The Fine Art of Project Proposals and Prince Anchoring

Attorney and negotiation expert Katie Lane explains what you can do to win bigger projects and better clients.

We discuss the ideal way to make project proposals, what price anchoring is, and how you can use both to win better, higher paying work. 

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It’s a whole month late.

A Brief History of the Pietà
  • A Brief History of the Pietà
  • Stuff You Missed in History Class

While Michelangelo’s sculpture of Mary holding the deceased body of Christ is the most famous depiction of that moment in art, that scene has been the focus of many works. And once, the famous version took a trip across the ocean.

Here’s a link to our notes and research.

Photo of the Pietà in St. Peter’s Basilica by Stanislav Traykov (GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0)

Photo of the Pietà Palestrina by Miguel Hermoso Cuesta (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Photo of the Pietà Bandini by By Sailko (CC-BY-SA-3.0)

Photo of the Pietà Rondanini by © José Luiz Bernardes Ribeiro (CC-BY-SA-3.0)

Eddie Izzard has often joked about language from the silliness of Latin to why English speakers are so stubbornly monolingual. However, in late ‘90’s, Eddie decided that it wasn’t enough to joke about language; he wanted to joke in other languages. 

In 1997 he took the stage and did his first set in France in French. It wasn’t funny, he admits, but it was the start of a career goal to do stand-up in as many languages as possible. Eventually he did feel funny (and fluent) in French. Now, nearly two decades after that first French show, he has toured in not only French but German and Spanish. He intends to learn Russian and Arabic next.

The World in Words sat down with Izzard to find out why he’s decided to take his humor around the globe and how he’s managed to learn all these languages. (Warning: Parts of this podcast are definitely NSFW.)

Wastelands and Wyverns intro
  • Wastelands and Wyverns intro
  • Wastelands and Wyverns Podcast

Wastelands and Wyverns is a 5th edition real play dungeons and dragons podcast that takes place in a world destroyed by a magical cataclysm centuries ago. Every year a group of citizens are chosen as “pilgrims” to explore the wasteland in search of magical artefacts that could help save civilization. We follow the journey of a group of pilgrims as they are released into the wastelands and they struggle to survive…and occasionally make jokes about butts

DM Matt gives a brief introduction to the campaign setting for the Wastelands and Wyverns Podcast.

You can find them on iTunes and libsyn.

Hey! It’s Episode 48 of The Ringo Zone! This week, we talk about House Guest. Sorry for the late release, there are some big, big, big technical issues going on behind the scenes, here. We will do everything we can to get back to a consistent schedule.

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Professor Ashley gives a Review & Easter Eggs for SUPERGIRL Episode 13 - FOR THE GIRL WHO HAS EVERYTHING!

 The Read: BEYmergency: Formation

“ WHEW!!!! ”


• 7:16 – beyoncé does whatever the fuck she wants

• 8:10 – unlisted

• 11:15 – destiny’s grandchild

•  16:31 – red lobster

• 17:31 – “ i slay ! we slay ! you slay ! coleslay ! ”

• 32:47 – “ she milly rocked & God what ? BLOCKED it ! ”
Monster Of The Week: Kelpie Hunt Part 1
Ryan ran a fun two part adventure for us recently, with a couple of players you'll be hearing more from when we start releasing our Numenera campaign. A senator's son has had a strange accident whi...

If you want to hear me attempt an old man accent in my first appearance (at least posted) on the insertquesthere podcast run by Raymond (@dreamsofamadman). You can listen to me @stirringsagacity, Jacob (@inquistiorlavellan), with Raymond trying to weave through Ryan’s ( @idaman008 ) plot. Listen to three dementia stricken old men try to solve a case. 

Episode 55: Grave Encounters w/ Whitney Reynolds
  • Episode 55: Grave Encounters w/ Whitney Reynolds
  • We Have Such Films To Show You

Hey folks and welcome back! This episode we are talking about Canadian found-footage haunted-asylum film Grave Encounters. This movie was picked by our special guest this episode: Whitney Reynolds who you may know from her Twitter or I Haven’t Seen That, her podcast with previous show guest Mark Popham. You can enjoy the MP3 directly right here. 

“Grave Encounters” is both the name of the film and of the ghost-hunting reality show within the film. On-screen they’re True Believers and off-screen they are, charitably, skeptical of ghosts and related boogens. Locking themselves in an abandoned asylum, they become trapped in a maze during a seemingly eternal night. 

The film is simultaneously scary, goofy on purpose, goofy by accident and if it doesn’t frighten you it will almost definitely keep you entertained as the protagonists get picked off one by one by a pissed-off haunted house. Enjoy! 


Piercing Wizard Podcast episode 03, with guest Will Von Doome. Discussing professionalism and its various forms.