pod f. tompkast

I was talking about the Pod F. Tompkast with chedsy and I remembered that about two years ago, I drew this, which is more or less how I picture the recording sessions. Paul in a glittering stream of ethereal lights and misty shapes.

I miss the Pod F. Tompkast. Oh, many a panic attack at my old job was quelled by beep-boop computer sounds, piano riffs, and Paul giggling at his own jokes.


WHAT’S THIS NOW?  I drew a much less sketchy–but just as cartoony–Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber (here’s a peek into the artistic process: I found those illustration textures by googling “fancy”) and then, because I am that desperate not to work on my film any more tonight, I animated his cape.  Just the keyframes, though.  Shall I inbetween?  Go to color, even?  Let me know, tumblr.

Hey, speaking of someone completely unrelated to Andrew Lloyd Webber, I think you should know there is a comedy special coming out soon by the world’s funniest comedian and you should probably buy it, unless you despise cheer and don’t want it in your life.


Tim Meadows reads Google’s Voice Transcript of MLK’s I Have a Dream speech. This is one of my favorite bits ever.