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If you want original, full-length, hilarious musicals; here’s a few by Team Starkid (and Tin Can Brothers). From Harry Potter, to DC, to Disney and the creation of fire. There’s a show for every mood!

A Very Potter Musical

Me and My Dick

A Very Potter Sequel


Holy Musical Batman

A Very Potter Senior Year


Trail to Oregon!

ANI: A Parody 


Movies, Musical and Me (Web Series)



Spies are Forever - Tin Can Brothers

Poe Party - Shipwrecked Comedy - there’s Starkid members in there too and it’s really awesome

Flop Stoppers (short film) - Tin Can Brothers

The Solve It Squad (Scooby-Doo Parody) - Tin Can Brothers

The Case of the Gilded Lily (2018) - Shipwrecked comedy 

These guys are the reason I am doing a theatre degree at University!

Okay but seriously, if you haven’t seen the web series Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party you are missing out. It is class. X

Modern AU that follows the ups and downs of a college English department:

  • Mary Shelley, the slightly morbid Brit lit professor who specializes in Gothic literature, and always has her students read the creepiest pieces
  • Edgar Allan Poe, the awkward, but lovable poetry professor who all the students either love or hate. 
  • Emily Dickinson, the other poetry professor, who no one seems to have classes with, despite the fact that she’s been at the school for years…and when are her office hours again?
  • Oscar Wilde, the Shakespeare professor, who teaches not only two lit classes focusing on Shakespeare, but also teaches a drama class. Everyone loves him.
  • Ernest Hemingway, the hard-ass creative writing professor, who rips everyone’s writing (and self esteem) to shreds.
  • Charlotte Bronte, the Brit lit professor who lives and dies by the canon and thinks YA is an affront to literature.
  • Louisa May Alcott, the American lit professor who goes off on tangents during lectures and loses her train of thought. People like her because she’s an easy grader.
  • Mary Ann Evans, the feminist American lit professor, constantly at war with Charlotte Bronte over what constitutes literature, and desperate to be taken seriously in the academic world.
  •  Fyodor Dostoevsky, the visiting professor from Russia, who teaches a specialty class on how different translations change the meaning of a work. The class is completely full.
  • Annabel Lee, the encouraging, sweet professor who teaches English 1, the composition class required for gen ed. Most of her students are freshmen.
  • H.G. Wells, the creative writing professor you want to get. He always encourages his students to be as creative and imaginative as possible, but he still manages to give them constructive criticism. His science fiction class is always full.
  • Lenore, isn’t an English professor. Lenore teaches History of Fashion, among other things. But she’s helped Oscar with costuming on a few plays, and she’s currently working with Mary Ann Evans on a specialty class that focuses on the ways that clothing plays a part in literature. She hangs out in the English department a lot, because her office is in the history department, and history professors “are, like, totally boring.”

As an Actual Poe Scholar™ (yes somehow that is my job, I still don’t know how I managed to luck out like this), I have to wax poetry at some point on Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Invite Only Casual Dinner Party/Gala For Friends Potluck, which is the most brilliant webseries ever produced by man or ghost. 

- all the digs taken at Louisa May Alcott and the Transcendentalists and Boston are just perfectly in character

- Poe manages to be emo, dramatic as hell, soft and sweet, and yet as petty as can be at the same time which, again, is just SO him

- side note, my favorite thing he ever wrote is an editorial response to a Bostonian woman, about whom he says a lot of mean things, before concluding that “I forgive her, poor dear. Her heart is in the right place! Wish the same could be said of her wig.” and if that isn’t just the SICKEST BURN 

- all the references to Clue, which is a very underrated movie

- all the references, period. They are always spot on, always funny. These guys are True Literature Nerds and boy have they done their homework

- the cast is incredible, especially when you watch other things they’ve been in and realize how well they play such varied characters

- the FOMO prologue with Emerson is so representative of their actual relationship and of both men that I sent the video to my thesis advisor who is an Actual Emerson Scholar™ and he was amazed

- seriously, this could count as a crash course on American Literature

- go watch it

- I am serious


Also @shipwreckedcomedy, thank you so much for creating this masterpiece 

So, I recently learned from my Mom that Edgar Allan Poe had an older brother named Leonard, who he was really close with, and who died of the cholera in 1831.

“The Raven” was published in 1845, after Leonard’s death.

And what is the most obvious feminization of Leonard? Well, most people would probably say that it’s Lenore.

What I’m saying is, “The Raven” may actually be a result of Poe grieving for his big brother.

And part of me wants to just let that sad/mind-blowing idea hang in the air, but it wouldn’t be honest of me not to disclose the fact that my Mom telling me this was brought on by us discussing the fact that Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party played Edgar and Lenore as having a much more sibling-y relationship than the romantic nature of the poem would imply.


Happy one year to Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party!

And congrats to the Shipwrecked Comedy team, thanks for an awesome year!