Bayern Munich have paid off the cost of building the Allianz Arena and are set to top 500 million euros ($628.10 million) in turnover for 2013/14, club CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge said on Thursday.
He told the Bundesliga champions’ magazine the 25-year loan on the stadium, which cost more than 340 million euros to construct, had been paid off 16 years ahead of time.
‘We have financed the entire stadium privately and for that we took exactly 346 million euros into our hands in 2005 with a financing plan to 2030, so 25 years,’ he said. 'Now we have paid off the stadium completely after 9-½ years.’
This means Bayern will have about 25 million euros extra a year to buy players, according to the calculations of former club president Uli Hoeness a few years ago.
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