REMEMBER! Less than a week to go until FURRY FOUND FOOTAGE 2: FOOTAGE HARDER! We were so excited about this that we asked happy-go-ugly to make a cover for our next compilation, an homage to GOLDEN FILMS, the best bargain-basement off-brand knock-off Disney mockbuster factory!!! You SHOW fans know what we’re talking about.

Show aka Aurelina and Agouti will be at Biggest Little Furcon in Reno next weekend to present the hilarious festival of furry found footage! Kick your con off right with an encore presentation of wacky hot garbage on Friday night, May 15. As always, we will also be giving away fabulous prizes, so join us for a chance to get your very own crappy old VHS tapes that we found in a dumpster behind the Thrifty Bargain!

Oh, what’s that? You won’t be able to make it to Reno? Well, good thing that AWFUL CRAP is now available for DOWNLOAD!!! at https://gumroad.com/l/CngJ


Art by happy-go-ugly

SHOW 150: Your Fursona is Stupid

Have you ever noticed how much you can immediately deduce about a person from the animal monstrosity that they use to represent themselves on the Internet? Well, you can! In this episode, Agouti and Aurelina endulge in the worst furry racism as they drink from separate drinking fountains and send old ladies to the back of the bus. Is there a difference between people making fun of furries on the Internet and the combined atrocities of the Holocaust, the Trail of Tears, the Alabama church bombings, and that one genocide that people don’t care about (You know the one)? We posit that there is not. So join us as we mock people for baring their souls and choosing the spiritual totem that makes their dicks the hardest.

Today’s art is courtesy of Zoemoss!

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Just a reminder that Furry Found Footage Vol. 1 is now available as a digital download at https://gumroad.com/l/CngJ  We were very pleased with our ad, so we thought we’d post it! FA is supposed to be running our ad, but we haven’t seen it yet so who knows? If you do see our ad, let us know! We’d be most gratified to know that it was actually appearing and IMVU didn’t just decide to steal our $25 for use in developing new kinds of soulless staring eyes for their weird anime avatars.

More information at http://www.podcastigation.com/?page_id=791

SHOW 160: Blobble Girls

Did you know that BBWchan wrote an RPG, which is great if you’re the sort of person who wants to jerk off but needs to roll dice in order to achieve orgasm.  It’s Wobblegirls, so you can roleplay fat girls fighting wild dogs and shit or something, who cares. :iconrafferty: and :iconsharpt00th: join us again to discuss bad ideas in role playing.

Art courtesy of :iconsharpt00th:

Listen to a higher quality audio at SHOW 160: Blobble Girls

SHOW 157: UnBEARable Crimes

When the Napoleon of Crime strikes in Venice and steals all the city’s precious antique glass, who do you call? A teddy bear detective based on a 1998 screensaver. In this SHOW episode, Aurelina and Agouti blow the lid off of Venice Under Glass, the insane iTunes book about anthropomorphic teddy bears who solve crimes.

Learn more about Venice Under Glass! Or, better yet, read the review that made author Stephan Harper go insane!

Today’s SHOW art courtesy of Steph Cherrywell!

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Since Aurelina will be back from Japan next month, SHOW will be wising from its gwave to wescue your daughter! More relevant to this picture, we’re planning another panel for this coming Further Confusion, so stay tuned! The con’s theme is, apparently, gaslamp fantasy. Not to be confused with gaslighting.

SHOW 135: Fat Tropes Return

Fat Tropes, talkin’ about Fat Tropes, sexy legs and high IQs! Today Aurelina and Agouti-rex continue to talk about the stereotypes and archetypes and teletypes of fatty wank. After tonight’s episode, you’ll be well versed in all the cliches of the genre and you’ll be able to demand better. We’re like the Mr. Plinkett of niche Internet fetish pornography!

Today’s art is courtesy of Stitchedtogether!


SHOW 151: A Picket Fence and 2.5 Kids

This week, we discuss something that lives in the heart of every proud American, something that stirs each and every one of us red-blooded Joe Six-packs more than the sight of an eagle shedding a single tear as it soars majestically over Mt. Rushmore in a domestically built jet fighter built by those good Americans over at Lockheed Martin. By that, of course, we mean THE AMERICAN DREAM. No wait — not THAT American Dream! We mean the premiere fat artist of the same name! Yes, The American Dream joins us to talk about the ultimate fatty wank and also Street Fighter!

