@fameone‘s Tumblr Thoughts Podcast #37 (Street Fighter Edition)

What’s really good?!

I’m joined by @3plymike, @purestreetspecialistsallure and @d-yn as we recap the Super Bowl, conservative media’s irrational outrage over Beyonce’s performance, new music, and strange male entitlement when it comes to dating.

We answer questions from @succotashes, @midnightclub3, @phuckingphil, and @retrocity80 about things ranging from who we’d fight, good hiphop instrumentals, and occultism.


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Dissecting Dragons

Welcoming lovers of fantasy, scifi, horror, and all the channels inbetween, authors J.A. Ironside and M.E. Vaughan are proud to present Dissecting Dragons, the new podcast dedicated to discussing and dissecting speculative fiction for writers and readers, by writers and readers.

Releasing episodes fortnightly, Ironside and Vaughan will be exploring a number of different subjects, with the occasional weekly guest-star, and discussing the latest in both best selling and lesser known books and films.

Their goal: to dissect and examine all aspects of speculative fiction, from the nuts and bolts of writing it, to its (occasionally) obscure origins.

Their first episode, Rags to Rebel Leaders - The Re-emergence of the Fairy Tale will be released on Podbean on Friday 12th at 18:00 GMT. 

The episode will examine the re-emergence of the fairy tale, looking at the origin of speculative fiction in oral tales and how those tales are being adapted for new generations and genres. Books and films discussed include Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber, A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas and the new Disney Cinderella.

Get links or listen to the episode on the Dissecting Dragons tumblr, facebook, or podbean account. Or find out more about the hosts here.

Have a book you want to see discussed, or a subject you want to hear about? Suggest it here.

Fahrenheit (radio rai 3) - In viaggio con David Forster Wallace

“The end of the tour”, che esce domani nelle sale italiane, a venti anni da “Infinite Jest”, racconta i cinque giorni in cui il giornalista di Rolling Stone, David Lipsky, affiancò David Foster Wallace per raccontare l’uscita del libro. Furono cinque giorni intensi, di grande amicizia anche se dopo quell’incontro i due non si incontrarono mai più. Il film si basa sul libro di Lipsky “Come diventare se stessi”. Ne parliamo con Edoardo Nesi, Martina Testa e Luca Briasco.


A BONUS MINI EPISODE of TANIS: The Lady of Starvation Heights



For more information, including supporting materials for each episode visit:


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In this episode we jump back into Flint, Michigan to hear first hand accounts of what is going on within the city, and the consequences for defying the government—even in times when the government is clearly responsible for the problem.

After Flint, we turn quickly to an incident at Rutgers university when Milo Yiannopolous made an appearance to talk about the  the modern day college experience, safe spaces, trigger warnings, and microagressions. It quickly devolves into a ‘bloody’ mess of screaming children—the new William Wallaces.

Evan Koser of the @priceofliberty blog joins us for an exclusive story on what is happening in schools regarding children’s access to potentially life-saving medicines in times of need.  A much broader conversation is the started about parenting, schooling, and de facto State ownership over our decision-making.

Watch the full episode here:

#13.5 - Copyright and Cassandra Clare 2/?

It’s our first ever mini episode! Jes and Kelly just couldn’t wait until next week to talk about the bombshell copyright infringement lawsuit that dropped this week against Cassandra Clare. This special mid-week episode is all about the Kenyon v Clare lawsuit, what the claims are, and what they mean.

Questions? Comments? Have legal expertise to share? Drop us a line on Twitter @USofFandom or an ask!

Episode Links

Copyright Clash Over Demon Fighting Stories

Kenyon v Clare et al Complaint

Exhibit 1 to Complaint: The “Dark-Hunter Series” Infringed Works

Exhibit 2 to Complaint: Trademarks

Exhibit 3 to Complaint: Dark-hunter / Shadowhunter Comparison

Exhibit 4 to Complaint: Dark-Hunter Trade Dress

Exhibit 5 to Complaint: Shadowhunter Trade Dress

Anime A-Team Special: Across the Internet with Richard Epcar
The team gathers once again, this time to talk to legendary voice actor Richard Epcar famous for his roles of Raiden in Mortal Kombat, Batou in Ghost in the Shell and Bobobo! Check it out! Hosts: A…

We haven’t had the chance to listen to this ourselves yet, but the host promises us an interesting talk, with Richard Epcar touching on his work for both the red and blue jacket Lupin III series. Check it out, and tell us what you think!

"Today I..."

