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you can hate arthur poe all you like and that’s great, but honestly, he’s too singled out from all of the useless adults.

  • josephine anwhistle was too cowardly to do jack shit when her adopted children’s lives were in danger.
  • charles didn’t do anything about his abusive boyfriend/husband/partner/whatever when sir forced children (including a LITERAL INFANT, CANONICALLY UNDER ONE YEAR OLD) to work in a life-threatening lumbermill.
  • like? everybody? did nothing about an academy (presumably registered to the state, so plenty of people would be aware of that) forcing children to sleep in a dirty SHACK just because they were orphans
  • jerome squalor just sat back and didn’t stand up to his abusive wife for? plotting? to? get? five? children? kidnapped? and? all? eventually? killed?
  • hector kept his ugly ass mouth shut because oh!! wouldn’t want to draw attention to me when, i dunno, my adopted children are about to get wrongfully convicted of MURDER!

like the entire series is just a commentary on how society ignores children because they’re children. maybe these characters didn’t individually do as shit as mr poe, but, added up, they’re just as bad.

obviously you can still like the characters, and it’s nothing against them personally, it’s just all showing how the system brushes off what children say because they’re just kids, you know? and the system isn’t arthur poe’s fault just as it isn’t jerome’s fault. they were both taught their willful ignorance.

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I love how so many fandoms are basically just new versions of old things, but made gayer.

Sherlock: modern version of Sherlock Holmes where Sherlock and John Watson are in love

Merlin: re-tread of Merlin where Merlin is younger and he and King Arthur are deeply in love

Doctor Who: continuation of the Old Doctor Who, including an omnisexual, immortal Captain who got a spin off show

MCU: Adaptation of old Marvel comics where Iron Man, Captain America, and Bucky Barnes may or may not be in a super love triangle. On the side the X-Men backstory includes Magneto and Professor X being ex-boyfriends

Percy Jackson: Modern Greek Mythology including canon gay son of Hades with his possible son-of-Apollo boyfriend

Star Wars: The Fandom Awakened, this time with the main otps being a ex-stormtrooper with an x-wing pilot with both men being POC, along with the emo grandchild of Darth Vader and Evil Bill Weasley

OUAT: Fairy Tale characters in modern day and one of the main ships being The Evil Queen and the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, complete with them being mothers to the same child. 

Did Mr. Poe forge the Baudelaire parents’ last will and testament?

Stranger things have happened. In fact, Lemony Snicket seems to imply the very thing.

On the day Mr. Poe came to tell the Baudelaire orphans of their parents’ death, the banker was suspected of hiding something in his top hat, and Violet’s suspicion that he was a dangerous figure in their lives is heavily analyzed in the text:

p.5 She felt the slender, smooth stone in her left hand, which she had been about to try to skip as far as she could. She had a sudden thought to throw it at the figure, because it seemed to frightening.
Please see my note on page 7.

[The Bad Beginning: Rare Edition, Notes]

p.7 Violet, with some embarrassment, felt the stone in her left hand and was glad she  had not thrown it at Mr. Poe.
Please see my note to pages 9-10.

[The Bad Beginning: Rare Edition, Notes]

pp.9-10 …Violet had to drop the stone she was holding.
Dropping a stone you had been thinking about throwing at someone might mean that you believe violence to be an immoral and ineffective way of solving problems, which instead increases the amount of strife, turmoil, and bruises in the world, which in turn only encourages other people to pick up stones.
Tomorrow afternoon I am interviewing a semi-retired amateur geologist to see if this dropped stone is the same as the one Violet picks up at her second visit to Briny Beach.

[The Bad Beginning: Rare Edition, Notes]

But what would Mr. Poe have hidden in his top hat? Well, let’s ask the guy who directly benefited from the Baudelaire parents’ death and the subsequent handling of their estate:

“No,” Olaf said with another frown. “There was some argument about his name, actually, as a baby adopted by his orphaned children also bore the same name.”
“Bertrand,” Omeros said.
“No,” Olaf said, and frowned yet another time. “The adoption papers were hidden in the hat of a banker who had been promoted to Vice President in Charge of Orphan Affairs.”
“Mr. Poe?” asked Sadie.
“Yes, ” Olaf said with a scowl, “although at the time he was better known under his stage name. But I’m not here to discuss the past.

[The End, Chapter Eleven]

Was Mr. Poe hiding the original will from the Baudelaire orphans? Did he forge a new one so they would end up in the claws of their parents’ mortal enemy?

No. That would be crazy, right? But there is a story there. Find out more after the cut.

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I managed to screen shot these pages that were supposedly The History of Lucky Smells Lumber Mill but if you read closely it is the first  article from the Daily Punctilio about the Baudelaire’s. It includes foreshadow *ahem* Count Omar, and a major spoiler. 



Painting: Charles Mills Sheldon Poe at Work under Catalina’s Eye (detail) 

Photograph: Unknown photographer Aldous Huxley and Limbo the cat 

In the night, sometimes up until the morning light, I used to stay up in my attic, writing my novel. The idea to write a book came to my mind one night, when I woke up after a sad dream. […] In my dream, I was staggered by my feeling of solitude, I felt sorry for myself. I woke up in tears. I lit the small dusty lamp that was hanging over my desk. It brought my poverty to light: the cheap ink-pot, a few books, a bundle of some old newspapers. […] I felt as if I were going to die right there, on my desk, and a wretched fear of death broke me down completely; I groaned, I glanced alarmingly around looking for help and protection from death. And I found it. The cat I had picked up some time ago at the entrance gate mewed quietly. She was worried. A second later, she sat on the newspapers, looking at me with her round eyes, asking “what’s wrong?”

“It’s a bout of neurasthenia” I explained to her. “This is only the beginning; slowly it will grow, until it devours me in the end. In the meantime, I still have some life left in me.”

Mikhail Afanasyevich Bulgakov Theatrical novel (A Dead Man’s Memoir) (translated by Colouringreflections)

Music: Dmitri Dmitryevich Shostakovich Violin Concerto no 1, op. 77 (Suggested interpretation: USSR State Radio Symphony Orchestra; conductor: Alexandr Vasilyevich Gauk; violin: Julian Grigoryevich Sitkovetsky)