Help a Bitch Out!!

Having to ask for help has always been one of my biggest weaknesses. However, in this instance, I am willing to beg borrow and steal to make this dream of mine become a reality.

Please take a minute to read and if you can’t help (which I TOTALLY understand), please feel free to reblog in the hopes this may fall into the lap of someone who can.

I love you, guys.


Inside America’s private prisons built for immigrants

You may not know it, but America has a shadow system of privately run prisons that exclusively hold noncitizens. And inmates in these facilities are dying from medical neglect.

Our new podcast investigates this immigrant-only prison system and the polices that helped fill it. Listen here

Looking For a Weekly Podcast Host...

Interested in having your voice heard 30-40 minutes each week? Want to discuss current events? Talk to famous guests? 

Send a 5 minute mp3 clip of yourself rambling about you, the world, and everything in between to and if we like your spunk, you’ll join our crew for a top secret new project.

What do you have to lose?

I need new podcasts!

I’m slowly running out of things to listen to, again. Or, well, I can’t decide what to try next. I’d love you to recommend me something that new… or, hopefully, something good that is not on hiatus. Actually, you don’t have to look anything up, if you can convince me to listen to something already on my list. Let me know what you’re passionate about!

Things I like:

  • audio dramas / radio fiction
  • space
  • female narrators

Things I am ‘meh’ about (but convincable):

  • zombies
  • investigative journalism
  • comedy

Things I’m listening to (italics what I’m up to date with):

  • Wolf 359
  • Welcome to Nightvale
  • Kakos Industries
  • EOS 10
  • The Black Tapes
  • Lore
  • The Thrilling Adventure Hour
  • It’s About Time
  • King Falls AM
  • Our Fair City
  • QWERPLine
  • Serendipity
  • Radio Grimm
  • The Elysium Project
  • The Meat Blockade
  • The Fearsome Morning
  • Wormwood
  • Knifepoint Horror Stories
  • The Truth Is a Cave in the Black Mountains

Things I’m considering and why haven’t I started them yet if I have a reason:

  • Limetown (mockumentary? I’ve listened to half of an episode)
  • Tanis (I need more time after TBT)
  • Wooden Overcoats (c’mon, it’s for one evening)
  • We’re Alive (zombies, also long episodes)
  • The Earth Collective
  • Hello from the Magic Tavern
  • The Myths and Legends Podcast
  • The Bunker (long episodes)
  • Ancestor
  • Earthcore
  • Cabin Pressure (never bothered to get it)

Tell me which one of these is worthwhile! Or, does anything else come to mind?

The REAL Robin.

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everything u need to know to start you own successful podcast.

brought to u by the Get to Hell podcast


First of all I would like to thank all the followers of this blog for the keen interest in cinema shown daily in this community, I feel very lucky to be followed by people who are as passionate about the craft of film making as I am.

Since the inception of this blog I have constantly received questions which deserve attention that don’t directly relate to the cinematography format. There has also been a call for more content from this blog, which I have struggled to find a format for that fits what I have been doing so far.

Until Now… (cue music)

What I am hoping to start in the new year is a podcast dedicated to all things movie and film school related. It will be hosted by myself and other colleagues of mine and include guests from different departments, taking questions from here on this blog, discussions surrounding current films, anything and everything relating to attending film school and much more.

What I need from YOU is QUESTIONS!

Let me know what kind of content you want discussed, way in on oppinions you agree and disagree with, please inundate me with messages about content you would love to listen too. 

Our first episode, which we are hoping to record in the next few days, will be an episode focused on Film School. All of the hosts, including myself, are currently attending film school and there are ton of people who are seeking information about what this type of schooling is like.

so if you have questions about this, ideas for other episodes, or think its a terrible idea, let me know, send me a message, I love talking to people and I would love to hear about the content you want created for you.

Happy New Year and expect and update soon…


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To Podcast or Not to Podcast

About every other month I get this huge impulse to make a podcast. I’ve tried it twice before with lovely, amazing people, but for one reason to another (sometimes me) it didn’t last more than the first half-dozen episodes.

I’ve enjoyed making audio posts though and its rekindled me a desire to do a more regular official podcast thing. Probably fandom related, lets be honest. I’ve had various ideas for ‘hooks’ for a show… but fandom is the hobby I love, and would be the best topic to learn with.

I’d probably start by talking about big shows I know: The 100, Arrow, Game of Thrones, Outlander, The Walking Dead, Sleepy Hollow, Teen Wolf, Archer, Doctor Who, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Agents of Shield… and then new stuff like Quantico, Minority Report, Muppets, etc.

I’d also get into movies as I see them, and big franchise stuff like Star Wars, Star Trek, James Bond, Hunger Games, Mad Max, Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC Expanded Universe, etc.

So I’m wondering, followers… would you listen if I made a podcast? Would you give it a shot?

Would you be interested in being a guest so I had someone to talk to?

Meet Parul Agwaral

Parul Agrawal is a best selling author, wellness coach and a writer for the Huffington Post. She has a strong desire to meet families where they are at and educate them on simple, effective ways that can help them live a healthier, happier lives.

Back then, Parul used to be so afraid of failing because she was afraid of what others might have thought of it. Find out in the episode what Parul learned in college about failing that propelled her to live out her passions today.

Click here to listen to the episode ===>

  • Nebula Public Radio 1
  • Nebula News Network
  • N3 NPR

Hey podcast fans, are you excited?

You should be!  Because this Bug and her husband are making a podcast!!  

Nebula Pubic Radio is in production!  Have you ever thought “what’s going on in the galaxy?”  well wonder no more!  Coming to you this May, 3N NPR will bring you breaking stories and behind the scenes audio from across the universe.  

Delve into the real grit of Trandosh slave ships and what’s really going on in the Borous 7 mines, take a trip to Vool and party with the hivemind!  Exclusive interviews with your favorite celebs and politicians!

(This is an early sneak peak for you who follow me)

024 Como agregar efectos a Audacity

Audacity es un programa mucho más flexible de lo que te imaginas. No sólo es gratuito y corre en prácticamente cualquier sistema operativo, además puedes agregarle efectos nuevos que te ayuden a editar más fácilmente tu podcast. En este episodio de Podcastation, Bosco (con Axe en nuestros corazones) platica acerca de cómo puede expandir las funciones de Audacity a través del uso de plugins.

Enlaces mencionados en el episodio


Classic Series (Acoustica)
Kotelnikov (Tokio Dawn Studios)
PreFix (Variety of Sound)
Limiter 6

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