They done did gave me a show where I get to talk about why movies are awesome. It’s done. It happened. You should watch it. You might…pause for effect…Enjoy the Show!

There’s a right way to talk to everyone

Peter has very specific strategies for talking to people. Very personalized strategies, too.

Rita is dramatic, so he goes with flattery and romance. 

Did you say something about forms? I’d rather talk about yours. It’s fantastic.

Engstrom is all ego and self-importance. Peter flatters him and exudes overconfidence, just so Engstrom has plenty of opportunities to one-up him.  

Blair Rockridge gets on a roll without bothering to make sure she has all the facts (we see this at the beginning of the episode when she’s talking to her valet). Peter builds up her momentum and then sets her loose on the path he’s laid out for her.

Madam Rossignol is self-righteous, so he and Mag take her side and reassure her that she’s totally in the right. 

The Triad Waiter is a lackey who’s used to doing what he’s told, so Peter is assertive and commanding. 

Well, you’ve been told again! Are you a machine? Exercise some free will and do exactly as I say: bring us another bottle!

Miasma doesn’t like people; she just wants to get the job done. With her, Peter is all business and gets straight to the point. 

The first thing Juno does when Peter walks in the office is show off, and Peter uses that for the rest of the episode, along with heaping helpings of sex appeal.

Come now, brave detective. Not afraid of a little blood, are you?

Why, Juno, you look positively snowy. Not afraid of a few gangsters, are you? Why don’t you prove it to me, then? Show me how brave you are.

Oh, you delicate little flower, that punch didn't knock you out, did it?

(I love that he keeps repeating the same pattern every time he wants Juno to do something. Just wind him up and watch him go!)

Notably, getting Juno to show off stops working very effectively after Cassie is arrested, because Juno’s too disgusted with himself to want to prove himself. 

Juno, you aren’t going to be silent all evening, are you?

You aren’t going to spend it sobbing into your drink, are you?

After a few failed attempts, Peter switches gears and tries to comfort Juno instead (with plenty more sex), and that’s what works. 

we dem (tres horny) bois 


Reupload of me, @johnnystorrn, @tracer-is-gay, and @magehand’s dnd podcast! Carpe DM #1 is very silly and full of memes. Enjoy.

47/100 days of productivity

Finished my little list of books and podcasts! If anyone wants to recommend anything for me please let me know! There’s nothing I love more than finding new podcasts to cry over (looking at you King Falls)

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I noticed when I was rewatching [4x03] today the kind of little look that Bellamy gives Clarke when Raven says, ‘Choosing who lives or dies is your speciality’ […] He has a sort of little moment of checking in to see how that lands with her and making sure she’s okay. He has this instinctive understanding of how she’s going to feel about that. So it’s kind of like, 'I’m checking in to make sure you’re okay and also sort of very subtly reminding you that I’m right here.’

The podcast #WWSRD is back with host Mina from @majorcrimestvdotnet

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Jupeter and 15 for the mini fic meme?

15. things you said with too many miles between us

A/N: I ended up taking liberties with the figurative sense of this prompt

You’d think after getting the same bad contact twice that I’d have learned my lesson. It just goes to show that the universe has a good thing going with lady luck, because they’ve taken their wicked sense of humour out on me too many times to count.

But I hadn’t expected this kind of cheap trick from Alessandra Strong, someone I assumed knew how to do a thorough background check on her associates if nothing else. This’ll be the last time I take over a case for her, because what do I get for my trouble? A eyeful of lean, confident thief wrapped up in a suit that costs more than a month’s rent and inviting smile directed at our mutual client.

“Ah, Detective Strong, how nice of you to finally join us…” He doesn’t quite sound finished, but the thought must die, along with my appetite and any previous humour on his face, when he looks over his shoulder to find me in the doorway. He recovers quickly, and less than a second later he’s smiling again, this time with all his teeth.

I recover too, and take a few steps into the room. “Detective Strong got a little tied up but she got me up to speed. I’m Juno Steel. Looks like we’ll be working together.” I have to swallow a lump in my throat when I hold out a hand, because even though he does shake it, the contact is brief. Like I’m contagious.

“Janeth Verity. It’s wonderful having you on the case, Mr. Steel.”

“Do you two know each other?” Ms. Organa pulls my attention back to here and now, like getting a stubborn cat off your lap. Nureyev’s standing with her between us in a way that’s too tidy to be an accident.

Nureyev… Janeth just shakes his head, returning his attention to the client with that warm smile of his. “Only by reputation. Steel is a little hard to ignore in our line of business, but I assure you that he’s one of the best.” I can’t tell if he means it.

He’s as much Peter Nureyev now as when he was Rex Glass. He stands tall, keeps his hands tucked neatly behind his back, leans forward while he listens to Ms. Organa. His eyes crinkle a little at the edges and I wonder if he can see a damn thing without his glasses, if he bothered to get contact lenses that were right for him or if he just grabbed the first pair he found. I wonder what he’s seen since the last time he was on Mars. I wonder if he’s going to look at me again, or if if that was a one-time accident.

The next time I tear my eye off him, Organa is saying, “Right this way, gentlemen,” and leading us deeper into the house.

I fall back to walk beside Nureyev, and he falls back futher. By the time I finally find a place next to him, the knots in my chest have worked themselves into a tangle that can only be dissolved by a lot of booze. “I can go, if you want. Tell Alessandra I got pulled in on something else.”

“I can’t imagine why you’d do that, Mr. Steel. We’ve hardly begun here,” he says, with far too much friendly distance in his voice. Friendly, but not familiar. He talks to me the same way I’ve smiled at creeps at the bar.

“Fine, then let me buy you a drink later–”

I’m cut off with a dismissive wave. His voice is low enough that Organa can’t hear him up ahead, but the message comes in loud and clear across the chasm between us. “No, detective, I think you’ve given me enough of a headache to last a life time without adding a hangover.” He’s glacial one moment, then the next he’s calling a question up to our client and hurrying ahead to leave me treading the water behind him.

I wonder if he’ll ever look at me again.