めちゃくちゃシたい。~いつでも圭佑といっしょ~ (Mechakucha shitai. 〜Itsudemo Keisuke to issho〜)

Venerdi has announced a fandisk/sequel for the first volume of めちゃくちゃシたい! There will be a download version and a hard copy version of this fandisk, with the download version being released earlier in the month of March.

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

“Onee-san! Hey… from now on let’s always be together, ok?”

The nights you sleep together, the mornings you wake up by his side, and the roads you walk alongside him…

This will be a continuation of the original CD, comprised of short stories depicting the sweet days you spend with Keisuke. 

CV: 一夜愛 (Ooshita Kouta)

Release Date: Early March for download version, March 31st, 2017 for hard copy release.

“Do you hear the trees rumble? The wind roaring in the distance? Do you see the dark clouds rolling over the distant mountains? The flash of light? The rumble of thunder? The sound of a storm approaching." - @tarched minutes before watching the final 4 episodes of RTTE S4

My awesome buddy, Tarch, has just a few episodes until he will join this fandom in FREAKING OUT. Until then, he sent me this to post. ;)