podcasts wot i listen to

this is a rec list of sorts

okay, so, in the order i listened to them:

  1. welcome to night vale - everyone and their mother has heard of wtnv, it’s the first podcast most people listen to, and it is deserving of that fame! funny, creepy, weird, and great on representation, it is an exceedingly well written and thought out podcast. in case, for some inexplicable reason, you haven’t heard people banging on about it enough, it is in the format of a local radio show in the small desert town of night vale, where every conspiracy theory you’ve ever heard is true.
  2. the orbiting human circus (of the air) - ngl, this is my comfort podcast. it is the nicest sounding thing i’ve ever listened to. the way voices and music blend together creates a plethora of delights for the ears. the story of the first season follows julian, janitor of the eiffel tower, and tells weird and wonderful stories that are pure magic. the second season is a different story, but is just as beautiful.
  3. within the wires - the format for this one is so. clever. it had me hooked from the beginning to the end, and the writing and the way the story unfolds is genius. it is quite unsettling, but in a good way if that makes any sense. it is told in the format of relaxation cassettes addressed to you, the listener, in a medical facility.
  4. alice isn’t dead - okay, so, i’m not really a horror person, but alice isn’t dead is too good for that to matter. it features absolutely stellar acting from jasika nicole, and brilliant writing from joseph fink. it follows a truck driver as she journeys across america to find her missing wife, and encounters strange and horrific things along the way. 
  5. wolf 359 - this was my first non-night vale presents podcast, and boy did i like it! the characters are endearing and complex, the pacing of the story is perfection itself, and the soundtrack! hoo man, the soundtrack is awesome. the podcast follows the uss hephaestus station in orbit around the dwarf star wolf 359, and features crew antics, strange happenings, and feels.
  6. wooden overcoats - i have to be honest here, i love podcasts, but the us-centric nature of them made it really nice to find one made in the uk. as an english person, wooden overcoats was a refreshing touch of home. plus, it is very funny. it follows rudyard and antigone funn, funeral directors on the channel island of piffling, as they deal with the arrival of eric chapman, a new opposition to their monopoly on funerals.
  7. eos 10 - i love this podcast. i love it so much i can barely formulate words. it is funny, and heartwarming at times, with characters that i just want to bundle up and hug. it is about life in the medical section of space base eos 10, and details how the main characters deal with medical emergencies, addiction, deposed alien princes, and (alleged) terrorists.
  8. the penumbra podcast - another favourite! it has a great format, alternating stories about juno steel, a non-binary, bisexual, PI on mars, with other stories set in different locations, including but not limited to lesbian bandits in the old west and a disabled knight in a high fantasy setting. every episode is consistently stunning, and i guarantee you will fall head over heels for the characters.
  9. the bright sessions - you may have heard this summary before, but ‘superheroes go to therapy’ sums it up accurately. to be more precise, it follows the practice of dr joan bright, who provides ‘therapy for the strange and unusual’. the superheroes are known as ‘atypicals’ and the episodes detail how their powers affect their lives. it tackles themes of isolation, involuntary testing, ptsd, the difficulties of being a teenager and many others. the characters and acting are awesome!
  10. inkwyrm - this is an amateur podcast written and produced by high schoolers, and it. is. so. professional. the team have gone above and beyond to create an awesome podcast, with great characters! the voice-acting is really good and they’re great on lgbt+ representation. it follows the crew of inkwyrm magazine, an intergalactic fashion publication produced from a space station.
  11. marscorp - this is another one for my sorry english ass. the humour is very good, i have laughed out loud in several places! the setting is on point and i love the characters. (please, can i hug david knight?) it follows e.l. hobb, who is woken 400 years late from suspended animation and now has a degraded, sloppy first attempt at colonising mars to get into shape.
  12. alba salix, royal physician - so i only started this one today, but i’m loving it! i’m two episodes in and already know that the characters and worldbuilding are great. it’s clear the writers know their fantasy, as it effortlessly pokes fun at tropes of the genre. it’s laugh-out-loud funny and i can’t wait to listen to more. the podcast follows alba salix, physician to the king and queen as she deals with a helpful-to-the-point-of-annoyance fairy assistant and an apprentice who just wants to learn dark magic.
So you wanna start a podcast? A guide to getting started. (Reblog if you think it's useful)

