Ignorant Bliss 35: Best of 2015 featuring Longboxes on 22s (Side A)
  • Ignorant Bliss 35: Best of 2015 featuring Longboxes on 22s (Side A)
  • Ignorant Bliss Podcast

On side A of the Best of 2015 episode of ignorant Bliss, my collaborator Sean Causley and I aka Longboxes on 22s go through what we feel was some of the best music of the year and run down our combined Top 10. Also in the episode you’ll hear Taylor Pithers’ Top 5 in Grime music and Jamila (aka Girl Gone Geek) Top in Geek reference rap bars.

Music in this episode:

Frank Ocean - You Are Luh

Koi Kondo - Super Mario World - Star Road

D.R.A.M. - Cha Cha (Original Version)

Timmy Thomas - Why Can’t We Live Together

Drake - Hotline Bling

Kendrick Lamar - Alright

A$AP Rocky - L$D

Fetty Wap - Trap Queen

Nick Minaj (Feat. Drake & Lil’ Wayne) - Truffle Butter

Big Sean (Feat. Drake & Kanye West) - Blessings

Drake - Know Yourself

Rihanna - Bitch Better Have My Money

The Weeknd - Can’t Feel My Face

Game (Feat. Drake) - 100

Kehlani x Charlie Puth - Hotline Bling (cover)

Missy Elliot (Feat. Pharrell) - WTF

Kaytranada (Feat. Vic Mensa) - Drive Me Crazy

LittleBabyAngel - Cartier

Dej Loaf (Feat. Big Sean) - Back Up Off Me

Future - March Madness

Drake x Future - Jumpman

Jidenna - Classic Man

Our spotify Best of 2015 playlist

All the music copyright their respective owners

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Episode 21a – Bonus Content: Bryan Fuller Announced as New Trek Series Showrunner
  • Episode 21a – Bonus Content: Bryan Fuller Announced as New Trek Series Showrunner
  • The Not So Much The Neutral Zone Podcast

Yesterday the news hit the Interwebs that we finally have a showrunner for the up-and-coming new Trek series: Bryan Fuller, probably best-known, at the moment, for recently-concluded series Hannibal. His other credits (in addition to some way-back-when episodes of Voyager and Deep Space Nine that officially qualify him as a Trek Alum) include the ultra-whimsical and cult-beloved Pushing Daisies and Wonderfalls.

Editor’s disclaimer: Most of Fuller’s existing oeuvre is, as they say, Not In My Wheelhouse (in that I am turned off by greater than trace-level whimsy and actively freaked out by Hannibal). That, plus my “committed pessimism until proven otherwise (because then I can’t be disappointed)” policy re: new Trek, means that the nicest word I can use to describe my feelings about this news is “ambivalence.”

HOWEVER: Bryan Fuller is VERY EXCITED ABOUT STAR TREK, so while I refuse to feel the human emotion of hope about Star Trek ever again, I will grant that that this news is already a step up from the last attempt in the franchise. Kim and Corene are SUPER-EXCITED about this news, so you should definitely ignore this summary and listen to them enthuse. Kim (enthusiastic Hannibal fan) was, at the time of this recording, visibly vibrating with joy.

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[From The Not So Much The Neutral Zone Podcast]

BREAKING NEWS: “Alice Isn’t Dead“ to launch March 8th

The series continues Night Vale’s journey into the weird heartland of America, with Nicole playing a truck driver who sets out on a cross-country search for a wife who was formerly presumed dead. Along the way, she’ll meet characters, creatures, and conspiracies spawned from the annals of weird fiction—an aesthetic that should be familiar to fans of Night Vale.

Alice Isn’t Dead hails from Night Vale creators Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor and features music by Night Vale composer Disposition. The podcast will air an initial season of 10 bi-weekly episodes written by Fink, running March 8–July 5.

In a statement, Nicole said she was drawn to Fink’s creepy writing, which blends homespun Americana with plenty of horror and supernatural elements. “When I first read through the scripts,” said Nicole, “it was on a beautiful sunny day and I still felt creeped out. The food I was eating got cold, but I just couldn’t stop reading.”

The series will be the first non-Welcome to Night Vale show produced by their new podcast platform, Night Vale Presents. It will star Jasika Nicole (Fringe, Scandal, Welcome to Night Vale) as a truck driver who traverses America in search of her wife, who was previously presumed to be dead. According to a press release, Nicole’s character “will encounter not-quite-human serial murderers, towns literally lost in time, and a conspiracy that goes way beyond one missing woman,” so it sounds like it’s right up the alley of fans of the duo’s first series.

