Firing up the grill this weekend? Before you do, dig into our show on the history of meat. We’ve got stories about why American dads are drawn to the grill, the politics of eating small game, and what makes the Chicago hot dog so special. Plus, the Guys sit down to a meal of meat dishes from yesteryear. Take a listen!

Podcast Recommendations

With regular TAH podcast content ending, we’ve put together a list of other podcasts the FYTAH mods & some friends enjoy to fill your ears with while we wait for more TAH to be released.  

If you aren’t sure to start with a new podcast, try the true aural connoisseur’s method and just search for an episode with Paul F. Tompkins guesting. There’s a better than even chance he’s guested.







Try more podcasts from these great podcast networks:

These are just some suggestions from us!  Below are other podcasts that people who reblogged the post have suggested as well:



podcast recommendations

my ride-or-die podcasts

gilmore guys - two guys analyze/talk about every episode of gilmore girls; one guy is a long time fan and the other is watching for the first time; done in a way that isn’t like oh we’re dudes and we’re watching this girly show

call your girlfriend - two long-distance bffs that talk about things; feminist undertones; makes you feel well-read without actually reading all the articles they discuss

serial - a classic; sarah koenig dives into the murder of hae min lee for which adnan sayed was convicted

coffee with chrachel - new podcast; if you watch rachel whitehurst on youtube you’ll like this; couple talking about things

seincast - similar to gilmore guys but with seinfeld

other good ones

stuff your mother didn’t tell you - women discussing a new topic each episode; often how a certain thing evolves over time

the sporkful - food; different food each episode (i.e. mac and cheese, hot sauce, vanilla ice cream)

undisclosed - serial podcast from a more legal perspective; more up-to-date in terms of adnan’s appeal

ones i haven’t actually listened to (yet) but still recommend

best of friends - similar to gilmore guys and seincast; go through every episode of friends

this american life - probably the most widely listened-to podcast; each episode told from a unique perspective; ira glass is like the king of podcasts

99% invisible - podcast about design; very nuanced and focused on details

Solitude is one of our great superpowers… Solitude is the key to being able to make effective decisions and then having the courage of convictions to stand behind those decisions.

Fantastic conversation with Susan Cain, who champions of the power of introverts, on WNYC’s Note to Self podcast. 

Lest we forget, Wendell Berry put it best in his timeless meditation on what solitude does for the soul: “One’s inner voices become audible… In consequence, one responds more clearly to other lives.”

Complement with a wonderful read on how to be alone in a culture of compulsive sociality


I started a podcast about movies called Lights Go Down! In this podcast, some episodes feature guests who join me in conversations about films, and some feature filmmakers and their collaborators. In this first episode, I introduce the podcast and talk about Satyajit Ray’s 1963 feature Mahanagar (The Big City). Future episodes lined up include:

  • an interview with Tangerine director Sean Baker and actress Mya Taylor
  • Arabelle Sicardi and Hazel Cills join me to critique Blade Runner and cyborg consciousness
  • Sam Alden and I look into The Face of Another
  • Michael DeForge and I discuss Jubilee, Hausu, and You’ve Got Mail

Music used in the intro is a cover of Boyz II Men’s “Water Runs Dry” by Vivek Shraya feat. Shamik, from Vivek’s lovely Breathe Again: A Tribute to Babyface.

Thanks for joining me in this New Thing :)

The new Headgum network, with podcasts like “Black Men Can’t Jump (in Hollywood),” joins a growing trend

Lately, there has been a resurgence in radio, specifically in the form known as the podcast, a digitized version of programming that can be downloaded at will. Thinkpieces have attempted to explain this trend, typically boiling it down to ever-shortening attention spans, too much time in cars, and the fact that Sarah Koenig’s “Serial”  showed the business world that podcasts can be profitable. Arguably, its rise is also a symptom of creativity as a form of social activism. By creating their own podcasts and taking control of the content, people of color are hoping that their voices will be heard.


Now that Thrilling Adventure Hour is over, and since Night Vale and Black Tapes spread out their episodes, I’ve launched myself into a whole bunch other podcasts:

Lore: Mythology, ghost stories, history! Learn about the origins of your favorite spooky stories and tropes

You Must Remember This: Learn about the secret and/or forgotten history of Hollywood, ranging from the Silent Era to today. Some trigger warnings as Hollywood has not been kind to women an the episodes about Madonna’s marriage to Sean Penn are particularly hard to listen to,

Serial: 12 episode series focusing on the murder of Hae Min Lee and the cast against Adnan Syed for the crime. Trigger warnings galore, very difficult to listen to at times but an incredibly well done look into the justice system and the nature of investigations.

Pseudopod: Short horror fiction read by different narrators, varying quality but the good ones are very excellent. They also run flash fiction contests from time to time.

The Horror! Relic Radio presents old recordings and radio plays of horror stories.

Any recommendations appreciated. Between borrowing library audiobooks for driving and podcasts to listen to while working in the office and at home, I am always looking for new stories to listen to,

According to research from the University of California-Irvine, every time we get interrupted by something external, it takes us about 23 minutes to refocus after the interruption.

Fascinating and frightening Note to Self episode on how Silicon Valley built an exploitive economy of interruption.

Tchaikovsky would be outraged – 140 years ago, he wrote passionately about the evils of interruption

anonymous asked:

What podcast do you work on?

I’m working on putting together my own podcast about life in one’s 20s. It wouldn’t be how-to guides like here, but more of a “here’s what life is really like.” I’ll have a different guest each week and talk about things like job hunting, dating, living on your own, how TV gave us all unrealistic expectations for our 20s, 90s nostalgia, etc. I’ve been working on it for a few weeks and I have just about everything in place, so I’ll post when the first episode goes live.

Additionally, I have recently guested on rassilonwatchathon and Librarians Assemble (my episode will go up August 10th—I talk about this blog in addition to graphic novels).

hello check out my podcast where i talk with my dope friends sometimes about videogames but also about making art, cereal mascots, racial politics, 1970s British sitcoms, furry conventions, makeup, teen feelings, sex toys, and much much more! 

we’ve already recorded 15 episodes featuring guests like Giant Bomb editor Austin Walker, comedian Avery Edison, and artist Michael DeForge, and we’ve got amazing guests like Leigh Alexander, Sadie Dupuis, and Gita Jackson lined up for the future

if you want a games podcast that’s about more than just games, hosted by a woman, and featuring a range of diverse guests from outside of the field of games, this is the show for you! 

we just launched publicly and i would really appreciate reblogs and shares. and if you check out the show and like it, please rate and review us on itunes. thanks so much!

“You Made It Weird is on one level about funny people goofing on each other and the world at large. On another level it’s about mankind’s search for meaning and purpose in a universe that can often seem random and cruel, and Wittels is eminently overqualified to participate in both sides of the show’s silly/serious divide.”

- The Enduring Power of Harris Wittels’ Final You Made It Weird Appearance