empower yoself before you wreck yoself: native american feminist musings" is one of our best selling zines and often sells out! while we wait to restock… did you know Native American Feminist Musings also has two more zines? Check out “The Nizhoni Beat” and the newest “Shi'kis ShiHeart” on the BRZD online shop 💝💙💜 #POCzines#brownreclusezinedistro #nativeamericanfeministmusings




Curated by Vic Granzinoli (cmndrgriffin) and Tara Anand (chimericalnousse), the zine features 11 full colour pages of artwork by tumblr based artists like dellbelle39, sibandit, cmndrgriffin, chimericalnousse, taranovae, abbietheowl, @zoelartjoan, incredibru, ainhochu, mmischieffmanagedd and stilesstays!

The project is aimed at celebrating the POC characters (both canon and headcanon) of the Harry Potter universe!

The zine is A4, size, printed matte on card paper and consists of 32 pages total.

You can get it at our etsy shop!

(If your location isn’t listed in the list of destinations we ship to, shoot us an email at pocharrypotterzine@gmail.com and we’ll see what we can do!)

(This is a non profit zine, the cost of the zine covers only the cost of printing and packaging and the cost of the digital zine covers overheads like the cost of materials like paper and pins)

CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS! shoot us an email with your address/ info so we can ship the zine to you for free (you’ll have to pay shipping if you’re buying a physical copy)

Hello, friends!

“GODDEX” is now available and I’m super stoked to finally share it with y'all. It is a coloring book-style zine featuring six illustrations waiting to be colored in! Suitable for colored pencil, watercolor, and marker use. Printed on cardstock paper. Approximately 8.5" x 5.5". Artwork by Mar Pascual. Original illustrations done in pen and ink.

You can purchase “GODDEX” at marpascual.bigcartel.com (where I will be selling my zines from now on). They are $10-$15, sliding scale. For questions, email me at tenderqueerthingsandzines@gmail.com

thank you for your love and continued support!

💖 mar

#goddexzine (feel free to use this hashtag if you’d like to share images of your zines – finished or in-progress, I’d love to see how you bring each goddex to life!) #marpascual #qtpocartists #poczines #queerzines #coloringbook #coloringbookzine

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RAIX Zine: Reproductive Justice en la Frontera PLUS Five More RJ Zines By POC + Other Resources!

ZINE TITLE: RAIX/Zine Reproductive Justice en la Frontera, Vol. 1, Issue 2

AUTHOR/CREATOR GROUP: RGV activists working with the Texas Freedom Education Fund + La Frontera Fund


ORIGIN: Rio Grande Valley, Texas, USA


It is an interactive introduction to reproductive justice with a borderlands lense, and includes original art and poetry by Rio Grande Valley artivists.



In this issue:

Reproductive Justice focus!

Words to Know! -  Reproduction, Reproductive Oppression, Reproductive Justice!

Excerpt- Why is Reproductive Justice Important for Women of Color? from SisterSong Collective

Excerpt - Health? Rights? Justice? Frameworks to Understand Reproductive Justice!

Plant Profiles! - California Bayberry & Red Root!

We Make the Road By Walking: Trans-Inclusive Language & Reproductive Justice!

Young Women Empowerment Project’s Reproductive Justice: A Movement of Resistance Lead by Girls and Transgirls Involved in the Sex Trade and Street Economy!

Core Aspects of Reproductive Justice !

Native Resistance: Decolonizing My Birth Experience by Christina Castro!

Reproductive Justice Resources!

To get a copy:

email: santacatalinadelvalle@gmail.com

To submit Essays, Art, Poetry, Stories, Formulas, Recipes, Plant Profiles, How to Guides, Marginalized Histories, or other herbalism/healing arts/revolutionary eco/sociological histories,

email: santacatalinadelvalle@gmail.com

SPARK Reproductive Justice Now has created a zine packed with information, resources, art and exercises that is both a conversation starter and a tool for LGBTQ and same-gender loving youth of color in the South and others who support queer and trans youth. FIRE provides valuable information for LGBTQ youth that may be hard to find including safer sex, relationship and communication; celebrates and honors us as survivors and thrivers; and demonstrates that communities really can make what we need.

