S 13:18 -- None of That Is Going in the Episode
  • S 13:18 -- None of That Is Going in the Episode
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This week on Red vs. Blue, Felix and Locus got their asses KICKED. HAAAA. HAHAHAHA NEENERNEENERNEENER and also Kimball leads the Feds and News on a charge against the Comm Tower.

In the fight against the pirates this week are rane0, Patrick ( twofouroneten), Devlin ( that-sly-devlin), churbooseanon, Niriall ( the-meta), and daftprodigy

Congratulations to last week’s trivia winner, greyaromanticdonut! Listen to the end of this week’s episode for a new trivia question, and send your answer to shiznofeedback@gmail.com for the chance to win a Steam game! :D


The Nerdist Podcast: Oscar Isaac

Boudica’s Rebellion, Part One
  • Boudica’s Rebellion, Part One
  • The British History Podcast
  • Roman Britain

I’ve reworked Boudica’s Rebellion to give her story proper justice. Here is a sample from part one. 

Listeners who already know the show may want to go back through and have another go - they’re more fun. 

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Boudica’s Rebellion, Part One

Boudica’s Rebellion, Part Two

In much better news, it turns out that thanks to a fantastic friend I’m going to the Seattle MBMBaM show after all! I was really bummed about not being able to go, and then boom! I’m in the Seattle area already. Second row seats too!

MBMBaM was the first podcast I listened to, and is still absolutely my favorite of all time. Seeing them live is something I’ve been waiting to do for quite a while.


Take a peek at the latest GEEK HISTORY LESSON video  on this week’s subject: THE WASP!

Thinking of Going Vegan? These can help!

A comprehensive guide to going vegan.

Vegan Starter Kit
The perfect tool to transition into veganism. Each kit comes packed with 14 snack items, a Kitchezen nut milk bag, coupons from Tofurky and So Delicious Dairy Free, and educational materials too!

Podcast Food for Thought by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau
I suggest starting with the oldest ones first.

Happy Cow
Search for veg restaurants and health food stores in your area.

Awesome vegan beer, wine and liquor guide.

List of Food Substitutes

Cruelty Free Product List

Online Shopping Guide

Vegan Foody Tips
I’ve compiled a huge variety of helpful tips.. substitutions, nutrition, how-to’s and more!

#1: That Adult Feel When You Have to Introduce Yourself
  • #1: That Adult Feel When You Have to Introduce Yourself

Welcome to the very first episode of That Adult Feel! Along with my wonderful guests, mintypineapple and catastrofries (of rassilonwatchathon), I’ll talk about general life in your 20s (the good and the bad), figuring out what to do with your life, and my experience with running howtogrowthefuckup.

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Note: I do apologize about the quality of the audio. I’ve since bought a brand-new mic and the second episode sounds considerably better.

Brown Liquor Experience 4

Social Media Break Ups & Man Law Violations

This episode we’ll be discussing the proper way to break up with somebody or rid them out of your life on social media.  We’ll also be discussing man law violations.

Voicemail:  706-550-1785

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