You know, it was bad enough when I thought that Peter killed Mag when he was like twenty-one, maybe eighteen, based on the “young man, more of a boy, really” thing.

Then I did the math.

  • Peter Nureyev is thirty-six at the start of the series.
  • Only six months have passed between the series’ start and Angel of Brahma.
  • The events of Angel of Brahma happened “twenty years ago, at least”. 
  • He was sixteen, at most.

At least, we think he was sixteen (not seventeen or sixteen and a half or so) because he goddamn doesn’t know his own goddamn birthday, because he was orphaned so long he could barely remember anything more than his own goddamn name.

Pardon me while I go hug my twiggy son who was TOO YOUNG FOR THIS SHIT.

Episode #31 - Vanity Fair Updates for the 40th Anniversary
Rachael and Kirsty organise themselves to tackle the big issues to have arisen from the Vanity Fair coverage of The Last Jedi, from Kathleen Kennedy's comments on the future of the saga to Rian Johnso

Surprise! @bastila-bae and I saw that it was a time of need, and so took to our microphones to offer our thoughts and commentary on today’s Vanity Fair revelations. We talk about various topics (including the Twin Peaks revival, which we discuss right at the end of the show) but, of course, devote a generous slot to Rian’s disquieting comments on the romance (or lack thereof) in The Last Jedi.

We hope you enjoy, and do stay positive! We love this fandom, and while we wanted to talk about things in an honest and measured way we also wanted to do our bit to remind people that we should never lose sight of the fact that fandom is meant to be fun and that there’s fuel in the ol’ ship yet. Enjoy, and keep on shipping!

Hello, it’s Kristopher - again - with another new podcast: Suburbia is Hell! This podcast takes place in a world where humans and monsters coincide - though there is a lot of prejudice for the latter - and more specifically focuses on the struggles and such of a found family of monsters, who not only have to deal with bigoted humans, but other monsters as well. This casting call only covers the primary family, but we will be posting another call for the first season’s primary villains! If you are interested at all in voice acting for this project, the information is under the cut!

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Podcasts with Great Sound Design?

Podcast fandoms, I’m wondering if there’s a list of podcasts, or a review of podcasts, that have great sound design? or in general are really pleasant to hear. I’m talking The orbiting human circus sound design, Night vale calming yet dark atmosphere, Alice isn’t dead music and tone. 

I’ve found Night vale presents podcasts have a rhythm of the sound design and unity of music/voice/effects. are there any others you can recall that have that same unity?

not just ‘it has sounds other than voice?’. I’m talking about sound design/music that just is good to listen to. Like the whole episode is a lil composition.

badnewsbyraven  asked:

How would you go about starting your own podcast with limited resources? If you don't mind me asking, you just seem like an approachable, knowledgeable person in this field ^^;

You can look in my advice tag for a variety of information on this subject, but I’ll give you a quick breakdown here as well! 

  • Blue Yeti Microphone (about $80; what we recorded our first 9 eps on)
  • Libsyn + Podtrac. 
    • Libsyn $5/month for hosting (or $10 depending on how much data per month you need) 
    • Podtrac for stats - it’s free and you can get country info which Libsyn basic stats doesn’t give you. You can also get an audience survey link through Podtrac 
  • Audacity for recording and editing (Adobe Audition if you can afford it/want more flexibility with editing) 
  • A quiet place to record + talented actors who are willing to act for free 
  • Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr/etc. You might not need a website right away (we didn’t have a real one until season two) but Squarespace is obviously the preferred platform for most podcasters 
  • #AudioDramaSunday - if you’re doing an audio drama that is. It’s a thing on twitter that happens every Sunday and is a great way to promote your show/meet other creators
  • The willingness to spend your free time lurking on tumblr/twitter/reddit/random blogs to promote your work. 
  • Patience 

Hope that’s helpful! Let me know if you have other questions and best of luck!!

SJM Podcast - Guests

Dear SJM Nerds,

First of all, thank you infinitely to everyone who’s shown so much enthusiasm for the idea of a SJM-centric podcast. It’s been hugely encouraging, and it’s been so much fun discussing ideas with everyone and hearing what interests y’all. Announcements, FAQ, and Info up ahead!

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Hello, this is Kristopher Andre, creator of both Space Log and Mystery Heads, and I would like to spread word of my most recent creation: Aster Podcasting Network!

The Aster Podcasting Network is a network that is dedicated to bringing enthralling and inclusive stories into fruition. Considering current circumstances, these stories are desperately needed for a majority of us, and here they will take root! So, if you have any interesting idea or diverse cast of characters you would like to see through into a finished project, please contact us! 

However, not only those with original ideas need apply! We have openings for all sorts of things! If there is anyone interested in script-writing, audio-editing, or music-producing, we would also love to have you! You may contact us at asterpodcastingnetwork@gmail.com!

Hello, it’s Kristopher - again - with another new podcast: Suburbia is Hell! This podcast takes place in a world where humans and monsters coincide - though there is a lot of prejudice for the latter - and more specifically focuses on the struggles and such of a found family of monsters, who not only have to deal with bigoted humans, but other monsters as well. This casting call covers the werewolf pack - the main antagonists of the first arc! If you are interested at all in voice acting for this project, the information is under the cut!

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actuallyaghostthanks  asked:

Do you guys record the episodes all together or individually?

