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I KNOW!!!! Not one but two epic power couples?!??! So perfect. So perfect!!!!

And I just get so many feels for show!Tyrion like … he deserves love. He deserves to be appreciated. And I think that the events that have transpired since Sansa and Tyrion’s marriage have changed her. She would appreciate Tyrion for who he is now instead of just being disgusted by his appearance (which in the show doesn’t make sense anyway because Peter is really handsome haha).

Sansa is politically savvy now, just like him, and together they could make a lot of important changes and also make one another happy. 

I think it could be really cute and i really like it. This isn’t my OTP for Sansa, though lol. 

My OTP for Sansa is Sansa x Pod and I don’t care that it’ll never be canon. I would do anything for a well-written multi chapter fic of the two of them starting to like each other after he and Brienne saved her and Theon from Ramsay’s men. And then later at Winterfell when she is sort of de facto Queen in the North after Jon travels South, she could knight Pod, fulfilling his dream. And then her dream of a tall, handsome, gentle knight would be like right in front of her pretty face.

Oops sorry now I have multiple ships in this answer lol I hope that doesn’t bother you since your ask was about Sanrion.

Mysme as Game of Thrones Characters

Zen- Jamie Lannister, constantly fighting an image battle, didnt chose the career path his parent wanted him to, gets knocked down a peg by some asshole but it ultimately does him some good and helps him win over the girl

Yoosung- Tommen Lannister, doesn’t want responsibility, just wants to play all day and be totally devoted to his lovely queen; alternatively Podrick Payne, sweet lil puppy who is somehow amazing at sex even though hes never had a gf before

Jaehee- Varys, always giving advice to the crown and trying to keep them from doing crazy shit(cat projects), the main source of communication between the king and the people, knows everything

Jumin- Daenerys Targaryen, legit a good guy but people only judge him by his fathers actions, think he’s much more coldhearted than he really is, CAT MOM=MOTHER OF DRAGONS

Saeyoung- Arya Stark, seems like a decently happy person on the outside, but deep down is super angry and depressed, betrayed his old job and is on the run, wears lots of masks, will he every be reunited with his sibling?????

Saeran- Lancel Lannister, totally brainwashed and leaves behind his family to become devoted to his religion, which ultimately only fucks him over

V- Littlefinger, can’t actually tell if he’s a good or bad guy(he’s shady af in some routes), has both sides convinced hes working for them, does a bunch of horrible shit to impress the woman he loves but she dies so it doesn’t matter

Vanderwood- Bernadette (handmaiden who told Cersei Sansa had her period and about Shae/Tyrion), tattletale, always snitching to the boss

Rika- Mad King, fucking crazy, wants to kill her subjects, seven kingdoms are better off without her

MC- Briene “don’t need no fucking saving” of Tarth, everyone tries to protect her, but she can defend herself just let her prove it please!!!! actually has to be saved couple times tho


Tormund definitely thinks he has a shot with Brienne. It’s the way the Wildlings are. The women are so strong. They’re equals. They all fight. Like with Ygritte, she has to fight as well as everybody else. When a Wildling is rejected that means ‘thumbs up.’ Kristofer Hivju