poe trip

you’ve heard of Suave Poe Dameron now get ready for Clumsy Poe Dameron

poe dameon trips over bb-8 in the hangar and lands on his face at least twice a week and bb-8 never fails to be amused/irritated/concerned by it

poe dameron drops tools on his head when fixing his ship

poe dameron once spills soup all over himself and finn. rey doesn’t stop talking about it for three days

poe dameron rolls into a blanket burrito when he naps, tries to untangle himself when he wakes up, can’t, falls on the floor, stays there until bb-8 harasses someone into helping him

poe dameron tries to walk backwards through doors for cool effect and runs into walls

poe dameron sees finn and drops everything he’s holding at least once a week

as soon as he gets into his x-wing, he’s suddenly the most graceful person to grace the galaxy, and finn is secretly kind of baffled by it

but as soon as he touches down he bangs his head on his wing and the balance of the force is restored but the balance of poe is not lol

Internet Famous: Part 9

Fandom: Star Wars (Modern AU)

Pairing: Poe Dameron x Reader

Summary: Poe and Reader are friends who came together and started a youtube channel for fun. 1 million subscribers later, they’re now internet famous. Their friendship has thrived, however, all of their fans can obviously see that Poe and Reader aren’t just friends.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8

“Munchkin!” Your brother exclaimed as you entered the kitchen.

“Gigantor!” You yelled as you ran up to him for a hug.

“You’re getting smaller.” Mason said jokingly, “Poe! My buddy!!!” He pushed you aside to give Poe a big bro hug, “How you doin’, man?!”

Poe hugged your brother back, “I’ve been good! I’m sure you’ve seen the videos we’ve done and whatnot.”

“Yeah, you guys are disgusting.”

“Mason! Leave them alone.” Your mother pushed Mason to the side as she hugged you and Poe, “How was your trip here?”

“Fine,” you said plainly, “Just a plane ride then an uber. Very simple.” Your mother began to nag you about your appearance. As she did so, Poe walked up to your father and shook his hand.

“Nice to see you again, Mr. L/N.” Poe said with a heartwarming smile.

Your father smiled back, “Same for you, Poe. Looks like you and Y/N have been enjoying yourself.”

Poe nodded, “Yeah! Disneyland was great. Then being home and spending time at home together as a couple is fun.” Poe realized how that sounded, “I mean! We don’t sleep together, well we do, but not in a sexual sense! Not that I wouldn’t want to have sex with Y/N, wait! I-uh…” 

Your father began to laugh at Poe’s embarrassing rambling, “I get it, Poe. That’s alright. What you and my daughter do in private is none of my business.” He pat Poe on the back and leaned closer, “But don’t forget to use protection.”

Poe’s cheeks and ears tinted pink, “Uh, right. Got it.”

Your father began laughing again, “You know, we were all rooting for you to get together.”

“Oh, uh, thank you, sir.”

“Not a problem! So, when are you proposing?”

“Uh, well-”

“DAD!” Poe and your father’s heads snapped up to see you walking over to them, “You’re making Poe uncomfortable!”

“What? Am not!”

“He’s blushing! And he hardly blushes! We haven’t even spent five minutes here and you guys are already being annoying!”

Your mother rushed up to the three of you, “We’re sorry, Y/N. We promise we’ll be good.” She lightly slapped your father’s stomach, “Go ahead and unpack your things. Your old room is still in tact. Sorta. Your dad turned part of it into his little tinker room.”

“As long as my bed is still there, I’m fine.”

“Your bunkbed?!” Poe asked.

Zoe sighed, “Yep, that’s still there. Mom doesn’t have the heart to get rid of it.”

“And don’t! Bunk beds are cool!” Poe exclaimed.

You scoffed as you and he went to go get your bags and bring them to your room, “What are you, five?”

“Five and a half, thank you very much.”

You chuckled, “You’re such a dork.” You lugged your bags up to the stairs and down the hall.

“Hey! Do I look like a whale penis to you?!” 

You opened the door to your old room and dragged your stuff in there, “Well, you can be a dick sometimes.”