The American Dream can be found on Deviantart at  and on Tumblr !

His quality fatty art packs, including She Had it Coming 1 and 2 and Shonen Plump, can be found at his e-junkie!

Today’s SHOW art courtesy of Tzologeist!


SHOW 152: American Dreamin’, On Such a Winter’s Day

The American Dream is STILL here! How is that possible? We’ve literally been talking an entire week! This week, The American Dream brings us more in-depth thoughts about fat and fat-related hijinks! What’s it like inside his head? Tonight, on SMARTLINE, we find out!

The American Dream can be found on Deviantart at  and on Tumblr !

His quality fatty art packs, including She Had it Coming 1 and 2 and Shonen Plump, can be found at his e-junkie!

Today’s SHOW art courtesy of Tzologeist!

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SHOW 156: It Came from FurCon 2015!

Tonight on SHOW we give a small run down of our time at FC, forgetting of course o mention any of our roommates wonderfulness. Feel free to take a look at our post-con journal entry for that information! Included is an explanation of what can be found on our SHOW DVD, and some hints about what might go into the next one. LISTEN TO IT HERE

Art by   fatfoxlower

SHOW 161: Sneezing Baby Panda

This week, SHOW returns to talk about sneezing baby panda. Not the YouTube video, THE MOVIE.



That’s right, Agouti and Aurelina will be bringing the same door-busting, room-filling sextravaganza of sweet hot garbage that killed at this year’s FURTHER CONFUSION and TEXAS FURRY FIESTA to yet another venue: THE BIGGEST LITTLE FURCON in Reno, Nevada! FRIDAY, MAY 15 at 8 pm!! BE THERE OR BE STUPID!

Oh, what’s that? You won’t be able to make it to Reno? Well, good thing that AWFUL CRAP is now available for DOWNLOAD!!! at https://gumroad.com/l/CngJ


Is Awful Crap for you? Why don’t you take it out for a spin with some FREE SAMPLES???

Today’s SHOW art comes courtesy of Tzologeist

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SHOW 153: Amazon Basin

Today, Agouti and Aurelina conduct a hard-hitting investigation into Internet giant Amazon. Do we look into Amazon’s predatory business practices or shady employee treatment? No, we look at Kindle pornography! Join as we we look at the amazing world of cheapo fatty fetish, furry fuck, dinosaur diapers, werewolf romance and all the other insanitythat makes up the world of Kindle erotica. Prepare your dicks and vaginas to be stunned!

Today’s art is courtesy of Sharpt00th!

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We all love our pets. What’s more comforting than the unconditional love of your animal companion, whose devotion can help brighten even the saddest day. But some people want to make their dog really fat so that they can fuck it or possibly just jerk off to it. No, see, it’s a real thing. This week, Aurelna and Agouti-Rex explore the horrible underbelly of circa 1999 obese dog fucking websites that still live on in the fevered dreams of fatty dog fuckers who want to fuck fat dogs. If the thought of your canine companion wheezing as its lungs collapse under its own diseased corpulence makes your dick diamond hard, then have we got an episode for you!

Today’s art courtesy of  Technicolorpie

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SHOW 142: Tricky People

If there’s one thing that Agouti-Rex and Aurelina are HIGHLY concerned about, it’s child abuse.  We strongly believe that child abuse is wrong, because children are out future. What kind of monster would abuse a helpless child? Well, that monster would probably be what we in the business of protecting children from predators call “a tricky person.” Or perhaps the bumbling sidekick of a tricky person. This week, we look back to the heady days of the early 90s when the government grant teat was starting to dy up for anti-drug scare films, so motivational speaker-style scam artists had to find a new ruse to get their hands on that sweet sweet tax money.  It was too late for the Satanic Panic and too early for Terrorist paranoia, so what bogeyman could they possibly fall back on? Enter stranger danger! In this episode, we look at Yellow Dino, the hippest hoppest dinosaur to ever ineffectively kinda sorta maybe protect children from pedophiles.

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You can follow along with the original Yellow Dino video too!

Today’s art is courtesy of Tzologeist!