I enjoy commenting. Especially for fics that don’t have a lot of attention (you know, those ones that only have one-two comments?) . I put a lot of time and effort into commenting because I know what it feels like to get a heart-felt comment and I think, if authors actually put in the time to come up with a story, they should be applauded with a comment that has a lot of thought put into it.

I hate how shallow AFFers can be. For instance, when Xiu Min had his chubby cheeks, no one gave a fuck about him. Suddenly, with the Wolf comeback, they’re like “Omo, Oppa! Mine~” Even after that realization, people don’t give a shit because he doesn’t look as good as Luhan or Kris. All they care about is who looks the best in the group and that “they” end up with Oppa. Like seriously, there’s hardly any love for the underrated members because they’re not as “hot” or “pretty” as “Oppa”.