Podcast Episodes for Witches and Occult Lovers

Suggested by @witchtips and @occultpassion

All completely FREE

* Please note that there is non-factual discussion and cross talk in these podcasts which can sometimes be slightly offensive and off color *

Dolls and Magic - New World Witchery

Magical Occupations Revisited - New World Witchery

Moon Magic - New World Witchery

Pretty much anything from New World Witchery

Protection Magic - New World Witchery

Feminist Witchcraft - Stuff Mon Never Told You

Occult Symbols - Last Podcast on The Left

Nazis and the Occult Part I: Severe and Annoying - Last Podcast on The Left

Nazis and the Occult Part II: White People Nerds - Last Podcast on The Left

Hollywood Witches - Stuff Mom Never Told You

Grimoire: Occult Books and the Magic of Writing - Stuff To Blow Your Mind

Wicca - The Ancient Way - Occult of Personality

Sinister Forces, Occult History, & The Nine - TheCarlwood

Superstars and Satan: Music and The Occult - Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know

Anything from Down At The Crossroads

The Illusion: Alchemy Reborn Through The Occult - History of Alchemy Podcast

History of The Occult - Out There Radio

Magickal Art in the New Aeon - Occult of Personality

Witchcraft 101 - The Unnormal Paranormal Podcast

Witchcraft - BBC Radio 4

Modern Witch Podcast

BONUS Personal Favorite Podcasts


The NoSleep Podcast

Astonishing Legends


Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know

Jim Harold’s Campfire


Actress Gabourey Sidibe — you’ve seen her in Precious, American Horror Story and Empire — admits she’s a bit of a shut-in. “I really wish I wasn’t, but I am,” she says with a laugh. And while she’s “puttering around” the house she listens to all sorts of stories via podcast. “In a strange way, listening to podcasts helps me meet people,” she tells NPR’s Ari Shapiro.

Sidibe says she particularly likes the NPR podcast Invisibilia, which is all about the unseen forces that shape human behavior. The “Entanglement” episode describes a woman who has mirror-touch synesthesia, a condition that causes her to physically experience the sensations felt by others.

Actress Gabourey Sidibe Explains How She Meets People Through Podcasts

Illustration: Annette Elizabeth Allen/NPR

The Great Podcast Masterlist

In which I list all the podcasts I am listening to or have listened to, including all that you’ll ever want to know about them before listening yourselves.
Now with trigger warnings.  Please notify me if there’s a trigger I have missed, as this is very important to me.  (Note that just because something is a trigger, doesn’t mean it’s a huge spoiler that I’ve listed it, nor does it mean it’s frequent.  It does mean it occurs, though.)

I will update this regularly as I gain new recommendations.

NB: An asterisk indicates that the podcast is narrated in a beautiful and soothing voice, because this is always an important thing to know.
Two asterisks indicate interviews.
Three indicate both.


99% Invisible***
Synopsis: Gives the stories and histories behind everyday designs (both physical and abstract), and occasionally something you’ve never heard of but wish you had.
Trigger Warnings: N/A
Length: Start at 5 minutes, become up to 30 minutes.
Order: None.
Recommendations: 97 - Number Stations, 83 - Heyoon, 110 - Structural Integrity.

The Allusionist**
Synopsis: A podcast about words and linguistics (predominantly English), but without the jargon.  Gives the history of certain forms of verbal expression, words, phrases, and even concepts (such as the history of Santa Claus in terms of the evolution of his name).
Trigger Warnings: N/A
Length: 20 minutes.
Order: None.
Recommendations: 25 - Toki Pona, 4 - Detonating the C-Bomb.

The Memory Palace*
Synopsis: Poignant snapshots of obscure history delivered like 99% Invisible and Lore.
Trigger Warnings: N/A
Length: 10 to 20 minutes.
Order: None.
Recommendations: Six Stories: The Memory Palace [6 epiosodes featured on 99% Invisible collectively as episode 98]

Synopsis: Gives the history behind pieces of folklore, urban myths, and legends and recounts certain documented ‘encounters’.  "Sometimes, truth is more frightening than fiction.“
Trigger Warnings: Death/murder, mental derangement, supernatural phenomena, hallucinations.
Length: 20 to 30 minutes
Order: None.
Recommendations: 23 - Rope and Railing, 15 - Unboxed, 8 - The Castle, 25 - The Cave.