If you ever thought about starting a podcast, but felt stuck figuring out where to being, I wrote this for you. Three years of making @wolf359radio and @focusedafshow, I’ve learned a lot and packed as much of it as I could in this epic Medium post. If you like my article, please recommend it on Medium by pressing the green heart! Also, I’d appreciate if you’d share it with anyone you think would get value from it :) Podcasting has unequivocally changed my life for the better and I hope you consider letting it transform your world, too!

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Air Less Traveled is a steampunk podcast set in a historically revisioned, mid-1800s America. In the beginning, it follows a Byron Crawford - the son of a local mayor - as he goes about his day: and he is the typical, spoiled rich kid you would expect. However, things take a turn when an all-female pirate crew - lead by Nettie Atkins - kidnaps him for a ransom. If you are at all interested in auditioning, information to do so is under the cut.

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libraryoftheancients replied to your post “So the new thing in my life is listening to evERY PODCAST EVER OHGOD…”

Clearly you should do a podcast devoted to puns

I–okay. So. Best case scenario? I quickly run out of pun material, because that shit takes skill.

Worst case scenario? I actually succeed in keeping a puncast running. I am subsequently overwhelmed by the deluge of outraged hatemail, which is the natural response to terrible, repeat punning crimes. The world’s CO2 levels skyrocket as every listening human and several house pets heave exasperated sighs in unison.

Also, if anyone is going to have their life hijacked by the creation of a puncast, it ought to be @copperbadge . I think he’s earned that, for good or ill.

Hello, it’s Kristopher - again - with another new podcast: Suburbia is Hell! This podcast takes place in a world where humans and monsters coincide - though there is a lot of prejudice for the latter - and more specifically focuses on the struggles and such of a found family of monsters, who not only have to deal with bigoted humans, but other monsters as well. This casting call only covers the primary family, but we will be posting another call for the first season’s primary villains! If you are interested at all in voice acting for this project, the information is under the cut!

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Hello! After months of dealing with the stress of school and such, both creators are finally free to produce once more! However, since Space Log’s hiatus begun, some of our voice actors have been unable to return in their roles, so therefore we are posting this casting call! 

For anyone who does not know, Space Log is a monthly podcast that centers around the crew of the S.S. Valiant, sent out in hopes of finding and establishing diplomatic bonds with extraterrestrial life! More specifically, the show centers around a spaceship engineer named Isaac, his assistant Delores, and his mental health robot KITT.

Me and my significant other, Michael, began this project this time last year, and while it started out with very choppy audio, it does have amazing potential, and a small, but equally amazing fanbase - and this is why we are rebooting! If you are interested, information is under the cut!

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Ep. 1 - Such Things Often Happen In England
In our first ESP-sode, wannabe ghosts Tiffany Baxter and Hamish Steele talk preferred haunting locations, the difference between zombies and revenants and lesser known Christian holidays! Our sound q

It’s Friday 13th October and @tiffbaxter and I have launched our new comedy/horror podcast! We read out ghost stories we’ve “researched” and then tell yours!

In our first ESP-sode, we tackle the Buckingham Ghost and Borley Rectory!

Our theme music is by Graham Waller and you can contact us at thepoltercast@gmail.com

Hello, it’s Kristopher - again - with another new podcast: Suburbia is Hell! This podcast takes place in a world where humans and monsters coincide - though there is a lot of prejudice for the latter - and more specifically focuses on the struggles and such of a found family of monsters, who not only have to deal with bigoted humans, but other monsters as well. This casting call covers the werewolf pack - the main antagonists of the first arc! If you are interested at all in voice acting for this project, the information is under the cut!

