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Could you please do a headcanon for a orca patronus please? It would mean a lot to me! Thanks💜

  • name comes from orcus who was a roman god of the underworld and punisher of broken oaths
  • guess that means you really hate when people break their promises
  • apparently orcas are actually dolphins, not whales???? I’ve been lied to my whole life
  • apex predator aka top of the food chain baby
  • seriously they’ll eat great white sharks, sting rays, even polar bears if they have the opportunity
  • live in pods of up to 100 orcas!!!! and the leader is the oldest female- all about that #girlpower
  • they stay pregnant for 17 months wtf no thank you
  • orcas have a super complex communication system with clicks, whistles, pulses, and each pod has it’s own call!!
  • every orca has a mark behind its dorsal fin that’s totally unique
  • they’re kinda similar to wolves in the way that they hunt. it’s very group focused and uses a lot of teamwork
  • and they’re v protective if a member of the pod gets injured and they’re known to mourn if one of the pod dies :(
  • one of only three species to have a menopause!!! that’s including humans!!! female orcas normally go through the menopause when they’re 30-40 but they can live till they’re like 90 wow
  • there was this one orca called granny (love it) who lived to 105!!!
  • super playful- they like to move objects that humans are trying to catch in the water #PRANKED
  • various cultures from the pacific north-west of america revere the killer whale. there are various stories about them being dead chiefs, benefactors of humans, and kings of the ocean with sea lions for slaves

@lesbianalluraweek Day 2: Coming out/Telling the team


Mermaids of Aoba Johsai

I’m back! I’m not dead and I have a few ideas for some new posts that I can hopefully have up before the weekend is over (if my shitty wifi is willing to behave) But here we have a mermaid au!! This will hopefully be a series, one for each team and first up we have my not so secret faves! Enjoy!

  • Aoba Johsai is a pod of lagoon dwelling mer-people (would it be called a pod? Dolphins are in pods)
  • They live on a really pretty tropical island uninhabited by people and their little cove has a waterfall and lots of rocks to lounge upon (I’m talking Peter Pan mermaid lagoon-esque shit)
  • Oikawa is their leader but he’s so fucking petty about shit he’s still holding a grudge against the pack of river otters that live upstream because they stole his favorite sunning rock(his tail is Aoba Johsai blue and his fins are super wide and translucent)
  • Iwaizumi is the one everyone actually listens to and he’s super reliable but he prefers to just take naps and shit on Oikawa- he’s their protector because he’s super strong and intimidating (his tail is dark blue and his scales are surprisingly smooth, built more like a shark’s tail than a mermaids)
  • Matsukawa has the longest fucking tail ever. It’s nearly twice the length of his upper body and it drives him crazy because if he takes a turn too fast it gets stuck and he ends up gracelessly cartwheeling underwater (his tail is more green than Oikawaw’s)
  • Hanamakki has a pale pink tail and his fins are long and droopy and he likes to turn around quickly and slap people in the face with them. Takes an alarming amount of joy from Oikawa’s misery
  • Yahaba- aka Mr Petty #2-he has an army of small fish with sharp teeth that adore him and he will set them on his enemies for the slightest offense (his tail is blue like Oikawa’s but spotted with white)
  • Kyoutani is half siren- meaning he has the really sharp teeth if not the song voice- but he was raised by sharks so his manners are horrendous. Oikawa rescued him from fishermen and he now follows Iwaizumi everywhere he goes (his tail is striped black and gray and it’s wider than the average merman)
  • Watari loves all the drama. He gets a front row seat to every shitshow and he loves it. He’s the best at changing shape into a human and usually goes to climb trees for the good fruits (his tail is pea green and very short, built for strength)
  • Kindaichi is considered innocent and pure but Kunimi knows he’s actually satan and he is not fooled by that cutesy tail flick that he does (his tail is a darker blue than Iwaizumi’s but built more like Watari’s)
  • Kunimi just wants to sleep on his favorite sun rock and maybe hit Kindaichi in the face with a pebble. (his tail is gray and like Makki’s though he finds a way to wrap his droopy fins up when he’s sleeping so they can’t be pulled)
  • No one is allowed to speak of The Incident where Kindaichi changed shape and ended up with half tail/half leg because it was horrifying for everyone
  • Makki nearly died because he got a berry stuck in his gills
  • Watari is very good friends with the river otters and he goes over alot to chat and snuggle
  • At some point a group of humans find them
  • Oikawa is preening under all the attention and praise
  • Kyoutani has hid himself behind the waterfall
  • Some poor girl nearly drowned she was so distracted by Iwaizumi and his glorious arms
  • However a few of them do attempt to kidnap Kunimi while he’s napping on his sunning stone- they plan to take him home and show him off for sceince
  • And this is how everyone finds out about Kindaichi’s evil side
  • Suddenly every piranha and electic eel within a 10 mile radius are in their lagoon and suddenly there are some very dead people
  • Kyoutani ripped some guys’ throat out with his teeth and Yahaba swooned
  • Never mess with the mermaids. 

