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For a very talented and cute friend if felt proper to make a very cute au.

RikoKev Au Where:

They are normal college kids. Kevin is interning at a museum and riko is undecided trying to figure out what he likes, besides Kevin. 

Riko makes breakfast every morning because Kevin hates being up early but he will if riko is up and there is coffee and a nice sunrise.

 They’re living together because rikos last roommate was a nightmare and Kevin had to come pick riko and his stuff up off of the lawn at the end of last term.

 Kevin maybe kind of wants a pet but they are on probation raising a cactus named Poe. Riko works at a cat Cafe, mostly for the cats but also for the free coffee which is where he met Kevin who spent a solid week in there before finals the year before. He spends his breaks reading books Kevin has suggested and texting Kevin his reactions.

Riko was thrown out of the house at 16 and Kevins mom died when he was in highschool so its mostly just them & poe but they both finally feel like they have a home when the other is around so its ok. 

They do end up adopting a cat and a dog. Riko takes psychology and acting classes and ends up at a community center for at risk youth. Kevin proposes to Riko in the Romantic authors exbhit on a tuesday when Riko is looking particulary ruffled and pretty. Riko say’s yes .   


Prince of Egypt director’s commentary: [Working on this sequence a “million” times] “Just trying to figure out what Rameses’s reaction would be when Moses returns. Would he be angry, would he be flippant, would he be overjoyed, what would he be? And because we built such a relationship between the brothers before and they had nothing against each other when Moses left, other than love and regret that he was leaving, it had to be joyful.” (3/?)

  • Ravenclaw: Bad news, I failed most of my classes.
  • Ravenclaw: Good news, I finished reading Game of Thrones, caught up on the show too, started the collection of Edgar Allan Poe, and wrote a thesis on it.
  • Slytherin: A thesis for what?!
  • Ravenclaw: Myself.
  • <p> <b>Edgar Allan Poe:</b> Quoth the raven "Nevermore"<p/><b>Student Athlete:</b> Nevermore?!😵🙁🤕When you on the grind💪👌 it's ALWAYS💯🕞 more!!✔can't stop🔥won't stop🙅🚫 #D1bound💯🙏Alma 32:12 rip💀😔 grandma👵<p/></p>

Random facts about the people the BSD characters were based on:

One of Mori Ougai’s daughters “began a movement of writing about male homosexual passion”, or in other words: yaoi.

Edogawa Ranpo is a pseudonym and play on Edgar Allen Poe because he admired him so much.

Yosano Akiko was a feminist and pacifist, wrote 20k-50k poems, and had 13 children.

Dazai Osamu really attempted a lot of suicide. He eventually died in a double suicide with his wife.

Akutagawa Ryuunosuke and Tanizaki Junichirou got into a fight over whether structure or plot of a novel are more relevant.

Mori Ougai was a doctor and was able to speak German.

Kunikida Doppo was an English and Math teacher.

Dazai Osamu admired Akutagawa Ryuunosuke.

The Force Awakens Guys Preference: Hair

Requested by: Anonymous

Finn:He looooves scalp massages. It turns him into a pile of mush at your fingertips and he hums and moans in time with your movements

Hux: Don’t touch his hair unless you want to get him angry. His hair is perfectly styled and gelled and he prides himself on looking professional. The only time you can touch his hair is after he’s had a glass of wine or two and he’s relaxed

Kylo: Pull his hair so it hurts. He is a kinky dude and super masochistic he loooooves the pain. He finds it playful and it’ll usually escalate things quite a bit

Poe: Tug on those curls, darling. You’ll have him growling in your ear and tearing your clothes off. He loves it.

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Poe working out with BB8 but that’s just a bad idea

it’s like one of those work outs when someone sits on your back as you pump iron but.. BB8 is.. round.. and push ups mean he needs more effort to keep on Poe’s back.. soo… silliness ensues :0 are you guys ticklish on your back? I am… to a certain degree :u

this was an interesting angle? like.. i’m quite.. inflexible with my angles and i’ve never tried work out poses.. so this was.. a challenge to some point :) -wipes brow-

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