That got Poe laughing as he dragged his luggage into your room as well. You looked around and saw that everything was the same except for the little corner where your desk was. Instead of the old artwork and art supplies that fashioned the desk, there laid some broken toys and electronics with glue, screwdrivers, and pliers scattered around them. The thing about your dad was that he’d rather try fixing things himself instead of paying someone to do it or buying a replacement. 

Poe sniffed the air, “Aw yes. I love the smell of old teenage angst.”

You rolled onto your bed and smiled, “I was not angsty.”

Poe rolled in next to you trapping you between him and the wall, “Yeah, you kinda were.” 

You took your pillow and threw it on Poe’s face, “No, I wasn’t!”

Poe took the pillow and threw it on the floor, “Again, with the violence. Maybe we should put you through anger management.”

“Whatever.” You put one leg over him trying to climb over, but Poe’s hands on your waist stopped you. He pulled you down to him and kissed you hard. You pushed away, “We need to unpack.” 

“Y/N, come on. This might be the only time we’ll have together. Alone. You know for a fact that once the rest of your family arrives tomorrow, we’ll be pulled away from each other left and right. Especially, if your two cousins, Ayla and Jess are coming.”

“Oh God no.” You leaned down and rested your face into Poe’s chest lightly screaming.

Poe chuckled and stroked your hair, “It was cute when we were in high school…but when we got older…it started getting annoying.”

“Ugh! Don’t get me started! ‘Poe, you’re so strong.’ ‘Poe, you’re so handsome.’ ‘Poe, can you help me?’ IT WAS SICKENING.”

Poe smirked, “Were you jealous?”

“Psh. I wasn’t jealous. Why would I be jealous?”

Poe shrugged, “I don’t know. Why would you be?”

You climbed off of Poe and began to unzip your bags, “I mean, it’s not like I hate the idea of other girls, especially my thirsty ass cousins, to be throwing themselves at you. Nope, not jealous. Never was. Never will be.”

Poe kissed your shoulder, “Sure, babe.”  

stormpilot fic rec list

For the past couple of nights I have been making my way through page after page of stormpilot (some jedistormpilot) fics on ao3 and it’s all too good and too cute and too !!!!! for me not to share it. So here are a few. I’ll keep updating this the more that I read, but this is a good number for now. I’ll be doing individual posts for fics as well, that’ll be more descriptive and include details and a small review! Anyway… enjoy :-)

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Trip and Fall

Originally posted by daisyridleyofficial

Summary: You didn’t fall for Poe Dameron, he tripped you. 

Poe Dameron x Reader

Warnings: Lil bit of angst, fluff fluff fluff!

You didn’t fall for Poe Dameron, he tripped you.

You were bustling down the corridor, already late for an appointment. Everyone seemed to need physicals that time of year. Halfway to your office, a foot that hadn’t been there before appeared and made you stumble. A pair of strong, orange cloth covered arms caught you before you could hit the floor.

“It looks like you fell for me Y/N.”

“Funny that I have a feeling that you only came up with that line just now.”

Poe lets you go, smirking at you in a way that makes you very tempted to not show up to your appointment.

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Kylo, Hux, Poe, Finn go on a (the WORST) road trip ever. Kylo sucks at driving, Hux gets mad half the time, Poe keeps ranting about how much Kylo sucks, and Finn is just wondering how he got in this situation.

Hux: Kylo, babe, you misSED THE DAMN TURN!!

Kylo: Stop yelling at m- Oh shIT…. we ran outta gas! DaMNIT!!

Poe: Ren, you are, with outta doubt the WORST driver in the history of the galaxy.

Finn: *thinking* how the hell did I get into this….


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Anonymous: Can you do an imagine where BB-8 tries to get Poe to confess his feeling to the reader

–For Anonymous

Usually you weren’t easily startled, but you were so distracted by the work on your ship that when something hard and metal bumped into your leg you gave a start. You looked down to see the sweetest droid in the resistance, otherwise known as BB-8.

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Han: Did you tell her yet?

Kylo: Tell who what?

Han: Come on, Ben. I overheard your conversation with Hux about Rey going off on this trip with Poe and how you’re going to try and wow her and tell her how much you care about her before she gets too serious. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Kylo: I shared that with Hux in the men’s room at Maz Kanata’s Tavern. Where were YOU hiding?