Josh Harris, ‘Quiet: We Live In Public’, 1999-2000

'Quiet: We Live in Public’ is an Orwellian, Big Brother type art project developed in the late '90s which placed more than 100 volunteers in a human terrarium under New York City, with many webcams following and capturing every move they made.

Running over the turn of the Millennium, the performance ran for over a month, during which an ad-hoc community of human subjects lived in pods in a six-storey Broadway warehouse (financed by Harris himself), each pod wired up and effectively functioning as a TV channel, streamed live to the web via Harris’s online TV portal at Pseudo.com. It was 1,000 times more vital and acute than the still-nascent Big Brother. “Don’t bring your money,” Harris said. “Everything here is free”.

Quiet’ featured a shooting range you could hear from the street, a banquet hall, theatre, temple, club, giant game of Risk, and a public shower area, all covered by cameras. But more than anything, it offered its residents complete freedom. There were drugs and public sex – at one point, Harris, in the guise of a clown called 'Luvvy’, attempted to coordinate simultaneous orgasms between three couples.  There were 110 surveillance cameras through the space, and every “resident” had their own channel through which to watch each other. Anyone in the central control booth of the bunker could watch anyone else as they ate, slept, made art, fought, and had sex.

The bunker was raided by the NYPD on the morning of Jan. 1, 2000. It had descended into chaos, and everyone was evicted. 

This event has been dubbed one of the best performance art pieces of all time. 

A documentary was also made by Ondi Timoner about Harris and this piece, winning several awards. It can be watched in full here.

while we’re on the topic of m’gann/astra (Martian Star)

Also, imagine:

- Astra going with M’gann to Mars to help dissolve and reform the Martian leadership

- Astra would be a great ally for M’gann –> Mars still revolves around Sol, so Astra has all her Kryptonian powers, and Astra would be immune to the Martians’ mind-reading powers.

- M’gann gives Astra what she wanted all along: a chance to save a planet, after she failed to save Krypton, and after her thwarted plan to save Earth.

- Astra is loud and decisive and hard to predict, M’gann is quiet and farthinking  and hard to read –> their complementary personalities allow them to work together well

- They’re both next to immortal: after Mars, imagine them just wandering around the galaxy, fighting injustice and helping out in justified rebellions, and bringing peace to numerous worlds

- space revolutionaries who have legends written about them in half a hundred galaxies

- you think they’re just legends, you think no one can help you, you’re in a bad place, your people are in a bad place, and no one can help you; then out of the sky, two angels fall, and they help you to make your planet a better place, because they remember what if felt like to be helpless to save their own planet and people

- immortal space wanderers who travel all around the galaxy helping people, but always return to Earth, which is their chosen home, which is where M’gann’s friend J’onn lives, and where their friends Alex and Maggie live, and where Astra’s beloved niece Kara lives, and where Astra’s other half and twin Alura (Alura was in the pod, Mon-El who???) lives too. 

- Astra brings Kara gifts from all around the cosmos, whenever she comes home, but one time Astra brought home a poisonous reptile pet from another galaxy, and gave them to Alex instead of Kara, saying they reminded her of Alex. Alex kept them in a tank next to Maggie’s bonsai collection, and named them Bob. Bob likes Earth; they get fed regularly and no one tries to rip their face off here.

- Angry Loud and Quiet Smol: the ship

- Survivors’ Guilt: the ship

- Canon Could Never Think Up Something This Good: the ship


Avitus Rix and Macen Barro deserved better. Enter Fix-it fic! With a side of Rydaal and hurt/comfort.


Note: I have not finished the game, please refrain from spoilers when commenting please!

Climbing aboard the Turian ark had left Erika feeling one way.


