poe kid

Do I   

1) finally watch Poe hug Finn, add another ship to the three billion I already have, and wave goodbye to my social life?

2) indulge in 128 minutes of Diego Luna’s adorable accent and in return get my heart broken once more?

It’s a tough decision.


It’s pride month and mod mike is  doing jack shit contributing by drawing up some headcanons ‘o mine


Some Finnreylo Headcanons Because This Ship Deserves More

-Rey got used to the heat on Jakku but never the frigid nights. They always sleep with Rey in the middle so Finn and Ben can keep her warm.
-Finn is the biggest cuddler. He’s always the one to suggest to Rey and Ben that they should snuggle.
-Ben does all the cooking, for obvious reasons, but Rey is eager to learn from him. Finn begs her just to let Ben cook.
-Rey and Ben argue through the Force bond a lot. It drives Finn nuts. He can never tell the difference between a silent argument and the silent treatment.
- The first child they have is a daughter, with Finn as the biological father. The second child they have is Ben’s biological son.
-The daughter ends up being Force-sensitive while the son isn’t. As a result the girl spends a lot of time training with Ben, while the boy takes up shooting with Finn.
-Poe is of course the godfather. He also played the role of couples counselor for Rey, Finn, and Ben. He likes being a godfather way more.