A buddy put together a fantastic anime opening for Overwatch


Looks like Chris Crutchfield and Rhett and Link are getting ready to film another music video for Buddy System!

for the record

went in the pharmercy tag (filtered by recent)

had to scroll a FAR FUCKING MILE down before i found anyone hating on the ship (not the community, the ship itself)

went in the gency tag (filtered by recent)

scrolled down for like 30 seconds and immediately ran across


*finger guns* your move discoursers

I’m pretty sure this guy in my communications class likes me and I hate it because like this girl I became friends with likes him and they were hanging out consistently and when I see them leaving together one day not 5 mins later this guy comes back up the stairs and he looked mad and just sits next to me and I’m like 👀 did…that really happen like I don’t like u and I’m not about to like lose a friend over something I didn’t DO bYe I had my noise cancelling earbuds on so idk if he said something 2 me but I was hoping me playin mystic messenger in public would make him think I’m weird and leave me alone and then he jUst left lmaO wild