Sorry for all those work in progress posts lol
But hey here these are all done now~
Part of why I created these were because I felt I don’t do much refined drawings of my original peeps c:
I also was looking for OC art to have available on Redbubble, but I didn’t think the current work I had was good as most were sketches haha ha ;o;
(Also I have other stuff available on Redbubble…mostly randl which isn’t a big surprise lols)
I hope you all like these~ uvu

anonymous asked:

Heads up: Black Monkey-pro has announced two games on its Facebook page: one restaurant-themed one with no apparent release date and a camp one debuting this fall.

So the first things they announced was Full Service. They don’t look like they’ll be serving food tho?

Then they released a teaser video for Camp Buddy. Looks this game will be voiced too. They’re currently doing VA auditions.

I wonder how much they’ll cost

centipeetle and stupid comparisons

so this is a stupid, stupid thought i had -

so it makes a lot of sense for centipeetle to be trapiche emerald

and like - idk i was thinking something along the lines of ‘what makes a gem corrupt to that particular form?? like why watermelon tourmaline was a puffer fish’ etc

and i just thought ‘trapiche,, it kinda sounds like..

..trapinch (pokemon)

so BASICALLY the beak/mouth is similar

but trapinch is also based off of an insect called an antlion apparently which looks like this 

centi looks kinda like a reverse antlion 

long story short im seriously jet lagged and this is ridiculous

jaethefallenhuman  asked:

First off I want to say Chara and Frisk need more attention. *Hugs them both Secondly Gaster I want you to to stay beautifully creepy and hideously amazing because I love you. *Winks Third I need Mr. Virgin to do the pocky challenge with Gaster because why not. * hands him a box of pocky.

remember Sans’s special attack? well it’s fanserice here.

This is why I reffused to make them father and son in this AU. Because it would have been so wrong.

This AU is so gross I hate it and I hate my life and myself.

It’s so cringy that it makes me cringe.

someone end me I crave for death.

oh, for Frisk and Chara:

I agree with you.