for @queerparisgeller, who is in the hospital because she spilled hot soup on her hand.

sansa makes herself as ugly as she could.  she shaves her hair–she knows they are looking for a girl her age with auburn hair and since she has no more of the dye that her aunt had given her… she hadn’t meant to do it.  not truly.  it had been a moment like when she’d tried to drag her mattress into the fire after she’d first bled.  panic, and fear, and something like daring.  she’d never been daring before.  arya was the daring one, never me.  

but she hacks off her hair with a dull knife, then shaves it down to the scalp.  she puts dirt on her face and finds some linens to bind her chest as flat as it would go, then finds bulky sweaters and jerkins that would hide her form. if she had more courage, more daring, she’d have bruised her own face with a bottle, or cut open her cheek, but she could not bring herself.  not so daring as that… 

i almost look a boy, she thinks, looking at herself in the mirror.  almost…

she looks a gawking boy.  the way podrick payne had–her lord husband’s squire.  

better a gawking boy, though…better a boy than…

she shudders, and puts more dirt on her face.  

she hears the alarm sounded, but forces herself not to run, though her heart is pounding in her chest–pounding harder than when she’d thought sandor would kill her, when he’d kissed her.  terror pumped through her.  she’d been frightened after joffrey had died, but she’d felt oddly calm then.  not now.  it was different now.  would that my skin were steel now, she thinks as she forces herself to walk calmly.  if i run, they’ll know something is amiss.  so she straightens her shoulders and tries to carry herself the way that sandor did.  all muscle, all strength, not the sort of man you’d want to fight.  

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Potential - Chapter 1 by Swimmingfox

“Arya is a rebellious 16-year old failing her GCSEs. The Head of Casterly Academy in South-West England decides to put her in a mentoring scheme with the dorkiest dork of them all, Podrick Payne. An extremely stupid, quite short Modern AU with a healthy amount of sex-talk and swearing. Hooray!”

DUDES, OKAY, LOOK. I know this is a cracky ship as all GET OUT but please give it a chance, it is AWESOME. IT was inspired by the adorableness that is Podrick and Arya’s blossoming flirty friendship over in Wolfgirl in Braavos (another awesome Fox-fic), and it’s just TOO MUCH FUN

Game of Thrones Preference: Movies and TV

Requested by anon



(A/N: Just because I listed some of this stuff does not mean I watch all of them… just so you know)

Gendry: His favorite movie would probably be some kind of comedy. Will Ferrel and Seth Rogen are preferable. He’d love movies like This Is the End and Talladega Nights. TV show- wise, he’d prefer something like SNL or shows on Comedy Central. He likes a good laugh so it totally worked out.

Sandor: He’d be a big fan of war films like Saving Private Ryan and Schindler’s List. He likes the battle scenes and the combat action. He wouldn’t be as big of a fan of TV as he was of films. However, on the slight off chance that he did watch, he watched a lot of Jerry Springer– for the fights.

Theon: He liked movies and shows that had a lot of… more explicit content. Something like Black Swan or Gone Girl. He said it was for “science reasons” no less. Shows like Orange is the New Black and Californication would also be big favorites of his. No explanation needed. Please…

Robb: He would like shows and movies about royalty and tactics. He would be a big fan of medieval movies like Robin Hood, the Sword in the Stone, and Snow White and the Huntsman would be on the list. As for tv shows, things like Reign, Vikings, and The Tudors would be included.

Jon: He would like things that made him smile like animated shows and movies. He’d love disney films. He would probably like Frozen a lot because he could relate to having the cold not bother him anymore. He also liked shows like Scooby Doo and Chowder because of the art and differences from normal shows.

Daario: He wouldn’t admit this to anyone, but he adored romantics. He would really like watching movies like Titanic, The Lucky One, and Love Actually. He would go sort of the same route with shows. Things like The Vampire Diaries, The Bachelor (guilty pleasure), and Downton Abbey would be favorites.

Tyrion: Lots of party stye movies and shows would be what he liked. Somethings like Animal House, Old School, American Pie, and Superbad would get quite a few watches. Shows like Misfits and Community would also be a frequent watch together.