We tend to do episodes either one or two at a time. I typically plan the story in 8 episode arcs, so then if there are two Caleb sessions for instance, we’ll often record both of them in the same day. 

This season has been pretty different because we have more actors than ever and more characters per episode, so we’ve mostly done one at a time. Episode 39 + 40 were recorded in the same, 10-hour marathon recording session at a studio. 

Update 2: Backer Milestones, Kickstarter Love, and...a Q&A with one of Procyon's own! · Procyon Podcast Network: Fun, Diverse Genre Fiction Podcasts
Hey there raccoonstronauts! Some updates, cool new content...and a call to action!

Click through for our one-week-ish update, which features a couple of other cool projects and a Q&A with the writer & creator of @iriscasefiles! And a raccoon chasing a water hose.

Exciting News, Podcastineers and Podcast Enthusiasts!

It has come up a few times already, and was briefly discussed in the Podcastineers server, and now we’re ready to go:

Podcasts-Collected will get its own podcast!! 

The podcast will be pretty much like the blog, but in podcast form. Listener participation is highly encouraged! 

We hope to find two (or three) people who will join us in this podcasting adventure! 

Here some requirements:

  • You need to be interested in podcasts
  • You need to be at least 18 years old
  • You need to be at least conversational in English
  • You need to have some basic audio recording equipment (a working computer and a decent headset)
  • You need to have some basic audio recording and editing software (garageband, audacity, or similar)
  • You need to have some basic knowledge about audio editing

It’s super extra great if you:

  • like both audio dramas and non fiction podcasts
  • have experience hosting/editing podcasts (or similar)
  • have very basic photoshop skills 

Also, be aware of the following thing before contacting us:

I am not looking for co-hosts. I’m looking for co-creators. If you agree to join the podcast you also agree to do your share of editing, organising, planning, and uploading. Otherwise, this podcast will not be possible due to my work schedule (as well as my other projects, Podcast Detected, and the In 52 Weeks Podcast which will hopefully launch soon). 

If all of that works for you, please contact us!

We don’t have our own mail addy yet cause we don’t have a name yet, so send a mail to miss.artemis@gmx.net, with the following information:

  • your name
  • your age
  • where you live and what time zone you are in
  • the best way to contact you
  • in case you have experience in podcasting/audio work etc, please provide a link
  • any other qualifications you think might come in handy
  • some of your favourite podcasts (if you want)

It can be either in written form, or you can record us an audio file and send it!  I’m very excited about this, and I hope so are some of you :) 

Love Love Peace Peace, and podcasts!

anonymous asked:

I don't recall if this has been asked before, but what marketing did you do early on and vs. now? I know FB ads seem better than Twitter, and organic Tumblr engagement is always a plus for audio dramas, but what else can newbie creators do to get our content out there?

We have actually never spent any money on ads, though I have some podcasting friends who have had good experiences with Facebook ads. 

This is frustrating advice, but, as far as I can tell, there’s not one thing or a sequence of things you can do to get ears on your podcast. It takes time. A lot of time. While we never spent any money promoting the show, I spent months of my life sending press releases to every podcast newsletter, blog, online magazine, etc. that had ever written about audio dramas (which were not very many 18 months ago so then I expanded to ones that covered entertainment at all). I spent hours on /r/podcasts, twitter, tumblr, finding people who listened to ADs and asking them to listen. I harassed Facebook friends, emailed old acting contacts, submitted to awards, reached out to other podcasters, and so on. 

Basically, you just have to chip away at it. You have to post constantly but not spam. Avoid copy-pasting everything. Personalize it. Only reach out to press when you have a few episodes you can send them. Be engaged with your audience. Keep going. That’s the biggest thing: keep going

In this very special episode, we’re joined by writer and improviser Mikey McCollor as we watch Season 3, Episode 8 “It’s a Good Life”

In this iconic episode, 6-year-old Anthony Fremont has infinite god-like powers and also happens to be a worthless piece of shit asshole. We discuss empathy, what we would do with god-like powers, and the sorts of fears that come along with living an oppressed life.

Mikey is a very funny person and you can and should follow him on Twitter @MikeyMcCollor

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anonymous asked:

Do you have a production or how it's made tag. I'm curious about the steps in creating a podcast

We’ve got an advice tag! It really runs the gamut of stuff, but for any practical questions about how to make a podcast, honestly google is your best friend. That’s literally how I learned everything. That and the /r/podcasts subreddit. 

I also talked to a bunch of rad female podcast creators about their projects for The Podcast Host - they gave some awesome insight into their processes!

Seeking Guests for The Nerdisms Podcast

so besides the episode that’s going up this sunday w/ @sinnerwoman86 I only have one more in process of being recorded this week, so I need more guests for the podcast.

I do have people who are interested in it but haven’t had time to record so if you find yourself with some time and want to be a complete weeb with me for an hour* do let me know, please!

I don’t really pester people. As someone who has anxiety, that bothers me so no worries there.

previous episodes can be found here in this little playlist if you’ve never listened and want to get a feel for what kind of convo we could have. To be fair they’re all different so it’s more of an about you type of thing and less of a it’s gonna be the same affair.


  • message me on here
  • @ me on twitter
  • the fb page itself
  • email upon request

* - the longest episode so far is this Sundays which is two and half hours purely because Adri and I can talk each others ear off until we’re both laughing excessively. Which is always a good thing when talking to people.

/I will actually put a FAQ regarding some stuff at some point.