Surviving Trump’s America #1: US Constitution Primer

In this first installment of our mini-series Surviving Trump’s America, Kelly enlightens us on the US Constitution: what it is, what it isn’t, and how it’s used to govern the country. This is the first in a series of episodes about the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Thanks to Breakmaster Cylinder for our music.


sshi finished editing a 6 month old podcast!!!!!!!!!
Mentoring Moments

Mentoring Moments: Women You May Never Meet Will Become Your Mentors
Want to know how to blow up a $55 million industry? Denise sits down with Grace Choi - a serial inventor, Harvard graduate and founder of Mink, a 3-D makeup printing company. They dig into Grace’s life mission, the virtue of flying by the seat of your pants and how to keep your creativity from getting stuck. Erin Zaikis returns for “Takeaways” to figure out where women entrepreneurs find their sense of confidence and self-beauty.

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Sylvia from Alice isn't dead for the podcast ask

I haven’t actually listened to Alice yet but you know what? I’ll do that as soon as I finish this term paper. Thanks so much!!

Great time on the Brandon David show with this lovely lady @nikarashaun
From Real World Bad Blood TV! Good times on the show tonight! Make sure you check out podcast tomorrow!!!

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If a fan find his house then it's Renee's fault cause in a podcast with Rosenberg she told the fans she lives in Henderson and she's the reason why their lives are getting exposed on TD. How can you talk about being private 2 years ago and telling fans how much you respect your relationship but agree to be on a show where people see you and your significant other in an argument? This doesn't make sense.

Yeah that doesn’t make senses to me either. I mean honestly DA is a big name in WWE and some of his fangirls are a tad insane so I would be worried they would find the house. It’s not that hard now days. 

My Favorite Podcast

So right now I have two great podcast series that I am liking so far. The first one is the Monstercat Podcast which plays music for an hour and Revisionist History which takes a growing problem in the United States and ties it in with history. 
The Monstercat podcast was my first podcast. It opened up my ears to the world of downloading a show of music into my phone and playing it during my hour long travel to school. For the first three weeks I relied nothing but hearing the music that was released from that podcast. It was a way to pass the boring time on being on a bus for so long in the day. I still didn’t know a lot about podcasts and it was a really new term for me. I believed it was music packages to listen to when you were bored. I soon hoped into video game podcasts, podcasts about sports, news. All sorts of ways and I found a podcast that was called Revisionist History.

Revisionist History is a podcast where they focus on a part of history that would usually not been taught in textbooks but they would affect the U.S a lot to this date. One of my favorite episodes to this date had to do with political satire and where is started. Saturday Night Live was criticized on not doing the way of their political satire was not correct. Political satire opens up a conversation about the negatives in a political movement and Saturday Night Live makes the conversation about how they make fun of the person. It was a real eye opener and made me question how little I know about History when problems in any society can be seen from a couple of years ago just not in a history book.

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I've been seeing a lot about the cute gay elf but where are they from?


it’s a podcast staring the mcelroy boys and their father, you may know them from Monster Factory (polygon youtube channel) or My Brother, My Brother, and Me, their podcast that’s been running for almost six years!!!!

PLEASE LISTEN TO IT ITS SO FUNNY its four ppl who have no clue what their doing playing D&D and falling in love with the game and their characters and developing an amazing story and growing as a family and i love it so much its a huge comfort for me rn plz give it a chance its free through podcast services


this week’s podcast editing bg music


My favourite podcast has to be GYALCAST and that is recorded in Toronto, the heart of Toronto, downtown. GYALCAST is a podcast that is unapologetically black. They discuss the current issues that minorities, people of colour face on the daily and also puts me on to new music every week. From relationship advice to sex advice, GYALCAST has no boundaries and no filter and that’s what makes me love it anymore. If you have a chance to go and listen to it, you will not be disappointed. It is very entertaining and very fearless to listen to. That’s about the only podcast I am tuned into right now.