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“Night-time Struggles” (Storks Drabble)

“Night time struggles”

Junior moaned painfully as he was woken up again by the sound of crying. He lifted his tired head up and blinked his baggy eyes at the small form writhing in her pod. As he lifted his head, he accidently hit Tulip’s chin, which was rested right on top of his own head. He blinked by how tired she was too. Almost like a mirror image of two employees, taking care of a crying baby that they had to deliver in the morning. They both smacked their dry mouths as Tulip, reached gently inside to pick up the raven-haired baby. Junior stared down into the baby’s bright blue eyes as he watched Tulip rock her in her arms.

“What time is it?” Tulip muttered, struggling to keep the baby calm to make her fall back asleep.

Junior reached for his phone and glanced at the time, for the third time in a couple of hours. “Like four in the morning…”

“She’s so fussy.” Tulip groaned softly as she continued to rock the baby. The little girl writhed and screamed in her arms, refusing to fall back asleep. Tulip leaned back against the rock wall and moved the blanket up towards her to keep herself warm. They both decided to sleep in a cave in the middle of the rocky mountains before making their way to Nevada, where the baby’s parents lived. Junior rubbed his eyes and stretched his finger-like feathers towards Tulip and the baby.

“Here, give her to me, it’s my turn to hold her anyway.”  He stated softly. Tulip immediately passed the baby to him, glad to have a little break. They always took turns rocking, feeding and changing the babies they deliver together. They never tried to pawn the responsibility off to the other. Junior rocked the baby in his arms and bounced her, hoping to soothe the fussing child. It was a slow pace and they were in for a long day. Junior hummed a little tune to the baby. Since he was a talent for singing. He is usually the one to sing to the babies while Tulip dances. Sometimes they switch but Tulip’s singing voice seem to make them cry louder.

The baby’s cries began to lessen as she listened to his little song.

Tulip sighed and rested her head on Junior’s shoulder. A small smile etched across her face.

“You’re such a good dad.” She whispered truthfully, closing her eyes for a moment. Junior lifted his head and turned to her. He blinked when he noticed her resting on his shoulder, with her arm wrapped around his shoulder and a warm hand on the baby.

“You think so?” He asked, turning back to the baby, who was struggling to fight against sleep. Tulip nodded and hummed in agreement. He leaned his head against her red hair, his cheek brushing against her frizzy hair. “Well…I think you’re a good mom.”

She lifted her head and smiled as he could only described as a mixture of a drunk and sleep deprived grin. “Aw, do you really think that about me?” She asked with a slight giggle. He nodded and smiled back at her.

“Yeah, I really do.”

She snorted and collapse on his shoulder again. “You’re so sweet.” she mumbled into his ear. He clutched the sleeping baby close to his chest as his head began to slump down.

“No…” he argued and leaned against her head. “You’re so sweet…l-like candy.” he opened his mouth and let out a yawn. He suddenly heard her whisper back to him something that he would always remember. It made him smile through the rest of the night.

“I’m glad I’m with you, Junior.” His eyes grew heavy and his body became like jelly but before sleep could take him, he swiftly replies.

“I’m glad you’re with me too, Tulip.” With that, the two rested peacefully until they abruptly woke up an hour later by the cries of the baby.