Ivonne’s Weekly Fic Rec #2

It’s here guys! My second weekly fic recommendations! As a fellow writer, I know how hard everyone works to get their fics out. Sometimes they don’t get as much love as they should, thus this weekly list!


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You’re A Natural by @crowleysplaythings​ (Winchesters x Reader)

Summary: The reader has a run in with a witch. When the Winchesters get to her, she’s been turned into a little girl. And it’s the tall brother she looks to as her dad. Will the Winchesters be able to raise a kid until the spell wears off? Will it wear off? THIS SERIES IS SO CUTE!

Badass by @willowing-love (Castiel x Reader)

Summary:  Ever wanted to be a badass hunter? Let’s play pretend, shall we? If you haven’t read this series, boy are you missing out!

Hide by @casnme​ (Castiel x Reader) (eventually)

Summary:  Being an ordinary human being seemed so boring most of the time. That is, until you found yourself smack in the middle of a war. Now Angels and Demons are after you and all you can do is hope the two Winchester boys and their mysterious friend Castiel can keep you safe.

One Shots:

The Stars and the Lights by @percywinchester27  (Sam x Reader)

Summary: Pure Sam fluff with prompt: “This is ten times worse than that.”

It Was Always Him by @chaos-and-the-calm67 (Destiel)

Summary: Dean watches Cas sleep, confessing to Sam his feelings for the angel. (so so so so so so amazing)

Sixteen by @mysaintsasinner(Dean x Reader)

Summary: Dean looks back on someone from his past.

The Day Dean Walked Away by @chelsea072498 

Summary:  Dean walked into a diner with Sam for lunch. He walks away after finding what he’s always wanted.


Was It Heavenly by @kas-not-cas (Castiel x Reader)

Summary: Cas and the reader are caught in a compromising position by the Winchesters.  

Never Have I Ever: by @castielohcastiel (Cas x Reader x Sam, some Sastiel)

Summary: Dean’s out for the night, leaving the reader, Sam and Cas to play an innocent game of Never Have I Ever.


One Shot:

Revelations by @supernaturallymarvellous (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Summary: After working with the Avengers for a while, a meeting with Nick Fury leads to secrets being shared.  

Bachelor Night by @riddikuluslysupernatural (Avengers x Reader)

Summary:  The team slowly but surely becomes absorbed when you are watching Bachelor in Paradise, making your paradise!

Shining Stars by @imagining-marvel​  (Peter Quill (Starlord) x Reader)

Summary: Reader and Starlord do a little stargazing.

The Walking Dead

One Shots:

Numb by @daryldixonfics​  (Daryl x Reader)

Summary: Daryl and the reader are trapped in a cabin surrounded by walkers. Can the reader tell Dixon how she really feels? Or will the Governor’s words hold her back?

Delivery Boy by @imaginesandco  (Glenn Rhee x Reader)

Summary: The reader and Glenn used to work at the pizza place before the Outbreak. 

Star Wars

One Shots:

Trip and Fall by @wayward-marvel-and-more (Poe Dameron x Reader)

Summary:  You didn’t fall for Poe Dameron, he tripped you.

Star Trek

One Shots:

Bones Drabble by @bkwrm523​ (Bones x Reader)

Summary: When almost half the crew becomes sick from questionable supplies, will you get your busy boyfriend Leonard back?

He Deserved It by @julismythmusic​  (Bones x Reader)

Summary: Bones has a run in with your ex-boyfriend. 

Alright! Continue to tag me in your fics! Looking for more Star Wars fics! Thanks guys!

