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It could have been much worse
But it should have been better

I know I’d hurt you, deserted you
And now I see it clear
I pulled you closer, tighter
‘Cause I knew you’d disappear

I just can’t compromise, apologize
There’s nothing you can say
We both knew
It would always end this way

—  M.I.N.E (End This Way)- Five Finger Death Punch

unfortunatelytheartblog  asked:

what if earth junkfood like mcdonalds is poisonus to alteans, and the gang goes back to earth and stop for a fry, but coran and allura have to spend a day and a half in a healing pod

yes!! and what if the mcdonald’s that they go to has Ronald McDonald himself and after the Alteans get poisoned, they try to fight him 

Ronald: hello there!!


Coran: *passes out in booth*

Paladins: we mcfreakin lost them,,,,

Bang Bang!

Pairing: Klance (Keith/Lance)

Rating: M for language (no smut)

Chapters: 1/7?

Words: 4124

Summary:  When Lance causes Keith to be seriously injured in battle, he takes it upon himself to be the one who gets Keith to the infirmary. During the short trip, the two reveal things about themselves unknown to anyone else on the ship. Keith ends up in a healing pod for days, leaving Lance to wrestle with guilt, loneliness, and some other, more pleasant emotions. Cue Hunk and Pidge, ready to be of assistance (or not) during those stressful days.
You’d think it’d get easier when Keith comes out of the pod.


major klangst. ending left open ended

It’s all his fault. It always is. Nothing he does is ever right. Nothing he does ever helps. All he does is hurt. All he does is ruin.

He’s a failure, first to his family, then to his team, and now… 

Now to Keith.

He looks up from his spot on the floor. Stares at the peaceful, serene expression on Keith’s face and knows that it’s a lie. They put him in the pod three days ago as he took his last gasping breath. The pod had closed with a hiss, almost laughing at Lance, as Keith’s eyes started to flutter shut.

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Here is a preview of my Klance fic. It’s full of angst, but as the story goes on it becomes angsty fluff.
After waking up from his pod after the attack on the castle, Lance finds his vision to be gone. The first part is from Keith’s perspective.

Lance had been in that pod for days now, he was showing signs of recovery, but he still hadn’t woken up. Coran said their could have been some damage done to his mind during the blast. They all hoped that the pod could heal any damage, but doubt still lingered
Everyone took it hard, in their own ways. But nobody took it as hard as Keith. It wasn’t because him and Allura hadn’t made it through the partical barrier on time, or that he had been tricked into going away from the palace, it was what Lance had said to Keith when he had woken up for that brief bit of time.
Lance had told him they were a good team, that he didn’t actually hate him. It had sparked something in Keith, something he would most likely repress or shove in a dark closet.
Now they were all gathered around his pod, faces pressed close, each asking questions to cover the dreadful question they didn’t want to ask. Would he stil, be Lance?
“I can’t tell if he looks healthy or not,” Hunk said.
“I think he’s breathing weird,” Pidge commented.
Keith clenched his fists. “Oh come on!” He said, poking at the machine.
“Not yet!” Allura said, batting his hand away. “A few more ticks.”
“How much better do you think he’s gonna get in a few more ticks?”
“And what is a tick?” Pidge asked.
“You know, a time slice,” Allura answered.
“Like a second?” Shiro asked. They all turned to look at him.
“What’s a second?” Allura asked.
Pidge pulled out a clock and pushed a button, causing it to start counting seconds. “Like this.”
“I’m not sure, I think ticks are bigger,” she said. “Coran, do you have a ticker?”
“Right here princess!” He said with enthusiasm as usual. He pulled out an Altaen clock, that started to count ticks. Hunk, Allura and Pidge all went over and looked at the ticker.
“I think ticks are a little slower,” Hunk commented.
“I can’t tell,” Pidge said. “We have to start them at the same time.”
“Ok,” said Coran and they both readied their clocks. “Ready, go!”
Keith walked over to the time show down, wanting anything to distract him for what might happen when the pod opens.
Shiro made his way over as well, and even tried to find a better view after a while.
“Yes! I think we’re winning!” Hunk exclaimed.
“Winning what?” Keith asked. “The intergalactic time measuring competition?”
No one noticed as the pod opened, and Lance stumbled out.
“Hey, where is everybody?” He asked, his eyes slowly opening. They all turned around.
“Lance! Buddy!” Hunk yelled, rushing over to Lance and pulling him in for a tight squeeze. Keith sucked a breath in. What was wrong with his eyes?
“Why is it so dark in here?” Lance asked. “I can’t see anything.”
“Allura, his eyes-” Keith began. They all looked at Lance, his eyes were not their usual blue color, instead they were a milky and faded silver.
“What’s wrong with my eyes?” Lance demanded. “And could someone turn a light on? Why are they off in the first place?”
“Lance, the lights are on,” Pidge said. “It’s just…”
No one knew how to break the news.
“We think the blast could have done some permanent damage to either your eyes or brain. We think-” Allura’s breath caught mid sentence. “We think you may be… blind…”

And that’s all I’m putting in this you have to wait for me to post it on ao3 to read the whole thing.