Building Up the Invisibilia Season 

My name is Linda and this article is already behind schedule.  First lesson: always meet your deadline. The reason though is because I spend most of my days here at NPR working on the Invisibilia radio show and podcast. Invisibilia, for those still working on their podcast queue, is a show about the invisible forces that shape our lives. It’s a brilliant show and one of NPR’s most successful podcasts but it is still a young show and I’m their inaugural fellow/intern. What that means is that I have been doing and will continue to do a variety of things until the new season launches in June.  Also I get to work with my heroes in the form of Alix Spiegel, Lulu Miller, and Hanna Rosin. I can say so much about them but can find out in person.

Unlike some of my intern cohort, working on a long form narrative show means there is an endless amount of work to do but you will only see a few episodes of work product. These few episodes are so meticulously planned and constructed that I cannot say anything specific about them. That’s the other thing, working for an extended amount of time on something really fascinating but never being allowed to share any “particulars.” Thus is the life of this podcast intern. But I can still guide you through a typical day.

Yesterday was Wednesday. On any given day we have one host away reporting and recording an interview, another half way through a script and trying to record narration, another calling sources in a sometimes far off and sometimes not so far off land, and then a bevy of producers doing the aforementioned and/or piecing together pieces of the podcast puzzle that is our show. For me yesterday began with scheduling an ISDN. Given the scope of the show, the hosts and producers are usually interviewing people who are far away from us relatively speaking. If someone is the main anchor piece (this is the long forty minute segment usually on a podcast like this) then the hosts or producers go to them. Otherwise for roll offs (short bites) we connect with them at a different studio in their town or just by good old landline telephone. This particular ISDN was challenging because it was going to happen in less than 24 hours. Even though the production of season two has been underway for quite a while, our stories keep evolving, changing, disappearing, and then inconveniently reappearing when we cannot find a studio in Virginia. A situation like this can take ten minutes or two hours because you really have to keep calling and emailing your guest and the radio station until it is final.

Then things became quite tranquil for a few hours so my job involved updating the Invisibilia social media platforms, and since we have our own independent handles for each thing, this can take awhile. That’s part of the reason why you will not see more of those in future.  I will say though that for a show with only one season that came out a year ago, we have so many old and new fans. Most of the time my social media job is interacting with our audience and assuaging their concerns about how long its taking for them to get their Invisibilia fix. If only they knew about the two hours I spent trying to convince a station to let us use their studio.  

At the same time I am always assisting specifically on multiple episodes. One host needs audio of an event that took place years ago, another wants to make sure that some public records in Florida are accessible, and then maybe something random comes along the way, like someone needs ten seconds of “soft pingy chillwave.” That’s just all in a day’s work, yesterday.

Then at the very sleepy time of three o’clock all the producers, hosts, and intern fellows of Invisibilia gathered to listen to a first edit of an episode. Now this section is going to be the briefest because I literally cannot say anything, but if you can find me you can get a tidbit. Essentially we sit in a conference room, listen to an episode, marinate in it, praise it, and then eviscerate it only so that we can build it better.  Anyone who thinks they can make a podcast just as good should sit in on one of these, what a humbling experience it is. And it really comes down to listening closely, too closely sometimes.

After that’s over we rinse and repeat that entire thing but with fifteen percent more chaos because we’re one day closer to launch. That’s how things are looking in Invisibilia land.


Professor Jason and Professor Ashley react to the BATMAN V SUPERMAN trailer!


Yes you. My friends and are starting a podcast called “Between the Pages” where we talking about pretty much anything nerd related like comic books anime and video games. In our first episode we talked about comic book movies coming out this year. If you’re interested check us out: https://soundcloud.com/c-k-sb

I swear we are funny

Episode 3 - Malala, Social Justice in Space, Renegotiation in our Time.
Arriving slightly later than usual, uncensored editor talk returns with Lukas and Sam musing on such issues as the faux-liberal Malala Yousafzai, social justice in space travel and the 'renegotiation'

Neither me, nor @rtrixie have died. Slight problems on the editing front, but we’re back as normal on Sunday 14th of February 2016.

Available also at iTunes

Tractable Thunder: Early Days of Electricity, Part 2
Electricity lost its magic over the course the 18th and 19th centuries. The “invisible fire” steadily transitioned from a mysterious force of wonder to a mundane reality of daily modern life. In this two-part edition of Stuff to Blow Your Mind, Robert and Joe explore the various electrical experiments, stunts, inventions, performances, innovations, occultisms and atrocities that transformed the tractable thunder.

New podcast episode!

Our final episode of the Serial Killer special on the career of Tobe Hooper is now out. We discuss The Toolbox Murders, Mortuary, his episodes of Masters of Horror, and his final movie to date Djinn. Check it out now. Next week we have a very special Valentine’s Day episode so make sure to check that out. Final thing t-shirts coming very very soon!

#horror #tobehooper #legend #movies #mortuary #toolboxmurders #monsters #djinn #texaschainsawmassacre #director #fangoria #podcast