Podrick: He loved shows and movies that were relatable to him. Movies would include things like Her, The Breakfast Club (one of my personal faves), and Mean Girls would be included. Shows like Friends, Seinfeld, and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt would be favorites.

Loras: He would be a lot like Robb in that he liked medieval themes, but with more satirical elements to it. He would probably really like Robin Hood: Men int Tights and Monty Python and the Holy Grail would be frequent. TV shows would be more serious, like Reign or Once Upon a Time.

Joffrey: He would love anything blood, guts, and gore. Any Tarantino film and horror films were always on your queue to watch. He loved the suffering. TV shows like American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, Penny Dreadful, and Hannibal are constant watches.

Jaquen: Mysteries would be his most favorite genre. He loved the whodunit themes. He would love movies like Citizen Kane, Inception, Seven, and Shutter Island would be some favorites. He would also love shows like Sherlock, The X Files, Death Note, Law and Order, CSI, and the Twilight Zone.


Podrick/Arya Modern AU

Lost Lighters and Unexpected Kisses for swimmingfox (who lacks a tumblr!)

Fishing through her crossbody bag that Sansa insisted she wear, Arya digs out her own pack of cigarettes, knowing her mother would kill her if she knew, but failing to come up with her lighter. Goddammit, she realizes with a start, Jon used it on the ride over, he must still have it. It earned her an eye roll from Sansa, but her goody two-shoes sister readily accepts the drag her boyfriend offers with a practiced ease. Searching around the deck, she’s a little more than shocked when her eyes land on Podrick Payne. He’s a quiet guy, she knows him more in passing than personally, his friends being casual acquaintances with Gendry’s gang, not the type you would expect to see at a house party.

Imagine Podrick comforting you after a nightmare

prompt number six requested by evee550


Your name: submit What is this?

No!” you shouted, “No, no, no!”

“My lady! Lady Y/N, please, wake up!”

Your eyes jolted open, gasping for air as you clutched at your bedsheets around you. You looked at Podrick, your brow furrowed, “Pod, I–”

“A dream, my lady, you were having a dream.” He said. He seemed more startled than you, with his wide eyes and his breath quick. “You scared me, my lady. I thought you were hurt.”

You shook your head, “I… Thank you, Pod.” You gave a small smile, which he returned.

“Do you need anything, my lady?” he asked. You looked at Podrick, “Can you just stay with me?” you asked in the voice of a small child.

Podrick smiled and held you close to him, “Whatever you need, my lady.”

anonymous asked:

Star Wars Au?

THANK YOU NONNY! :) Here’s more of my random Jaime x Sansa Star Wars AU, because I wrote this for Glo ( @perfectliesfromaperfectdame ) and then she made this for me and now we’re trapped in an escalating spiral of Han Solo!Jaime fangirling.

“How is she?” Jaime cranes his neck, trying to assess the repairs Brienne’s made since they took a hit in that last firefight. 

“She’ll fly,” Brienne says confidently. She takes a rag from her back pocket and wipes at the oil that stains her hands.

“Good,” Jaime nods. “Get her refueled.”

“Is the Alliance leaving?” Brienne asks, surprised.

“No. But we are.”

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mollyxmarshmallow asked:

Hi, I was wondering if I could have a GoT & avengers ship? I have dyed red hair and blue eyes, my natural hair is brown. I love to dance, I do burlesque, ballet, Latin and ballroom and belly dancing. I also love to read and listen to music. I like relaxing in the hills behind my house where you can see the entire town in the valley. I hate spiders and heights! If you need anymore information, let me know, if ships are closed due to time differences (monday is over for you) just delete this :)


I ship you with Podrick!

You are Podrick would be really good together. He’d love to lay with you while you read, holding you in his arms. I think he would like it if you read to him as well. He’d enjoy listening to the stories and your voice would be one of his favorite sounds. He would absolutely love to watch you dance. He would be completely in awe of you as you moved to the beat of the music. Podrick is an absolute sweetheart and he would treat you so unbelievably well. He would make sure that you knew everyday how much he loved you and appreciated you.

I ship you with Loki!

