Pocky Game!

This has probably been done before but hear me out. McHanzo Pocky stick game!! \o/

Rules: two players begin eating the pocky stick from either end. If a player lets go of the stick, they lose. If a player reaches the middle first, they win. If the players kiss….It’s a “tie” >:3

I’m doing this really quickly so forgive me for any errors! (And I’ve never written anything remotely smutty so hey - first time’s the charm)

“I’ll play you for it.” McCree waves the box of pocky sticks in Hanzo’s face. The chocolate coated biscuits rattle in their box.

“Childish.” Hanzo declares. The dragon archer folds his arms over his chest in a show of defiance. What begins as a practise session has quickly turned into a competition between the two men of who has the better aim. The results? A tie. To break their stalemate, McCree had produced the box of chocolate biscuits - much to Hanzo’s surprise.

“ ’Fraid you’ll lose?”

“Against you?” He sniffs “Not likely.”

The cowboy says nothing, just waggles his eyebrows. Hanzo avoids the hooded brown eyes. He knows very well that if he avoids the challenge, he’ll be seen as the loser - not something he can stomach. Better get this over with.

“Fine,” he snaps, unfolding his arms and moving to stand before McCree.

The cowboy wastes no time. Extracting one of the long, thin, chocolate coated biscuits. He holds it between the two of them.

“You know the rules?” He drawls, voice thick with honey.

“I know them.” Hanzo meet’s McCree’s eyes - he would show this…this fool!

May the best man win.”

He’s seen children play the game before, but never in his wildest dreams would he have thought that he would play it himself. And with a cowboy no less! Hanzo takes one end of the pocky stick, holding it firmly between his teeth. McCree takes the other, brown eyes twinkling.


So close. They were already so close. Hanzo’s hands ball into fists as he begins chewing on his end of the stick. McCree - undeterred - bites down on his end.

Paki. Paki. Paki.

Goes the stick, the distance shortening between them. Hanzo sees the chocolate, the biscuit hanging between McCree’s lips. A snarl escapes him - he will not lose. The stick continues to dwindle between them, he feels the heat rushing to his face when he meets the cowboy’s eyes. Clear brown eyes, they were watching him with a curious expression he could not name. A slight tinge of red dapples his cheeks.

Paki. Paki. Paki.

The cheater. McCree was holding his end, using his height to prevent the smaller man from reaching the middle first. Hanzo puffs, he raises his hands, balling them in the red serape and pulling the cowboy down. McCree’s growl is drowned in the constant snaps of the disappearing pocky stick. 

Paki. Paki. Paki.

Their noses were brushing. There was no more than a thumbs length of biscuit between them. The heat of the cowboy’s breath coats his face, filling him with the musty scent of cigars and rich cedar.


The archer’s hands twist in the red cloth, dragging McCree down. They come together, chaste at first, then with force. Hanzo pushes up into the tall man, tasting the chocolate, the cigars on the other man’s lips. McCree responds, a deep growl rumbling in his chest - a sound that makes the archer’s toes curl. The gunslinger’s hands are on his waist, his back, pulling him closer. One of them - the metal arm, he suspects - drifts up to twine in his hair, threading the long golden scarf between chrome fingers. The air is filled with him, with them. The sharp citrus scents of his soap, mixing with the heavier, if cheaper, scent of almond. The feeling of cloth and hair tickling his neck, his face, the heat - all around him - Hanzo nips the gunslinger on the lips before pulling away. Panting.

“You really hate losing, don’t you?” The cowboy comments offhandedly.

His hand comes up to wipe away a chocolate smear on Hanzo’s rough lips. Bringing it to his own face, McCree licks the chocolate from his fingers. The archer turn’s his face away, beet red.


Based off and referenced with help from Kaichou wa Maid-Sama (chpt 37.) \o/

(God this piece has me cringing in my seat, I’m terrible at smut >_>)

anonymous asked:

Your recent posts sound a bit heterophobic just to let you know. Personally I have nothing against gays i'm all for it but it seems ironic if you go around complaining about straight people when a lot of us are very accepting.

well personally I have nothing against straights i’m all for it, i just dont understand the lifestyle?? how does that work?

I was as pure as a river
but now I think I’m possessed

anonymous asked:

Hey! I love your blog and your artwork is freaking amazing. Could i get your advice on a drawing? I don't know what to use to outline it. It's just a simple pencil drawing. Thin and some thick lines if that makes a difference. Please, I never draw.

Thank you!!

If you want to keep the drawing as a pencil drawing, I recommend getting a mechanical pencil and basically cleaning it up while going over the lines you want darker than the rest.

Outlining in ink is also good! Some people like to go over the lines with a ballpoint pen or marker. I either use pigma microns or copic multi liners in various sizes. Fine tipped sharpies work as well (the pens not the regular markers because the markers bleed a lot). You want the use the ones that are a smaller black pen. I also like to use whatever brush pens I can find. Then you can either leave the pencil layer or erase it once the ink is dry (sometimes you’ll need to touch up the ink after). White erasers are better than pink when it comes to art. They leave less of a mess, won’t streak your paper pink (unless you’re like me and accidentally get colored pencil ground into it), and smudge a lot less.

Pigma Microns:

Copic Multiliners (these are my favorite for inking):

Sharpie Pens:

I also outline a lot of stuff digitally in photoshop using a WACOM tablet.

Here’s the same picture outlined three different ways:

The pencil one is a bit messy, but you can always make a cleaner outline than this one.

I hope this helps!