jen’s poe dameron/finn fic recs

poe dameron/finn

  • Your Hand In Mine by AndreaLyn [“I mean, I’m Finn. I’m a person and I have feelings and hopes and plans and dreams and choices because I’m not FN-2187. I’m Finn,” he says eagerly. “And I’m Finn because of you.“Poe’s aiming to find more and more ways to keep holding onto Finn and this is just the start.]
  • my lungs will fill and then deflate by plinys [“Physical therapy,” Poe explains. “It’s you know, to help you get back into working order after you take a hit. A few work outs here and there until the muscle memory comes back. I’m sure even the troopers had to have something like that, right?”Finn shakes his head. “Usually if we got hit too badly they just pull the plug.”]
  • Recovery Begins by Defira [In the aftermath of the assault on Starkiller base, Finn struggles with his recovery, and Poe struggles with his feelings.]
  • Steady hands and thin sheets by Gretahs [There is a Rey sized hole in Finn’s life, but there’s also a suspiciously Poe shaped figure who keeps invading his hospital room smelling faintly of motor oil.]
  • the nature of a fighter by thesilverwitch [You learn many things about a person while you’re both watching over someone in a medical coma. If it were up to Poe, they would simply call it ‘coma’, but he doesn’t dare suggest the idea, knowing that doing so would make everyone in a ten-mile radius look at him like he spat on their grandmothers’ faces.]
  • That Seeks You Out and Names You by Poetry [Five times Finn learned about names.]
  • No other exile by queerly_it_is [“Of course they’d send you,” Phasma says, the first time she’s spoken since they put her in here.“I volunteered,” FN-2187 tells her.“What a proud moment for you,” she says.“I didn’t,” the pilot says with an unpleasant little smirk as he leans against the wall, hand hanging next to the holster on his thigh.]
  • poe is secretly a space princess by leupagus
  • Coupling by Mamalazzer [Everyone on the base thinks Finn is dating Poe, which is pretty frustrating for Finn himself because really, chance would be a fine thing.Featuring insane pilots, an all-knowing Rey and Admiral Ackbar’s impressive gills.]
  • Worked Up So Sexual by AndreaLyn [Poe’s squadron thinks they’re being so funny, sending Finn to check out the adult vids locked away in the archives to get a better sense of romance and courtship. They don’t see the harm.(The harm lies in the fact that Poe is the subject of said courtship and really never wanted to star in a real-life enactment of one of those things)]
  • just like it should by fabrega [“You’re the Resistance’s best pilot, and he’s wearing your jacket. Just go talk to him!”]
  • just a piece by numenore [Poe finds it encouraging, really, that Finn keeps the jacket. But then he takes his sweater, too.]
  • answers from jackets by dansunedisco [Finn wears Poe’s jacket, and people take notice.]
  • someplace to hide by santanico [“Can barely remember the last time you had a boyfriend,” Jess muses, and Poe glares at his hands, wishing he’d brought something to fiddle with. “I mean, it’s a good fit, sounds like.”“Are you playing matchmaker with me?”“We all almost died,” she points out.“Not an answer.”“Well, he likes you too.”]
  • in the dark (i can hear your heartbeat) by amosanguis [He hears: “turn here” and “listen carefully” and Poe nearly trips as a Stormtrooper says the words that wrap around Poe’s right thigh.]
  • In Good Hands by beetle [[Organics make this too complicated. Merely insert external sexual organs into internal sexual organs.] "BB-8, that’s not exactly how–“ [INSERT EXTERNAL SEXUAL ORGANS INTO INTERNAL SEXUAL ORGANS.] "Where are you even finding this information?" [AND THEN PROCEED WITH AGITATION.] "You’re not allowed near the other pilots anymore.”]
  • Don’t deny you never ran by lanyon [Finn thinks that the first thing Poe Dameron gave him was his name.]
  • crooked on my chrome by dansunedisco [BB-8 plays matchmaker to Poe and Finn – droid knows they really need the help.]
  • asterism 32 by black_nata [“Keep it,” he says. “It suits you,” and has to bite his lip to keep anything else from spilling out of his big mouth.]
  • ready for my close up, mr. dameron by AndreaLyn [Poe Dameron is a beloved movie star best known for his role in the Aviator Chronicles. He’s charming, handsome, and charismatic, but to Finn, he’s the guy who saved him from a disastrous blind date. It doesn’t take very long for Finn to catch up with the rest of the world when it comes to loving Poe Dameron.]
  • Coming Together by BlackRose2014 [I can fly anything. Are you Resistance?FN-2187 stared at the words scrawled in messy Standard on his forearm. He didn’t know what they meant. Well, he didn’t know what they were supposed to mean at least. What they meant for him, though, was extra protocol sessions and more scrutiny from his superiors.KG-7778 told him that it was because the words made them think that he was going to break protocol. To disobey orders. To betray the First Order.His mind balked at the very idea. The First Order was all he knew. Obedience was all he knew. Why would he break protocol?]
  • we’ll look back on this road we’re on by noelia_g [“No matter what some people say (Snap and Jess, when they’re feeling like they’re hilarious, BB-8 when it’s in a nagging mood), he doesn’t move into the field hospital. He’s there every day, sure, but he still bunks with the rest of the squadron, he’s been there last… no, the day before… Well, very recently at least."Poe and Finn in the days after the aftermath.]
  • Something Borrowed by the_dala [Thinking back on it later, Finn would have to admit it all started with that damn flight jacket.Five times Finn and Poe borrowed each other’s clothes.]
  • how to fall in love with a fairytale by AndreaLyn [Except here he is, now, thirty-two years old and starting to believe in fairytales again and that’s all Finn’s fault.They tell stories about Finn. Half the galaxy fears him and the other half reveres him, but Poe’s just struggling to figure out when he started falling in love with a hero right out of his childhood fairytales.]
Imagine: Poe has made a habit of tripping over his tool box when he's repairing his X- Wing

