It’s really hard to say goodbye to this cutie Buddy..he was not my dog and i know him by videos and photos but he means everything to me..i can’t deal with his death..He made this world a better place,he added smiles on my face..he made Demetria happy ♥ Buddy is the most adorable dog that i have ever seen. And it’s true fact that his favorite thing is to smile. His fur is white like angel’s..his mission in this world sadly was done. He brought a light to people’s lives..he made us happy..Let’s remember him forever..let’s remind all funny moments..he loved to sleep..and he went to sleep forever..Goodbye Angel,Buddy..forever in my heart..me and my mom are here for you Demi and your family ♥

Work: So we need you to come up for another week of training…like week after next.

Me: *struggling to control rage and frustration* I was under the impression that I’d be dialing in for that training.

Boss: Well, now we need you up here in person. Deal with it.

Me: LISTEN HERE, YOU-….*grr arrgh…deep cleansing breath* I’m not sure that’s feasible due to finances. My rent is due that week and I can’t afford both.

Most Excellent Manager: If you need your expenses paid in advance, I can make that happen. Just tell me how much you’d need.

Me: *still fuming* Very well. *tallies the costs for travel, hotel, meals, etc, and pulls no punches* This much. (Like $1300 and change) And I definitely need that hotel. Because my family’s on vacation, so I won’t have a place to stay.

Boss: We’ll pay for meals and gas…but not a hotel.

Me: ….So you want me to come up and you’ll pay for my gas and you’ll pay for me to eat…but you want me to sleep in my car. Because I can’t just drop $700 for a hotel stay at random.

Boss: You’re required by your contract. You figure it out.



staff fix it (no but really email tumblr and report the appropriate account (content *extremely* NSFW)) because it is really not fair to kim, hannah, any of the Yogs or Yognaughts that didn’t want to see it or are underage. This stepped over the line and the artist is not taking it down.

p.s. message me for the account name and don’t message the account itself; the artist has refused several times to remove the image.
An Old, Blind, Dragon


Buraindo the Noivern had been on his way home after a day of foraging, flying over familiar territory that he knew like the back of his wings. But out of nowhere an extremely strong wind storm picked up and ended up blowing the dragon way off course! He had never been so scared as he tumbled though the air. he wasn’t strong enough to fly against it and ended up crashing into a tall tree.

The old dragon groaned as he felt around, trying to get down. Once on the ground, he ‘looked’ around with his Supersonic. He found a dirt and started walking along it and soon found himself at the gates of some sort of town. “Where…where am I…?”