Edit: I uploaded the first chapter btw.

Okay, just got back from seeing Star Trek Beyond again, and something has occurred to me:

Before Kirk starts chasing Edison all over the base and punching him in the face, Bones says something along the lines of: “Now I gotta figure out how to land this thing.” After the epic chasing, and dialogues and fight scenes, just as Jim is about to be blown into space, Bones and Spock save the day in the bee-pod thing. 

This means that during the past 10 minutes, Bones has been trying to figure out how to land this ship that he never wanted to pilot in the first place. And he’s stuck in this ship with the Vulcan who’s bright idea it was that he should be the pilot.

Can you just imagine the squabbles going on in there?

“I suggest you try over there, Doctor, that area has the least likely chance of civilian casualty should you crash the ship again.”

“Shut up you green-blooded hobgoblin! It’s hard enough as it is without you nattering in my ear. This was your bright idea! I’ll figure it out.”

“Doctor, you are approaching a large crowd of civilians, it is imperative that you right your course immediately.”

“Stop telling me what to do dammit! I’m a doctor not a stunt pilot!”

That is until it becomes apparent that Jim is going to die, and it’s a very good thing that they’re still in the air.


Tip of the day!! 🐀 If your rats love a good bird rope as much as mine do it’s bound to get disgusting. (As seen in the four pictures with ratties - that shit was gross.) Well, to clean it all you have to do is put it through a cycle in the dishwasher! Do you see how clean it is now?!? I’m sorry, but I am through the roof with this one! I thought I was going to have to just buy a new one. Maybe you guys knew this already but I am just way too excited not to share! 😄😌


I didn’t get to see any orcas today, even though the other boat spotted a lone male that disappeared into the fog, but that’s okay. I got to see about 10 humpbacks throughout the day, culminating in an hour-long lunge-feeding session at the end of the day. We also saw pods of Risso’s and Pacific White-sided dolphins. It’s no wonder why Monterey is my favorite place to whale watch - I’ve never been disappointed. 😊


Pairing: Daveed x OC (original character) 

Summary: Daveed and Lauren were two peas in a pod. One day while Daveed was hosting a Facebook live session, things got romantic.

Warnings: Google translate French (do correct me if I’m wrong) 

Word Count: 3,331

A/N:Hi! This is the first time I’ve ever posted a one-shot on tumblr, so let’s see how it goes. Feedback would be awesome, by the way!

For once in the longest time, it was raining in California. It was nice to watch, especially after not seeing a drop of water fall from the sky for so long.

Lauren loved the rain. She loved to perch on the windowsill of her apartment and watch the rain fall. If she didn’t live on the top floor of the complex, she would’ve went out and splashed about in the rain. She always loved doing so when she was younger and lived in the large state of Texas. Rain was more frequent there, so it kind of reminded her of home when she could just sit and stare.

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Man, I’ve really been in the mood to play FFVII lately, but I don’t much the time. What time I do have I’m using to play FFXV, since I’ve never played it or seen a play through before. Of course, I’ve seen some spoilers on my dash, but they’ve only made me all the more interested.

By the way, did I ever mention I lost my completionist save file? As in the save file I had where I’d gotten every character to level 99, all of Cloud’s stats to 255, all but 2 of Yuffie and Vincent’ stats to 255, half of Tifa’s stats to 255, every master materia, like 6 Knights of the Round, etc…. I mean, it’s of course fun to play through the game. But I never actually beat the Weapons on that file. Or Sephiroth. I was planning to get Cloud, Yuffie, and Vincent’s stats all to 255 so I could crush him and the Weapons, but that never happened. Ugh. When I have the time again I’ll go on Steam and play some.

I have way too many unfinished FF files right now. IV, IV: TAY, VI, VII, VIII, IX, XV… I’ve watched full walkthroughs of all but XV and TAY, but I’ve only completed IV and VII on my own. So I have these games I want to play so I can say that I actually beat them, rather than…. well, watched someone else beat them. Playing them is really fun too, of course. That and I’m a completionist to the extreme. To play and beat every FF game is my goal one day. I’ve also beaten XIII on my own. I lost my I save file at the same time as my VII one. I only got 15 minutes into II, and have never touched III, V, XI, or XII. X I watched a play through of. So yeah. Gotta finish a lot.

