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12 with your watcher and Aloth~

12. things you said when you thought i was asleep

The cold, grimy floor of a dungeon was not the most ideal place to sleep and Lann knew this well, having made several attempts to find rest in such a place herself.  More often than not, those attempts failed, but she did her best not to alert her friends to that fact.  Many of them tended to worry about her sleeping patterns - or lack thereof, and she didn’t want to add to their anxiety.

So here she lay, curled up with her eyes closed on the floor of a chamber in the Endless Paths they’d recently cleared of skuldrs, wide awake from discomfort and fear of what dreams might be waiting for her.  

Aloth was the only other person among their group awake.  He sat not more than two feet from her, quietly observing the eerie little room.  He had taken first watch and for the past hour, had made no sound but for the occasional turn of a page in his grimoire and a few muttered arcane words under his breath.  After a while, she didn’t even hear that.  And then he spoke.

“My life is yours.”

There was a pause and Lann wondered who he was making this confession to.  It couldn’t possibly be her, could it?

“I know you said I stand as your friend and equal, but this is how I choose to honor that.  I’ve taken so many wrong paths in my life, but you’ve shown me a different way.  You are worth fighting for.  If I can, I will protect you with my life or death; I swear it.”

There was another pause.  The conviction in Aloth’s words had nearly drawn a gasp from Lann’s lips, but she kept silent, not wanting to alert him to her awareness.  She then felt a heavy cloak being draped over her, Aloth’s fingers brushing against her shoulder as he did so.

“Rest well, Lann.  I may be too much of a coward to tell you all this, but I…I hope you’ll always know it, deep down.”

Aloth fell silent after that, leaving Lann to ruminate on his words until sleep finally accepted her.

When she awoke a few hours later, she returned his cloak without a word, only a warm smile and a nod that left him oddly flustered.

you kept staring at me with your gorgeous eyes but little did you know you were killing me inside.
—  mixed signals.