trying to remember what you tag your favorite character as;

“is it trash child,,,??? trash baby, trash husband!/?!? garbage prince, my recyclable love interest,,///???????”

kuryree  asked:

hey where did you get the batter tumblr background? it looks phenomenal

(I hope you don’t mind this being public, I have a few other people who were wondering the same thing)

>w< Thank you! I actually made it myself by changing around some codes from previous themes I had and using these images.  

However seeing as how other people seem to like it I made it available for use here and here if you have userstyles for your browser.  

This is my first time doing this however and I have it made to the format of my computer so it may need adjusting for other people’s screens…I’m not really sure »;

anonymous asked:

What would think about a princess and the frog au of dirkjane idk just thinking about it

I never thought of that actually but now that I have I believe it would AMAZING.  

If it were to go down with the two of them I think it would end up more like the heiress and the robot (haha).  Like she’d be a small maid in some little village bakery only wanting to work hard and pay for the safety of her family.  While Dirk is a prince who has a bad run-in with the Condescension and got turned into a little robot (perhaps like Lil Seb in looks?) And oh man she would find him and have him help her in the bakery. and ultimately make him a better person and they would bond hardcore and…..

oh gosh I am getting way too excited what have you done?

So today is my 3rd year of being on tumblr and it has been one hella ride. I just wanted to thank all of you guys who have stuck with me through it all or even if you’ve just joined me now I appreciate every one of you!

So it's official....

I’m going to Ringling College of Art and Design and majoring in Illustration.

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my chest now that I’ve made my decision! It’s weird to think that little ol’ me from Ohio is traveling all the way to Florida for school next semester.

Now I just have to get the housing contract (and other forms in) and find a roomate. If I could find another anime-loving, cosplaying, homestuck that would be the best possible situation.  But we’ll see… :)

Go class of 2016!

so it occurred to me today that a lot of my characters are villians/sociopaths/ect. and people talk all the time about you seeing yourself in your favorite characters so I was really confused. Cause im miss goody-two-shoes who’s been told time and time again about how I never do anything wrong and i have lots of friends and everything. 

But then I thought a little more about it and the one thing in common with nearly all of them is their general absence of feeling as well as dislike towards society as a whole.  They also tend to their use of logic and reason to achieve what they want. 

and all those things are very common with both my personality type (INTP) as well as just how i tend to be.  Though not as dramatic as them, of course.  Although this kind of irks me cause now I really want a story that involves those sort of elements but not seen in a dark light as they always are.  Maybe I’ll have to do it myself someday.