podcast 222

acenitori  asked:

I've never actually watched anything roosterteeth, but I see you post about them a lot and they seem like fab people. It has kind of convinced me to start watching their stuff, but I was wondering if you have any videos in particular that you'd recommend?? Because there are a hell of a lot of videos ((and I trust your judgement))

I get asked a lot so i’m posting a list :)

RT Shorts:

RT Life’s:



Rage Quits:

Lets Plays:


Okay, so, on the Podcast they do talk about “Connect The Hots” at around 51 minutes. Michael didn’t technically call Gavin out on it. Like, I mean, he was clarifying what him and Geoff do and I hate making assumptions but he did look visibly upset (that’s not even the right word. He didn’t agree with it) to a certain point. I mean, Michael didn’t come out and physically say, “oh, you’re a piece of shit and you’re disgusting”, but it was kinda shown in his body language and the way he spoke about it. I don’t know, he said it was weird? But it was nothing out of the way.

And guys, we all have our own opinions on things! Let’s not start a huge fandom fight over this. Some people are like me, who think Geoff and Gavin are wrong to do what they do, but other people see it as a harmless game. It’s all opinions and nobody should be berated for them. Respect each other, don’t hate!