Freelance impostors and revelations

Bryce Bladon and Kai Davis discuss when someone actually ‘becomes’ a freelancer, why so many freelancers feel like imposters, and how they realized freelancing was for them.

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The Palmer Raids, Part 1
  • The Palmer Raids, Part 1
  • Stuff You Missed in History Class

After WWI, there was a great deal of social unrest in the United States. Additionally, there was a fear that Communist revolutionaries would try to take over the country. Adding fuel to the fear were two bomb plots in 1919. In the first of two parts, we talk about how this led to a series of raids, deportations and imprisonments without due process.

A. Mitchell Palmer


Termites Episode 2 is here! @captainfailmore and newcomer @mutantastronaut join me to talk about the 1999 cult animated series Mission Hill!
Unabashed Book Snobbery #25 – Ironboor Retrospective - The Fandomentals
Julia and Kylie talk through the Game of Thrones Season 6 plotline featuring the ironborn, hoping to make heads or tales of it before writing their retrospective. The results are as substantive as Yara’s political platform. Listen below, or subscribe/listen on iTunes (the newest episode is updated in the app, even if not on the …

Episode breakdown:

  • 0:00 – Introduction & fandom nicknames
  • 10:18 – Recap part 1, all things pre-moot
  • 30:00 – Recap part 2, saltmoot!
  • 44:00 – Recap part 3, Volantis & Deadpan
  • 56:56 – Analysis part 1, Yara and Theon’s arcs
  • 1:12:08 – Yara’s sexuality
  • 1:20:48 – Euron????
  • 1:28:10 – Checklist or Asspull?

Listen Here
137 – Kicky Kinko Killers (feat. Sarah Kuhn)

In which author Sarah Kuhn joins us to talk about Asian-American and Asian-British representation in superhero comics; Psylocke is the literal embodiment of British imperialism; Jubilee speaks for us all; representation isn’t a Boolean state; Wolverine fails at pop culture references; and somewhere there’s probably a really dark alternate universe where Betsy teamed up with Jamie instead of Brian.


  • Crimson Dawn
  • Sarah Kuhn
  • Uncanny X-Men #256-258
  • A proactive approach to career advancement
  • Matsuo Tsurayaba
  • The Mandarin
  • A highly symbolic dream sequence
  • A controversial transformation
  • Kwannon
  • What badass looked like in 1990
  • Several varyingly successful Batman references
  • Rose Wu
  • A fairly novel approach to hallucination
  • Some high-quality invective
  • Psylocke as a villain

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Autistic Steve

Okay guys so we talk a bit about autistic Carlos, but can we have a minute for autistic Steve?

• a Steve who feels alone because it’s harder for him to form lasting relationships.
• And once he does form one, it being difficult for him to maintain the relationship
• A Steve who’s first friend (in around 5th grade) abandoned him because they got tired of hearing him talk about whatever special interest he had then
• A Steve who didn’t realize that Cecil didn’t want to talk about his “conspiracy theories” until he said so. Quite loudly in front of everyone.
• Steve who doesn’t understand why everyone wants him to look them in the eyes, he’s much more comfortable with looking other places so why aren’t they?
• A Steve who hates the summer and winter breaks because it’s something totally different from what he’s used to, and then once he gets used to it, school starts up again
• A Steve who flaps his arms when he gets to openly talk about the lights in the sky and he’s just so happy

Note: I’m self diagnosed so I’m not sure of some of this stuff from a medical standpoint, but more from a personal viewpoint. If y'all want more of my crappy headcannons, just let me know. Please add anything else that comes to mind!

How Journalists Need to Go Beyond Fact Checking Trump

How should we respond to fake news from the president-elect?

Nyhan: I don’t think journalists should give up on, or refrain from, fact-checking when the president-elect of the United States says something that is false. It’s critical to set the record straight, especially when it’s about a consequential policy issue.

At the same time, journalists obviously run the risk of being manipulated to chase various shiny objects and steer the debate towards topics that the president-elect would like to focus on and away from ones he would like to avoid. Trump’s Twitter can’t become the assignment desk of the national media.

The burden of proof can’t be on the media to disprove every crazy claim that the president-elect makes. The story here is the president-elect yet again made a baseless claim. That is the story. The story is that the president-elect is more factually irresponsible than any political leader in the United States in memory. That’s the story. The details of exactly how this particular claim is false are really, at some point, a second-order concern.

These stories have to de-emphasize the claim itself, emphasize the news value of the president-elect being so widely irresponsible.

Umansky: What you’re saying is it’s not the lie, it’s the import of the lie. In terms of Trump’s baseless claim of 3 million illegal votes, it struck me that there was a spectrum of coverage: There were some early headlines that didn’t even knock down the claim. Then you had coverage noting that Trump had no evidence. But finally, there was a third category of coverage that flagged Trump’s claim as not merely incorrect but as remarkable and unmoored. That’s what the Washington Post did, calling it a conspiracy theory right in the headline.

Made with SoundCloud

The hip-hop theater scene has been around for a while, but Hamilton’s success has launched it into the spotlight. In the musical’s wake, a workshop called #BARS was created to mix the worlds of hip-hop, theater, and verse. There are singers, poets, rappers, actors, and playwrights in here, handpicked by Def Poetry Jam vets, theater directors, and Broadway actors. In short: They have skills. And they are using them to try and change the landscape of contemporary theater. On this episode of Sound Show, we’re talking about the sounds of verse, and hip-hop, and theater, and what it means when they all occupy the same space.

- Tolulope Edionwe

Podcast with appearances of Rafael Casal, Daveed Diggs and many more…
She's In The Band Podcast
A podcast about anyone who identifies as female and plays original music. Each week a different band is profiled.

First episode is up on SoundCloud. I’ll have it up on iTunes, Stitcher and TuneIn soon.

The first ep is about Babes In Toyland. Please let me know how I can improve the show or if you want a particular band profiled.

Talk From Superheroes: Hulk Where Monsters Dwell

This week Andrew and Diana are talking about the animated feature Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell and we’re using the term “animated” loosely. How much of this movie was just a JPEG image with words, what version of Jasper Sitwell is this, and what is the real backstory of Warwolf?

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