[esper commissions take two]
so uh you can read the full story on my /other/ commission post but
long story short: bad household, 14 yr old struggling with depression, social anxiety (hard to get a job) and autism, and i need about $300-$400 dollars for a laptop.
chibis - traditional/digital line art goes for $2 each, and colored digital is about $1 more, but traditional is $2 dollars more. shading is ¢25 more digitally but is ¢50 more traditionally.
head busts - traditional/digital line art is $7 for each character, and digital colored is $3 more, traditional is $5 more, and shading is $2 more while on traditional its $3 more
posed characters - line art is $9 each (i think you get that line art is the same for digital and traditional), colored digitally is about $4 dollars more, and traditionally is $6-7 dollars more. shading for both is the same as the head busts.
the top four are all done traditionally
please boost this if you see it!! its very difficult for me to get a job currently ;;
my paypal is aposelenist@gmail.com , and my contact email is actuallyraven@gmail.com
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after 2 years i still cant draw this shit(naro)

Mekakushi Dan playing hide-and-seek
  • Everyone forces Shintaro to be "it"
  • Kido:disappears and goes about the day as usual
  • Seto:probably the only one who plays the game normally
  • Kano:turns into a banana. Goes unnoticed for the majority of the game sprawled out on the coffee table in the middle of the living room
  • Marry:goes to Seto's room and hides under the blanket. Somehow gets tangled in the blanket, falls off bed. Seto hears Marry's cries for help from across the hideout. Shounen save
  • Momo:hides in the closet and uses her power to direct attention away from her when someone comes close. Shintaro gets the sudden urge to stare at the wall. Spends five minutes trying to find Momo while being unable to look away from the wall
  • Ene:hides in Shintaro's leg folder. Starts downloading hundreds of images of legs from the Internet so when Shintaro eventually opens the folder she will be impossible to find
  • Hibiya:leaves the hideout because he knows Shintaro won't stop asking him about where everyone else is if he happens to find him first
  • Konoha:tries to hide behind a lamp. Goes to find Shintaro, brings lamp with him. "Am I doing this right Shintaro"
  • Ayano:has been hiding for years. She's dead
  • Stranger:>it's two am. They wake up in the middle of the night, and turn to their significant other. 'Honey. I have to go use the bathroom,' they say
  • Stranger:>stumbles through the hallway, nearly tripping over themselves in a sleepy stupor
  • Stranger:>Reaches the bathroom, and sticks their hand out into the dark, fumbling for the light-switch. Eventually, they reach it, and flick it on.
  • Me, standing there quietly in the room, facing the wall:"Honestly, Kagepro had so much potential. But the anime, Mekaku City Actors, was so poorly done. The plot and development felt rushed. There was little actual character development at all. Seto spoke maybe three lines. They cut out many important songs and plot points. Route xx was barely explained. Kuroha was in one episode. They barely began to cover the actual lore and-"
  • Stranger:"What the fuck."