I don’t know where I’m going. I have 25 more pages to take notes on tonight and I don’t feel like doing it. I come here whenever that happens.

Though I should probably finish that. I’m averaging 4.5 hours of sleep a night right now, and have been for almost two months. I’ve been doing the same thing off and on for about 8. I’m tired.

Okay, but can you imagine if Kara got affected by Red Kryptonite while with Mon-El? She would call out every stubborn, abusive, misogynistic, immature, and stupid thing he’s ever done or said to her. She’d probably tell him that she regrets the day that she ever opened his pod, and that he’s never going to be enough for her. She’d verbally tear his ass a new one so hard he’d probably willingly go searching for those bounty hunters that are looking for him. That is, if she doesn’t get so pissed at him that she just skips the tongue-lashing and propels him through half the buildings in downtown National City. 

Easy Peasy Vanilla Extract

5-8 Juicy Grade A vanilla beans
8 oz. alcohol such as vodka, brandy, or rum
(I like spiced Rum personally)

Use 5-8 vanilla beans per 8 ounces

Split each vanilla bean in half, lengthwise. If you like you can leave an inch connected at the end of the bean for an attractive presentation. You can also chop the beans into smaller pieces if necessary to fit in your jar or bottle.

Place the vanilla beans in the bottle and cover with alcohol, making sure they are completely submerged. Close jar and give it a good shake. Infuse for at least one month: Store the bottle in a cool, dark place, shaking it from time to time. Strain it if you like, or leave pods in for aesthetic appeal- extract is ready for use after 30 days -smells amazing!

@emetoprincess and I have been doing so much Klance talk lately. It’s killing me in the best way possible.

The day Lance went into the healing pod was one of the longest in Keith’s memory.

His ribs were broken, scrapes and bruises littering his skin. He’d hit his head too, during the explosion, but the extent of that injury was tricky to gauge based on his level of consciousness alone.

He brought Lance into a half sitting position, the blue paladin resting his head against Keith’s forearm. Lance groaned, his eyes fluttering as he tried vainly to open them, but his body proving to be too weak even for that.

Keith brushed his hand down the side of Lance’s cheek, swiping away small particles of debris.

It was Keith who had scooped Lance off the ground. Keith who had cringed at the raspy sounds of Lance’s unstable breathing. Keith who worried about how pale Lance was, a pang of empathy shooting through Keith as Lance managed as piteous whimper as he was lifted.

Lance wasn’t all that heavy considering his height, but he was lanky, which made carrying him awkward. Keith did his best to hoist him onto his back, Shiro acting as a spotter and keeping Lance from slipping off and injuring himself further.

“I got it,” Keith said, shrugging off Shiro’s hand on his shoulder.

He must have had real conviction behind his words because no one followed him to the healing pods. Part of him was glad, but the other part was terrified of messing up Lance more than he already was. That’s all Keith needed was to feel responsible


At the sound of his name, Keith started badly, Lance’s weight knocking him off balance. It took every once of training and muscle memory to keep from bringing them both crashing to the ground.

“I’m here, Lance,” he said, kneeling to slide Lance off his shoulders.

Lance’s eyes were opened barely a sliver, his gaze bleary and unfocused. He was obviously in a lot of pain, his breaths shallow and his face screwed in discomfort.

“What happened? Everything hurts.”

“Shh,” Keith instructed, moving his arm so he was practically cradling Lance’s head in his hands. “You’re injured. You need a healing pod.”

“Trying to lock me away, huh?” Lance chuckled, sucking in a sharp breath as pain radiated throughout his body.

“Don’t talk.”

Lance was eerily quiet after that. Keith hoped it was just because he decided to listen for once and not because he had lost consciousness.

After Keith had hoisted Lance into the healing pod, he did not leave. First, he stood there, his palm pressed against the glass, holding it there until his arm ached. Then he sat, his resting his head along the side of the pod, listening for any possible sounds to allude him to Lance’s wellbeing.

And that’s where the others found him, sleeping slumped against the side of the pod, only ticks before Lance emerged.


two pea’s in a pod by Valerie

Pidge resembles their brother so much it’s uncanny. I feel that Shiro must have moments when he looks at Pidge and is just torn apart with guilt at the memory of what happened to Matt, but he forces himself to hold it together for Pidge’s sake.

I can just imagine Shiro being seriously injured one day and is sent to the healing pods. Pidge is worried and so sits and waits for him to heal. When he comes out he see’s Pidge and is still drowsy from the healing so he thinks they’re Matt. When he realises they’re not, he breaks down crying, just hugging pidge and saying that he’s sorry over and over again.