someone else, especially to you.

-Super protective of you, and might yell at you for all the times she’s had to take care of you but she secretly loves it.

-She’d probably say it on accident, if you make her laugh or do something cute she’d say “I love you,” and then try to take it back but then just get over it and kiss you already.

Kylo Ren

-He’d keep his feelings for you buried very deep down, not wanting you to get hurt if anyone knew you were important to him.

-He’d always take his helmet off around you, for respect and so he can see you properly and you aren’t afraid of him.

-He’d train you harder than anyone, so he’s sure you can protect yourself before he tells you the truth. 

-He might get angry at you for being angry at him, “Why are you so much harder on me? What did I do to you?” *throws baby tantrum with lightsaber* “Because I love you, damn it, and everyone else might be disposable, but you’re not!”

February 10

Woke up to find Poe, the little mouse I got the other day, had died. No apparent reason. :(   The store that I got him from has had issues with mice dying lately, so I guess it wasn’t totally unexpected, but he seemed super happy & friendly & so I was kinda surprised. I can’t keep mice or ASFs alive lately, I’m not gonna get any more for a while, it’s depressing to have them die nonstop.

I didn’t really have much to do at work. I don’t know where the day went, to be honest. I read a lot of Mycroft/Sherlock fanfiction, most of it not very good.

I came home & made some chili. My Crock Pot is apparently broken, so I gotta go find another one at Goodwill this weekend…luckily there always a trillion there. I walked the dogs very briefly because my foot is extremely angry with me despite keeping it wrapped & staying off it as much as possible FOOT I AM TRYING MY BEST PLEASE BE A LITTLE MORE COOPERATIVE & HEAL FOR ME.

I then drove to @genderfluid-vagitarian‘s workplace to bring them a tampon. I nearly ran out of gas, which would’ve been unfortunate, but I avoided this, so that’s good. Cleaned a cage when I got home & now I’m gonna go play with Stanley.

I just found out a cat I liked at the shelter got euthanized because he tested positive for feline leukemia. :(   He was incredibly gorgeous, one of the prettiest cats I’ve ever seen. I sat with him for a little while on Sunday & held him over my shoulder & rocked him on my hip, he liked that a lot. Rest in peace, buddy. :(  


How Star Wars The Force Awakens Should Have Ended

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