Based on a headcanon by: @baeblondejedi

Originally posted by oscaricaas

“Hey Y/N, do you mind helping with– Ah!”

You snapped your head up in time to see Poe trip on his tool box, hit his head on his X-Wing and fall face down on the floor with a groan.

Your eyes widened and you ran towards him, “Poe!” You exclaimed, crouching down to help him sit up. Your rested your hand on his back so he wouldn’t fall backwards.

You took your other hand in his, “Are you alright?”

He looked up at you and smiled sheepishly, “I’m fine… This is becoming a bit of a habit, isn’t it Y/N?”

You laughed, “Aw, my clumsy little pilot,” You said as you studied his face, “There’s a nasty bump on your forehead though,” You said, concerned, “And look, you cut your cheek,” You frowned.

Poe went to touch his cheek before wincing as his finger pressed down where it was sore. He hovered his hand above the bump and hummed, “I’ll be alright, honesty, it’s nothing,” He smiled, trying to reassure you.

You stood up, “It’s not nothing Poe. Remember last time you fell you said you were fine and then you passed out?”

He chuckled, “How could I forget? I almost crushed you when I fell on top of you.”

You grinned as you recalled the moment before frowning again, “So let’s not have a repeat of that, and get you checked out before we do anything else. Up. Now,” You held your arms out to him to help him up.

When he stood, he wrapped an arm around your waist, “You’re too good to me, you know that?”

You pressed a soft, quick kiss on his lips and waved you hand at him, “It’s nothing you wouldn’t do for me, Poe,” You laughed, “That is, if I tripped over my tool box every time I had to repair something too,” You winked before leading him to the infirmary.


제주도 성산일출봉에 다시 돌아왔다. Another familiar site. As part of my POE trip to Jeju back in May, we were taken to Sunrise Peak. It was the second time I’ve hiked up there and failed to see the sun. Of course, it didn’t help that I went there on a rainy day. It was interesting to see how much greener the place looked compared to how it was back in February. Good memories. 

The Way It Was

Word Total: 952

Request: Anonymous asked: Hey;) Could you please write a oneshot where poe and the reader are dating but then they have a fight over something stupid and they don’t talk to each other for days and it’s horrible for everyone to watch so Finn and bye BB-8 come up with a Plan to bring them back together but it goes wrong and they fight even more and yell at each other and when they both start to cry they notice what is happening and apologize for everything Thank you so much and I love your Blog

Pairing:  Poe x Reader

Notes: I am class writing a ‘reserach paper’

“I don’t think you understand how lucky you are to-”

She rolled her eyes and scoffed. Y/N crossed her arms across her chest and tapped her foot impatiently against the platform of the hangar.

“Don’t roll your eyes at me!” Poe scowled at Y/N. He was furious, how could she had done something so inconsiderate, without even consulting him. Taking his X-wing for a joy ride. It was… just stupid.

“May I leave?” Y/N inquired with a bored look on her face, she was just trying to distract herself.  Why was he so mad? She had just borrowed the X-wing without permission. Oh wait the almighty pilot didn't’ want any want to touch it she thought bitterly.

