The thing is, I read this article the other day. It was talking about being in love with your friends and how like, that is the ultimate thing. So I think romance covers a lot of bases.
—  Daisy Ridley, when she was asked about the possibility of romance taking place in Episode VIII. (x)

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Our very first installment of the Attilan Rising Inhumans Podcast launches tomorrow, this Friday (8/26/16) at 12:00 pm Eastern.  Please check it out here.

It’s our first go at it and we’re still getting accustomed to the process, but it’s nonetheless a fun listen and I’m hopeful that comic fans and Inhuman fan will very much enjoy it.  

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(via n=3 When antibiotics stop working, what’s next?)

Our hosts talk about a young athlete who recently lost his leg due to an antibiotic-resistant bacterial infection. How does that happen? Why do antibiotics sometimes fail? What other treatment options do we have? This episode features Ross Corriden, a project scientist in the UC San Diego School of Medicine who discovered in lab and mouse experiments that the breast cancer drug tamoxifen helps give the immune system a boost.
Grande traversée : Women's power, les nouveaux féminismes : podcast et réécoute sur France Culture
Grande traversée : Women's power, les nouveaux féminismes : l'émission en replay et ses archives en réécoute sur France Culture. Consultez les programmes à venir et abonnez-vous au podcast !

^Je n’ai écouté que la partie “non c’est non” qui est super, je vais écouter le reste aujourd’hui.


Yakuza Fan Podcast - Episode 1

Welcome to the Yakuza Fan Podcast where we ramble about our love of Ryu Ga Gotoku and SEGA with your hosts Deacon and Kal.

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In this episode we go over:
- Beat Takeshi in Yakuza 6
- Sega Remaking the Yakuza series for PS4
- Yakuza 6’s story
- The current state of SEGA and how they could market better.
- Your questions from across Patreon, Twitter, and Facebook!
- Lots of rambling about Yakuza and how much we love it!

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Podcast: Cory Doctorow on nascent pro-security industries

This week’s Radar Podcast episode is a special cross-over edition from the O'Reilly Security Podcast, which you can find on iTunes, Stitcher, RSS, or SoundCloud. O'Reilly strategic content director Courtney Nash chats with Cory Doctorow, a journalist, activist and science fiction writer. They talk about nascent pro-security industries, the EFF’s lawsuit against the U.S. government, and the new W3C DRM specification.

Auditing IoT products is a liability for security researchers

Think about the conditions under which IoT companies operate. Their business plan—the thing they show to VCs to get the money to go into the business—is to monetize data. They’re all designed with security as an afterthought. They’re all designed with the minimum viable security to make this product not immediately burst into flames after you put it inside your body or put your body inside of it. Even worse, security researchers face total, brutal liability for investigating these devices and telling people which ones are and aren’t safe. It is completely nightmarish.

New pro-security business models

Note: The Electronic Frontier Foundation is representing Bunny Huang and Matthew Green in a case challenging the constitutionality of Section 1201 of the DMCA.

One of the things that our DMCA lawsuit would provide for is a pro-security business model. Imagine if you could start a commercial consultancy that would come in and deworm your IoT household. It could come in and jailbreak all the devices and check their firmware loads, and replace the firmware loads with open firmware or patched firmware, or something else that sits in between. All of those things, all that commercial stuff as well, is currently off-limits, and would be available in the same way that you can enable third-party parts and services if there are no legal impediments. The hardware service and support market in the U.S. for all classes of goods, from lawnmowers to cars to air conditioners to computers, is 2 to 4% of America’s GDP. It’s a gigantic multi-billion-dollar sector, and in many cases, these are small and medium-size enterprises.

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Episode 14 - 2016 Olympics Pt. I

We have a two parter for y’all, and it starts this week. The Olympics are big; everyone at least knows of them. So many people were watching, cheering, crying. So many people had eyes on Rio. Some great things happened, and, as I’m sure you know, some not so great things happened. We talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly on this podcast. This week, we’re talking about the bad and the ugly. You’d think the focus of the Olympics would be their talent, how hard they work, sometimes it wasn’t. You can’t escape sexism, racism, or homophobia, not even in the Olympics Bubble.

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Night Vale has proven that you can have a dramatic romance story without having the characters go through break-ups, affairs, love triangles, and other typical TV drama we’re so use to. The sources of drama in the relationship are also very relatable; Cecil having to realize that Carlos isn’t perfect, Carlos being a workaholic, etc. However, despite these challenges it always remains clear that the two still love each other and are happier together than apart. The story isn’t centered on the obstacles their relationship face, but on the love they have for each other that sees them through those obstacles. That is how you write a romance my friends!