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Me with the last two girls I’ve skyped: Don’t worry I’m not like, into her I mean she’s cute but this is is gonna be totally non-sexual, non-romantic, we’re just friends!

Me: *is naked and flirting 1 hour into the call, planning summertime visits* Well, that didn’t go as planned

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Dear Archy I have a school project about Archigram I need to make a scaled model of a building(preferably a living unit)which is follows that idea. And thought you can give inspiration. Can please give some examples about it Wish you all the best. P.s: sorry about my bad english

Its very difficult to find plans of individual living unites by Archigram that are easy to build as a scaled model. The units designed tend to follow a more organic shape (like Living Pod above) or maybe something like Regents Park Road (below). Check their archive here.

KaraMel Fanfic #24 Part 2

Title: Reality

Prompt: Kara and Mon-El talk about everything that happened in Mon-El’s black mercy fantasy.

Word Count: 2650

Part 2 of Someone Who Isn’t Alone

Part 1http://busysciencegeek.tumblr.com/post/156461482433/karamel-fanfic-24

Also posted on AO3.

Warning: Contains mild spoilers up to Supergirl 2x09.

Note: So, this is what happens when your brain tortures you with Karamel fanfic ideas, so you end up writing something you planned to right a few weeks later, at 2 a.m. in the morning. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this :).

It was around midnight when Kara and Mon-El finally got the chance to be alone together. After the Black Mercy thing, Kara insisted on Mon-El getting his vitals checked, just to make sure there was no trace of its poison in his system. Not that she thought there was, but she couldn’t risk it. Besides, she really didn’t think she was ready to talk about…everything.

I shouldn’t have kissed him, she thought for not the first time that night. She was just so elated to have him back from the Black Mercy that she didn’t really think through it. After everything…everything that happened in that fantasy, after seeing what Mon-El wanted… She just couldn’t help herself.

And if she was going to be honest with herself, she really, really liked the kiss. She still could feel Mon-El’s lips on hers, parting slightly in shock with Kara kissing him, tasting just like she remembered. It felt amazing at the time, of course, yet when Kara left Mon-El in the DEO to get herself together, doubt had crept into her mind.

What if he didn’t like it? It was possible. Maybe after seeing the fantasy, he didn’t want anything to do with Kara.

No, that isn’t true, the hopeful part of Kara objected. Mon-El didn’t imagine us being only friends, or he didn’t just want me for sex. He imagined us dating, he imagined us getting married. According to him, we were in love in that fantasy, not merely attracted to each other. That was the part she’d counted on when she kissed him. She remembered what her fantasy had been when she was under the effects of Black Mercy, and a part of her still wished she had that life. If Mon-El had seen them in love, it meant that he liked her. He didn’t want her just for sex, he wanted to have a relationship with her. She couldn’t take that lightly.

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I dare you to kiss me

Finally! I could write about the Snack Pack. Hope it is satisfactory.


Summary: For the prompt “I dare you to kiss me”

Poppy loved Slumber Parties. Well, she loved all parties, but she got super-mega-extra excited for slumber parties because that meant she got to keep spending time with her friends even after the sun had set.

This time, the ones hosting the sleepover were Satin and Chenille. Their pod was colorful and classy, decorated with glittery cushions and patterned curtains. They decorated and arranged the whole pod so all the living room was now covered with pillows, mattresses, and cushions.

It was perfect for jumping in and building a fortress. Guy Diamond, Smidge, and DJ Suki were already building one with the twins when Poppy and Branch arrived. She was holding his hand steadily, squeezing it every now and then to give him confidence. She knew he still had some issues with his self-esteem and large groups of people got on his nerves after a few hours, but the Snack Pack had been welcoming and just a couple of weeks ago he just called them his friends.

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s i n k [or] s w i m: a tale of lady pirates and merfolk

a collaborative effort by @stephanierabig and @zombeesknees featuring:

  • natalie dormer as captain harriet “harry” roberts:
    harry went to sea years ago because she’d always longed for adventure – and to find the sister snatched from her. as captain of the sappho, she’s constantly biting off more than she can chew, dueling men and rescuing slaves, castaways, and abused women at every turn. a hot-head and a fighter, her heart is always in the right place and she fully embraces the rowdy life of a pirate.
  • gina torres as first mate josephine “jo” duveau:
    harry’s lifelong and long-suffering friend, jo is most definitely the level-headed half of the pair. the more dangerous things are, the more stoic she gets, but she’s very kind and caring beneath her gruff demeanor, and just as invested in finding harry’s stolen sister, her first love.
  • jason momoa as kaimana:
    sweet, curious, and a little silly at times, kai lost his pod years ago and lived in seclusion until the sappho found his island during a typhoon. the merman is immediately taken by the crew, particularly their wild captain, and leaves them a number of gifts before finally revealing himself.
  • alicia vikander as agnessa:
    this refined beauty abandoned a noble life of privilege when she demanded to join harry’s crew – luckily, she’s skilled beyond tea services and curtsying. thanks to her twin brother alvar’s tutelage, she’s one of the finest helmsman at sea, able to navigate the most dangerous reefs and blockades without batting an eyelash.
  • q'orianka kilcher as mad maddie:
    maddie may be one of the youngest on the sappho, but what she lacks in age and wisdom she makes up for in wild energy and bravery. in fact, she goes quite berserk in battle, proving just as dangerous to her crewmates as to the enemy. no one knows much about her childhood or what makes her quite so mad, but everyone is very fond of her regardless.
  • luke pasqualino as francisco “lucky franky” cardinelli:
    franky hasn’t always been so lucky: when harry and jo first found him, he was a castaway-turned-slave with a very cruel master. but after harry won his freedom in a duel, he became an eager addition to the crew. as free with his physical charms as he is with his smiles, franky is a shameless flirt and womanizer, but he and maddie have a particularly strong bond in spite of it.
  • ruth wilson as wilhelmina:
    she may have only one leg, but that doesn’t keep will from her scientific pursuits. an amateur botanist and firm believer in mr. darwin’s crazy theories, she frequently engages in heated intellectual debates with the more religious or superstitious members of the crew.
  • gwendoline chistie as katherine:
    the muscle of the crew and covered in tattoos, katherine is as good-natured as she is strong. she’s also quite the lover, with a man (and woman) in every port.
  • fan bingbing as hope:
    the sappho’s resident mystic, hope is superstitious enough to make up for all of harry’s doubt and jo’s religious certainty. always dressed in red to ward off the evil spirits, hope has a talisman for every situation and any number of ceremonies to keep her crewmates safe.
  • arden cho as silence:
    a siren is nothing without her voice – or so they say. so what does that make silence? her muteness is the result of a sister’s betrayal and a deal with one of the most unscrupulous pirates on the waves, but she has since found shelter on the sappho and companionship with another blighted soul.
  • rosario dawson as isabelle:
    when a woman is thrown overboard and drowns, she sometimes becomes a mermaid. in isabelle’s case, the process didn’t go smoothly: her tail fused in a way that prevents her from swimming properly. she now relies on silence for her mobility, and acts as the siren’s voice in exchange.
  • melissa jaffer as miss euphemia darling:
    harry’s crew is more literate than most, but they still need someone to handle the bookkeeping and longer words: enter miss euphemia darling, a retired schoolteacher who woke up one day and decided she wanted some adventure. she can be quite the character, reciting poetry at the oddest moments and wearing elaborate dresses regardless of the weather.
  • caterina murino as zora:
    a former bar wench who grew tired of being ill-treated by drunken customers, she jumped at the chance to join harry’s crew. an incurable collector, she weaves coins, beads, shells, and charms into her skirts and necklaces and has a habit of dancing when she’s been at the rum.
  • christina hendricks as tessa:
    unlike her lover zora, tessa has no desire to go to sea. instead, she works at the sappho’s favorite bar at their favorite port and provides information every time zora pays her a visit.
  • dichen lachman as junia:
    unwilling to stay behind when her husband became a sailor, junia donned a disguise to join him. but when the crew found out and threw her overboard – killing her protesting husband in the process – she was rescued by kai and brought to the sappho. now she obsessively collects swords while plotting her revenge against the ship that so wronged her.
  • margot robbie as aveline roberts:
    aveline was going to meet her secret lover – jo – when she was snatched by slavers. harry tried to stop them and was nearly killed in the process. now no one can be sure whether she’s alive or dead, though there are rumors she was sold to a vicious pod of mermaids who may have turned her into one of their own because of her beautiful singing voice.
  • mads mikkelsen as captain wrath drew:
    once an ally, now a hated foe. wrath betrayed harry and almost sank the sappho in the process. when the full extent of his crimes becomes known, harry vows she’ll stop at nothing to see him hanged and his ship, the charon, sent straight to the bottom of the ocean.