“No, you cannot leave!” Poe scoffed and put his hands on his waist. “If you leave, consider what is between us, inexistent”

“Alright, I’m leaving.” And that’s exactly what she did  “Oh Mr. Almighty Pilot of the Resistance” not after giving him a mocking bow.

“I hate him” Y/N punching the closest thing to her, that unfortunately was a metal door. “Son of a-”

“What are you looking at? Take a photo it lasts longer, idiot” Y/N said as Poe looked her way, hitting a metal door then whining like a child caught his attention easily.

“Why don’t you go to the forest? And get lost!” Poe shouted and smirked.

“For your information, Poo Dameron; I know how to use a damn GPS” Y/N growled, clutching the box of screws against her chest. “Unlike someone, I thought I knew”

The pilots of the Resistance looked between the quavering ex-couple. One day were all dovey lovey, almost eating their faces out… and now they quarrel for the simplest things.

Finn and BB-8 looked at each other, as Y/N stick her foot and Poe almost tripped. “Oh how mature, Y/N” Poe growled standing in front of her.

Y/N looked up at him. She was smaller than him. Damn genetics. “Mature? I am not a fruit” Y/N narrowed her eyes at him. “What Poo? Did the Wookie got your tongue?” she asked mockingly in a childish tone.

“Alright, that’s enough” Finn said as he got between them. “Both, are acting like children. I thought you love each other” he stated pushing them apart.

“Me love? Poo Damnhedumb. No. More like I put a hand over my eye than the other, see I was blind” Y/N spat and glared at Finn.  Poe huffed and crossed his arms.

“That’s not what she said” Poe said with a smirk. “When I was you know…” he wiggled his eyebrows and Y/N turned red.

“Can I go?” Y/N said as her blood boiled. “I am going to kill him, the next time he opens his mouth” she growled closing her fists.

“BB-8, where are you?” Poe shouted as he had followed the droid for the last five minutes. “BB-8; I swear fo–”

“Finn, come back he-”

Poe and Y/N stood in the middle of the hangar. “Why did the Princess lost her castle?” Poe asked narrowing his eyes.

“Why don’t you go to your piggy bank and save your comments” Y/N growled.

“Well I least not going around stealing X-Wings” Poe defiantly stated.

“Stole it? It was only five minutes. Unlike you, who was late for my birthday” Y/N said placing her hands in her waist.

“It was only five days… is like you’re not getting any younger” Poe said without even thinking. “I… Y/N”

“Yeah, because I am old. Let’s change the model for a newer one” Y/N said as her throat tighten. She blinked a few times. All of the sudden the light switched was turn off.

Y/N was paralyzed with fear. She was afraid of the dark. “Y/N, breath alright. You’re going to be okay”

Her breathing started to quicken, “Oh my god” Y/N’s body started to tremble and sweat ran down her face. She remember the night when her parents were murdered in front of her. It was so dark, that she had stumbled and fell on top of their bodies. “No, no” she could feel their blood in her clothes. It was so hard to breath. She started to feel dizzy.

The light was turn on. “Y/N” Poe shouted in terror. Y/N’s lips were starting to turn blue. “No,no”

He took her in his arms. He checked for pulse it was still there but barely. Tears formed in his eyes, how could be so stupid? This was the woman of love of his life. No, she couldn’t die hating him.

Y/N gasped a gush of air filled her lungs. She took greedy deep breaths of air. She was alive. “Y/N” She blinked. Poe Dameron was crying. “Are you alright?”

Y/N only nodded and her tears fall down her face. As dead started to claim her. The shortcuts of her life ran through her head. And she had noticed almost of them were cheerful memories with Poe.

“I’m sorry” Both said at the same time.

Y/N looked at Poe and threw her arms around his shoulders. “I love you, forgive me. I will never take anything without your permission” she cried into his chest. Of how she missed that particular smell. That it was just Poe.

The Way It Was… This how it was… how it should  always be…

“I love you, Y/N. Forgive me” Poe said taking her head in his hands.

“Of course I do Poo bear” Y/N said with a smirk

“Come on, Y/N. I hate that nickname” Poe whined but with a wide smile kiss her lips.