“As a “primer” pointing outward to further exploration,The Radical Doula Guide is lovingly crafted and inspirational. It’s definitely a must-have for any (personal or institutional) collection with a focus on reproductive justice issues.” –Anna J. Cook, the feminist librarian

“A must read for anyone interested in doula work or in the birth and parenting community!” –Jillian L. Schweitzer

“An easy-to-understand, inclusive, and short introduction to diversity, privilege, and power issues relevant to providing full-spectrum pregnancy support. I bought a copy because it feels good to have this kind of book within easy reach on my shelf, even though I’m just now exploring an interest in birth activism. The sections on ability, size, and age gave me food for thought.” –Goodreads reviewer Zigforas

With over 2,000 copies in circulation, the book is an important tool in many clinics, an essential addition to many personal collections, and is being used widely as a textbook in trans and queer courses around the country. Get your copy today!

“Freeing is an incredible book. The guide is a vibrant and diverse publication, with photos and drawings of people in the community. Bodies that are rarely in evidence, rarely on display as the norm, populate the guide. It was created in partnership with health care providers across the spectrum from traditional medicine to herbal and Eastern medicine. It’s beautifully designed and peppered with factual information, first person experiences, illustrations, and poetry. The guide has information about things that I’ve searched for in the past and found little to nothing about - things that even health care providers have struggled to explain.”

-Miriam Perez, Feministing

As Texas residents, we, along with millions of others across this country and the world, are negatively affected as our bodies become a battleground for conservatives to dictate. Released at Denton, TX’s second annual Femme Fest Benefit, this 30 pg edition is themed around reproductive justice. Topics include the birth of Cicada Collective (a group that provides access to reproductive resources in North TX), reproductive activism in Mexico, reproductive health 101, abortion chronicles, powerful poetry, satirical lyrics destroying Rick Perry, & more!


Did we forget to include any other black or POC led reproductive justice zines, groups/collectives/organizations? Any individuals we should spotlight? Send us a message and we’ll update this post: poczineproject@gmail.com.



All funds go to offset the cost of advocacy work and cultural production.

DONATE link via PayPal: http://bit.ly/SHdmyh


ChingoZine is now available in the Columbia Library University special collections. Check us out! Clean hands and no gum though. Use a pencil! Read, research and have fun!

ChingoZine 1 and 2 are now at the Austin History Center thanks to Gloria Espitia, Mexican American community liason. They might even make a new category in their collections for just art zines!

ChingoZine 1 and 2 are now in the Texas A&M Zine Collection. This collection has zines ceated by Texans or other Southwesterners and/or concern Texas or the Southwest; zines created by African-Americans or Latino/as in Texas or the Southwest; zines created by TAMU students or former students; and Artzines concerned with printing and/or designed as print art objects. Thank you Jeremy Brett and Daniela Capistrano for linking us all together!

PICKING BONES #1 is about visiting my family in New York and the Philippines, reuniting with old friends, managing grief, comics about travels and places and understatements and instructions on how to play pusoy dos (Filipinx poker!). PICKING BONES #1 is 20 pages, half-sized with yellow paper covers! Every order comes with a sticker or a tiny print ❤

Hey hey, It’s my new zine! I’m also open to zine/art trades! Send me a message if yr interested! ❤❤❤

I’ll be tabling at #phxzinefest (table 39a) with my sons (of @blackindigenousboy zine) this Sunday as well as part of a PoC panel at 1:30-2:15 (w/ @o00amber00o & other awesome people). The boys and I will be selling issue 1 of queer indigenous girl & BIB, BIB’s art zine as well as the new issue 2 of both #zines!
Also, if you’re free on Saturday night for a few hours, check out the PZF evening reading at @wastedinkzinedistro where you can listen to me read from my zine and other amazing people too like @queeranxietybabiezdistro

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