pod shape

Together, the tools can summon Activitron, a gigantic spectral robot that will appear every chapter to defeat a monster that will inevitably grow bigger when it’s about to lose. Ed is the robot’s right arm, Isabel its left, Mr. Spender is the legs, Isaac is its crippling self-doubt, and Max is the head, which has a detachable hat-shaped escape pod.
—  Zack Morrison

These cocoon studies feed my compulsion to arrange things in boxes. I’m not done experimenting with those shapes yet, there’ll be much much more to come. I love those frilly little pod shapes so much!

The three on the bottom are on the more affordable end of things - they’re all under $200. I wanted to make sure I had a pretty good range of affordable art for beginning art collectors…I really appreciate that so many of you have chosen to collect my work!

Dubious Beasts: Life Cycles opens March 6th at Stranger Factory! You can sign up on the mailing list on their site(strangerfactory.com) for an online preview and online purchasing instructions. 

It’s a familiar conversation in our house. When my husband dies, he wants to be cremated, with his ashes scattered in beloved locations ranging from the river behind our house to national parks including the Grand Canyon.

(Yes, I’m checking out the laws on this: the Grand Canyon requires finely pulverized ashes, Time magazine reports, “to avoid leaving any potentially alarming chunks of tooth or bone.”)

But me? I want to be buried in the earth. And I have a new goal: leaving behind the idea of a traditional coffin in favor of burial in a biodegradable egg-shaped pod in a curated forest.

I’ve just discovered this option, still in its design phase, so not actually available yet. Which is all right with me, since I hope not to need the pod too soon.

Would You Opt For An Organic Pod Burial?

Photo: Francesco D'Angelo and Adriano del Ferro/Courtesy of Capsula Mundi