Serial** (NB: I have been unable to clarify whether or not this podcast consists of dramatisations or real interviews.)
Synopsis (for Season 1): A woman begins to look into the potentially false incarceration of a young man after he reportedly murdered his girlfriend 22 or so years earlier.  Features staged interviews with suspects, these dudes i know, and alibis as the narrator tries to ascertain the truth of the convicted man’s account of events.  Very low on law and police procedures.  (Be aware: you will not be told of the convicted man’s innocence or guilt, as that fact is currently unclear).
Trigger Warnings: Death/murder, rape.
Length: 1 hour
Order: Yes.  Start at 1.

Song Exploder**
Synopsis: What it says on the box; musicians deconstruct their songs and discuss their composition.
Trigger Warnings: N/A
Length: 15 minutes.
Order: None.
Recommendations: I won’t provide recommendations for this one.  Listen episodes on music you’re interested in personally.

Synopsis: Strangers tell stories about a time in their life where a stranger was significant to them.
Trigger Warnings: Depends on episode.  Read the descriptions for each.
Length: 1 hour.
Order: None, although some episodes are revisits of previous stories.
Recommendations: David Terry: Jesus, Gay Talese: Committed Voyeur.


The Bright Sessions**
Synopsis: The fictional recordings of psychiatric sessions between Dr. Bright and three of her patients; an boy who can feel what others feel, a woman who can “speak with angels”, and a woman who involuntarily travels in time.  Follows their developments, and that of Dr. Bright, who is not all that she seems.
Trigger Warnings: Death, PTSD, anxiety, therapy, depression, loss of loved ones.
Feels: Yes.
Length: 20 minutes.
Order: Yes.  Start at 1.

The Earth Collective
Synopsis: A man living in a group of the last remaining humans, who travel their planet in escape of the ever-encroaching darkness in a caravan (not the single-vehicle kind), documents the way of life as part of that caravan, calling himself the last historian.  As he begins to become aware of certain things, he begins to investigate, unveiling a truth nobody ever expected.  Reminiscent in parts of the dystopian society set-up in the film ‘Snowpiercer’.
Trigger Warnings: Death, hallucinations.
Feels: Sort of.
Length: 10-15 minutes.
Order: Yes.  Start at 1.

EOS 10
Synopsis: Dr. Ryan Dalias has been sent to the inter-species space-station of EOS 10 to help bring Dr. Urvidian, the station’s best surgeon, to sobriety, but to do so, Dr. Dalias has to learn the odd and comical ropes of EOS 10, getting pulled into a myriad of misadventures as well as a large overarching conspiracy surrounding the world’s greatest space-terrorist and the destruction of an entire star-system.
Trigger Warnings: Death, murder, genocide, alcoholism, substance abuse, rehabilitation, family issues.
Feels: Sometimes.
Length: 20 minutes, with occasional 10-minute bonus episodes over hiatuses.
Order: Yes.  Start at 1.

The Lighthouse Painting*
Synopsis: A 4-part atmospheric and poignant miniseries on an island that is slowing being consumed by the sea.
Trigger Warnings: Depression, death.
Feels: Sort of.
Length: 10 minutes.
Order: Yes.  Start at 1.

Synopsis: A fictional radio presenter presents a series on what is known about the fictional research facility turned small suburb of Limetown and the disappearance of all its inhabitants, as her research brings her ever-closer to the creepy truth.
Trigger Warnings: Murder/death, dark conspiracy, mental derangement, jump-scares, captivity.
Feels: Y.E.S.
Length: 2-40 minutes (random).
Order: Yes.  Start at 1.

The Message***
Synopsis: Nicky Tomalin is a fictional podcaster who has been allowed to sit in on meetings to follow the progress of the decoding/translating of a 70 year-old recording believed to be from outer space.
Trigger Warnings: Captivity, disease, death, loss of loved ones.
Feels: Y.E.S.
Length: 10-20 minutes (random).
Order: Yes.  Start at 1.

Synopsis: SAYER is the artificial intelligence designed to orientate new citizens of the settlement aboard Earth artificial second moon.  You are one of those citizens, but this is not a good thing; it becomes apparent very quickly that SAYER and the settlement are not as benign as they would like you to think.
Trigger Warnings: Death, murder, captivity, auditory hallucinations.
Feels: No.
Length: 15-25 minutes (random).
Order: Yes.  Start at 1.

