podium dancer


“I am not saying it’s going to be easy, but I’m saying it’s going to be worth it.” How do I even begin to describe this year?  It was probably one of the best years of my life, even though it had its ups and downs.  At the start of the year, I was getting ready for the Worlds, so I was feising A LOT.  So, the Garden State Feis (my schools feis!) came a lot quicker than expected.  I usually don’t do very well at the GSF, so I was coming back to it determined to make it into the top 3 - the last time I had placed that high, I placed 3rd in Prelim Under 12.  That was a great day, because not only did I reach my goal, but I also got to share the podium with two amazing dancers, one of whom I can say is one of my best friends (swans represent!).

Not only was I put in a walking boot three weeks before the Worlds, but I danced two feises after the Garden State Feis, and I didn’t place at either one of them.  I was crushed and began to think I had absolutely no chance of recalling at the Worlds.  So, we go to London and of course I’m not happy with either one of my rounds.  As soon as they started the recalls, I ran out of the room (I can’t listen to them because I will start to cry as soon as they start that’s how nervous I get).  When I came back in, I saw my mom running towards me, yelling ‘YOU GOT IT YOU GOT IT YOU RECALLED!’ I honestly don’t think I have ever been happier! I danced my set after Ceili Moore and ended up in 28th place (one of the judges had me in 11th which was crazy!) When we got back from London, I already had a feis to go to.  I danced at Shea-Jennings, fell hard on my back/butt (still not sure what) and won my first open feis after 7 years of being in Open! What made it better was the fact that my friends from my school were all there to celebrate with me!

Going into the Nationals, I wasn’t dancing as well as I had in the past - I was back in the walking boot full time, except for when I was at dance practice.  My goal for the Nationals this year was top 10, and I was in 12th after the hard shoe, but my soft shoe as it usually does, brought me down.  I ended up in 17th place, the last qualifying spot and although I had nothing to cry about, I was disappointed in myself.  So, I went into dance camp wanting to prove that I was better than how I did at Nationals.  Johns choreography was amazing as usual and I got a set that I loved and was as if it were made for me.  

So now, it came time for to get ready to go into the Oireachtas and I was more nervous than I think I have ever been, especially seeing as I hadn’t done the same hornpipe or mess it up at a single feis.  But, to my surprise I ended up in the top 3 at both the Davis and Coyle Feis, 3rd and 2nd respectively.  I danced the very first day at the Oireachtas and had 3 very strong, very good rounds according to my dance teachers even though I had messed up in my hornpipe.  The Under 20s didn’t get awards until about 10 and I found myself in the World Qualifiers with 6 other amazing dancers, including Victoria who is from my school.  I placed 2nd and there are so many ugly crying pictures from Shamrock Photo, but I don’t even care!  2 weeks later and I still can’t even believe it!  It was actually a dream come true!  And to make the weekend even better, our Senior 8-hand won for the 8th year IN A ROW with a brand new team and no thought in our minds that we had a chance of winning.  

This year was absolutely incredible and I can’t even believe the things that have happened.  It doesn’t even feel real to me.  Hopefully next year will be just as amazing in my first year as a Senior Lady!  Here’s to 2015!