We’ve got a new episode of Foundation After Midnight up! It’s on Youtube and iTunes. This one is more of an introduction to the Foundation, so it should be a great one to share with friends new to the fandom, while still a good listen to everyone already a part of the SCP wiki.


Kakos Industries Review

I realize that admitting you like Kakos Industries is like saying you like South Park or Family Guy. You like that show? The one with all the ejaculation and talking penises? And if you have enough balls to just say yes and scurry off about your business, you might enjoy the show more. Actually, I think that’s a great deal of finding enjoyment in the show from the get-go: not caring.

At first it does seem to be taking a large chunk out of the Night Vale success tree, particularly that of the Strex Arc, but listening more did ensure that Kakos did have more to offer. Unlike the likes of Strex Corp, Kakos Industries may just be the polar opposite. Instead of being the glassglow grinning workaholic’s bread on artificial happiness and religion, Kakos is deliberately crass with no ambition to be anything else but that. The company wears it Evil on its sleeve and could care less about anything but being nihilistic.

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Wolf 359 Stream?

I know with WTNV that some people watch it together via livestreaming, and I thought that it would be fun to do! At least for the end of the Hiatus.

I could host it, unless someone really really likes setting up livestreams.

What times would work best for people? If you could reply/reblog this if you would be interested in listening to Episode 23 together with what time works best for you, preferably in PST, that would be great! (Google can convert it for you by putting a time then your time zone [ie 7:00 pm EDT] and then in PDT [ie 7:00 pm EDT in PDT]

Once I get some feedback I’ll make another post with a time and date scheduled!

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Episode 1 (Where it all Began) in which the five of us discuss the steps we took and the paths we followed that lead us to who and where we are as mods today.
Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap : Episode 4 - Chicken Sticks, Exploding Cutlets, and Bland Noodles

Is it that time already? This week, we take a look at Thai Joe’s Chicken Sticks, Trader Joe’s Chicken-Less Cutlets, and in the extra-cheap category Betty Crocker’s Bowl Appetit Garlic Parmesan Pasta. Along the way you’ll get witty (and not so witty) banter, the opinion of a 12-year-old, beagle noises, and the usual low production values, exciting cook times, and exploding food.   Wait, exploding food isn’t normal, is it

Conventionally attractive comedians Brittani Nichols & Ariana Lenarsky found out they live a block away from each other and did what anyone in their situation would do: ventured into the final uncharted territory of comedy and started a podcast about nothing.