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Along with my own personal explanations, this is for the lovely little anon who requested to know about my favorite gays!

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“Hey, Petra. check out this new candy!” Said Levi unusually excitedly. I perk up at the sound of my name, and Levi’s voice. “What is it, Levi?” I look at a small chocolate stick poking out from his lips. “Ish Pocky!” I wonder if they put drugs in that.. Nothing usually gets Levi happy. “Try one.” I look around, not seeing anything that looks like Pocky. “Where?” He grabs my waist with his right hand and pulls me closer, “Right here.” His eyes were suggestive, and his left hand was on my neck, “Go on.” I bit down on the chocolate, tasting a biscuit-y crunch in the middle, sweetened by the chocolate, this is great! “Ok Petra, now let’s play the pocky game.”

  • Me, cosplaying someone from SNK: goes to a con
  • A local Non-SNK fan: So those straps on you.. you're into BDSM then right?
  • Me, shoving pocky into my cape: I gotta go something came up