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Solarpunk podcast?

after being an impromptu panel lead, what I think solarpunk could really use is people actually talking and discussing it, especially in the frame of futurism and science in general–good news from around the globe about science and activism that is providing positive change.

the name I’d like to use does not seem to already be a podcast. tagging some of my active compatriots for interest, but optimally this would become a platform for a larger discussion network.

also consider this a recommendation list if you’re looking for more solarpunk!


(if you don’t want to be tagged let me know)

New Audio Drama: Dear Jude

Hey Tumblr! I’m Sync, and I’m creating a new audio drama named Dear Jude

In short, Dear Jude is about a reaper named Victoria, who goes on a hunt after her ex, a Messenger named Jude. There’s also the Eyes Man, demon princes, a jealous shape-shifting sibling, and one triple double dipped gorge-o-licious semi-automatic half pound toasty roast beef sandwich. You don’t want to miss that.

We’ve drafted 8 out of our 12 main episodes. (with three bonus episodes tagged along) 4 more drafts and we start casting!

We’re the most active on our Twitter, where you can nab behind-the-scenes looks at the characters and the script. If everyone could reblog and follow us, that would be a huge help. If you reblog, you might find a line from our one of our episode drafts in your inbox. Who knows? Not me.

Again, you can find us on Twitter at @DearJudePod, on Instagram at @DearJudePodcast, on Reddit at @DearJudePodcast, and on Tumblr at @AstralArcherProductions and @DearJudePodcast . 

P.S: We recommend the podcasts @thepenumbrapodcast, @wolf359radio, @thefarmeridian, @thebridgepodcast, and @thebrightsessions. Amazing creations.

@tiffbaxter and I are gonna attempt to launch a podcast in October called The Poltercast where we try and out-spook each other by telling “true” haunting stories, including listener submitted ghostly experiences. It’s gonna be light and comedic but hopefully informative and spine-chilling.

And we have a Twitter and if you have a first-hand ghost story, send us an email at thepoltercast@gmail.com and we might read it out on the show (or play it if you send audio!)

badnewsbyraven  asked:

How would you go about starting your own podcast with limited resources? If you don't mind me asking, you just seem like an approachable, knowledgeable person in this field ^^;

You can look in my advice tag for a variety of information on this subject, but I’ll give you a quick breakdown here as well! 

  • Blue Yeti Microphone (about $80; what we recorded our first 9 eps on)
  • Libsyn + Podtrac. 
    • Libsyn $5/month for hosting (or $10 depending on how much data per month you need) 
    • Podtrac for stats - it’s free and you can get country info which Libsyn basic stats doesn’t give you. You can also get an audience survey link through Podtrac 
  • Audacity for recording and editing (Adobe Audition if you can afford it/want more flexibility with editing) 
  • A quiet place to record + talented actors who are willing to act for free 
  • Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr/etc. You might not need a website right away (we didn’t have a real one until season two) but Squarespace is obviously the preferred platform for most podcasters 
  • #AudioDramaSunday - if you’re doing an audio drama that is. It’s a thing on twitter that happens every Sunday and is a great way to promote your show/meet other creators
  • The willingness to spend your free time lurking on tumblr/twitter/reddit/random blogs to promote your work. 
  • Patience 

Hope that’s helpful! Let me know if you have other questions and best of luck!!

Podcasts with Great Sound Design?

Podcast fandoms, I’m wondering if there’s a list of podcasts, or a review of podcasts, that have great sound design? or in general are really pleasant to hear. I’m talking The orbiting human circus sound design, Night vale calming yet dark atmosphere, Alice isn’t dead music and tone. 

I’ve found Night vale presents podcasts have a rhythm of the sound design and unity of music/voice/effects. are there any others you can recall that have that same unity?

not just ‘it has sounds other than voice?’. I’m talking about sound design/music that just is good to listen to. Like the whole episode is a lil composition.