pocong mandi goyang pinggul

Pocong Mandi Goyang Pinggul

An Indonesian movie with Sasha Grey, who is a friend? So, first of all, I’m not a big fan of Indonesian cinema. But I tried. And I tried hard. But no, it’s no possible. It’s supposed to be a horror comedy. FSo, the comedy part is just not funny, it’s just stupid and each time you want to say WTF!!! The horror part is not often here. It’s a 68 minutes movie, but it seems a lot more. The story is not interesting at all, and the worse part: Los Angeles. Seems like the director went there alone and filmed everything with his feet. Sasha’s character (named Sasha…) is not interesting at all, the director doesn’t know how to film her correctly. Basicaly, from the beginning to the end, she’s just behind a computer, in a dark room, and she says" hello", send some kisses and stuff. WOW. What a waste of time.