The Truth
Synopsis: Dramatised stories written for podcast.  Very little more can be said, as the stories have no consistent genre, theme, or even characters.
Trigger Warnings:  Please read the descriptions before listening to an episode, as many can be triggers for people suffering from a number of things.  Consistent triggers are death/murder, suicide, depression, schizophrenia, loss of loved ones.
Feels: Normally, but not consistent.
Length: 5 minutes.
Order: None; apart from 2-part stories, all stories are self-contained.
Recommendations: That’s Democracy [intense; trigger warning for murder & suicide], Do you have a minute for equality?, Mirror Lake, You’re Not Alone [intense; trigger warning for people dealing with depression or schizophrenia].

Welcome to Night Vale***
Synopsis: "A friendly dessert community where the sun is hot, the moon is beautiful, and mysterious lights pass overhead as we all pretend to sleep.”  A small-town community-radio host gives news on a fictional town where conspiracy theories and absurdism come to life.
Trigger Warnings:  Loss of loved ones, death/murder, conspiracy, oppression.
Length: Start at 20 minutes, become 30 minutes.
Order: Yes; start with episode 1, although for some the early episodes require a bit of patience (which is undoubtedly worth it).

Wolf 359*
Synopsis: The personal journals and recordings of Doug Eiffel, communications officer aboard the Hephaestus (”hee-fess-tuss”), a station surrounding a red dwarf star in search of extraterrestrial signals with only 3 other inhabitants*—the ship’s commander, a sentient AI, and the creepy scientist Dr. Hilbert.  Episodes start as isolated absurdism, but quickly form a cohesive story as things are revealed about their mission and its participants.
Trigger Warnings:  Death, disease, isolation, loss of loved ones.
Feels: God yes.
Length: 20-25 minutes, interspersed with 10-minute bonus episodes (some of which are pieces of literary genius if you ask me).
Order: Yes.  Start at 1.

Wooden Overcoats
Synopsis: Rudyard Funn is the owner of Funn Funerals (known for its post-funeral brawls), the only funeral-director in the small village of Piffling, that is, until a new one opens across the street and Rudyard vows to bring it down.  This village ain’t big enough for two funeral homes.
Trigger Warnings:  N/A
Feels: No, but very funny in a very British way.
Length: 30 minutes.
Order: Yes.  Start at 1.

GBBP 34: Alex Hirsch - GeekDad

“[…] I know what the plan is and what the endgame is… . I wouldn’t stretch it past its purpose. I think these characters are great enough that they could tell a million stories, but their world wasn’t designed for a million stories. The world was designed for the particular story that we’re telling.”

-Alex Hirsch
We got a bunch of graduate students drunk (which was about as easy as you’d imagine) and had them tell us their favorite story from the history of science. This is our wildest episode yet! Th…

So a grad student friend of mine makes cool podcasts as a hobby. If you’re a fan of the television show ‘Drunk History’, this is the exact same idea in podcast-form… with SCIENCE.

I was honored to get sloshed and be a part of the making of this one. Take a listen!

Inside America’s private prisons built for immigrants

You may not know it, but America has a shadow system of privately run prisons that exclusively hold noncitizens. And inmates in these facilities are dying from medical neglect.

Our new podcast investigates this immigrant-only prison system and the polices that helped fill it. Listen here

Mississipster Podcast: Part Wine (Passion Cellars 2013 Grenache)

Here’s part two of that wine #podcast, mostly focusing on #Grenache from Passion Cellars.

External image

External image

Passion Cellars 2013 Grenache

In this, which is technically part one of the main podcast (but posted second just to be contrary), the intrepid Mississipster and I chat about one of…

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fandom linguistics!

We’re talking to Gretchen McCulloch, internet linguist extraordinaire, tomorrow evening. We’re already planning on fighting her about portmanteau ship names—we know the world has moved on, but WE NEVER WILL—and we want some insight into the way language develops in fandom spaces. 

But we’d love to know if you guys have questions of your own! Reply, reblog, leave an ask, tweet us, or email us—fansplaining at gmail. And be sure to let us know if you’d like to remain anonymous or if we can use your name on the air.

What would you ask a fandom linguist? 

Learn Japanese Online | Japanese Podcast| JapaneseLingQ.com
Learn Japanese Language from the JapaneseLingQ podcast. Listen to our Japanese conversations and study the full transcript using LingQ learning tools.

There are 53 (and counting) 15m podcasts here for intermediate learners- perfect for JLPT N3 and warming up if you’re starting your journey towards N2. They have transcripts so you can read along, or check if you caught words correctly, plus they’re all free!!!!!