I think that you and Loki would be really good together. Loki would understand and support your appreciation of the arts. He would take you to Asgard and introduce you to their literature and music, loving the way your eyes would light up over it. He would definitely more than appreciate your talent for dance. he would have a hard time keeping his hands off of you, watching you move like that. You would get to see a softer, sweeter side of him that most people didn’t get to see. You were his Queen and he would make sure that he treated you like it.



read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1WRINVL

by swimmingfox

Arya is a rebellious 16-year old failing her GCSEs. The Head of Casterly Academy in South-West England decides to put her in a mentoring scheme with the dorkiest dork of them all, Podrick Payne. An extremely stupid, quite short Modern AU with a healthy amount of sex-talk and swearing. Hooray!

Words: 3985, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1WRINVL
10 Fav Characters Challenge

List ten favorite characters (one per fandom) and then tag 10 people for the challenge!

I was tagged by @thisbelleisvegan :D Thank you!

1) Louis - One Direction
2) Aaron Livesy - Emmerdale
3) Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead
4) Draco Malfoy - Harry Potter
5) Zuko - Avatar
6) Podrick - Game of Thrones
7) Vastra - Doctor Who
8) Eunhyuk - Super Junior
9) Max Black - 2 Broke Girls
10) Samwise Gamgee - The Lord of the Rings

That’s my list!

I tag @emmarosethinkstoomuch @larryisinloveoops @lovinglarry25-8 @loveharryssmile @lemeeee @autumntommo @captain-nialls-shipping-larry @alixxali @dontforgetthatiloveyousweetie @louisismighty and everyone else who wants to do this :D

anonymous asked:

Do you multiship?

Depends! When it comes to ships that aren’t canon, or characters whose canon romantic story hasn’t grabbed my attention yet, I do multiship.

On Gossip Girl, I shipped Serena with both Nate and Carter at different intervals (I was disillusioned with Dan after season 2).
On The Flash, I ship Cisco with Caitlin, Ronnie, Lisa, Kendra and Laurel but also enjoy reading any fic about him getting the love he deserves.
On Game of Thrones I multiship like nobody’s business! I love Sansa and Margaery, but also Sansa with Podrick, Harry, a character-I-won’t-name, and Brienne! But I also ship Brienne with Jaime and Hyle! It never ends.

Once I have an OTP, though, the multishipping stops. I only ship Chuck/Blair, Barry/Iris and Arya/Gendry with each other in the fandoms I just mentioned. I don’t have anything against multishipping as a rule. I just play to win, so I don’t choose an OTP lightly. 😜

miezkind asked:

may i humbly request 3, 7, 14, 18, 21, 38, 47, 51 and 57 :-) *big warm hug*

3. The person you would never want to meet?


7. What shirt are you wearing?

A pink v-neck t-shirt: :D

14. What is your current desktop picture? 

Brienne looking badass pointing a sword on someone with Podrick looking lost in the background.

18. Who would you really like to just punch in the face?

A guy in my class (real nasty person and most people think he is nice, but that’s just because they don’t know how he really can be.) But I won’t punch him since he have his own problems.

Donald Trump would be my next target.

21. If you were the opposite sex for one day, what would you look like and what would you do?

I Think I’d look a lot like my younger brother, we is quite alike so I don’t think I would look that different. I suppose I Would be a little bit taller and more muscular 8-D

As for what I would do: I would get hit between the legs to check if it truly is that bad that the boys make it out. I would also see if I was able to take a pull-up. See how my friends would react.

38. What is the color of your socks? 

Black with lots of white eyes on them!!

47. If you could ask your future self one question, what would it be?

Do they make a remake of mass effect?

( Belive that the future is best left uknown, I might ask for next weeks lotto number.)

51. Are you a good liar?

Yes. I think so. I have a mean bluff in cards. mostly because people don’t think I can bluff ;)

57. What is the last thing you drew a picture of?

Lot’s of drawings of the people at the Taekwon-do training, before my own training. Since they don’t stay still it’s a really good Croquis session!

Game of Thrones –the essential questions

Everybody wants to know who’ll live and die and who’ll sit on the iron throne..

Meanwhile, I’m just sitting here desperate to find out what happened between Podrick and the prostitutes that they gave the money back to him

Unless they just really didn’t do it. He certainly didn’t seem at all glowy or anything