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Folks! It’s Friday, the day after Thursday which precedes Saturday.
Our friend Wiki tell’s us that in countries adopting Monday-first it is the fifth day of the week. It is the sixth day in countries that adopt a Sunday-first convention, as in the Abrahamic tradition. In other countries, Friday is the first day of the weekend, with Saturday the second.
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Tom Fords latest campaign with Pockin’s Erika Linder. Congrats!

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Looking for glasses and only get depressed by checking one store after the other? As if autumn’s impending arrival wasn’t enough. Here we give you two examples of glasses that could be Pockin’s own. Effector recently released a very limited line of glasses – in black and natural color. Cut out of wood. Give them a call and ask for the price if you’re interested! Phone +17 238 316 18. Moscot (on top) is another interesting brand. Really nice glasses that also fits a slightly thinner wallet, more like Pockin pocket squares. You find them at Nitty Gritty online store.

Vass design framför ögonen

Inte allt förundrande tappar numera en av våra medlemmar skärpan i ögonen på grund av sin allt mer stigande ålder. Tur då, kan man känna, att det finns en del där ute i onlinebutikerna. Efter att varit ute i butikerna på stan kan man inte bli annat än deprimerad - som om inte höstens annalkande ankomst inte skulle vara nog. Här ger vi dig två exempel på bågar som skulle kunna vara Pockins egna.

Effector släppte nyligen en super-limiterad linje av bågar – svarta och naturfärgade. Utskurna ur trä. Du blir garanterat ensam om att bära dem om du slår till! Åtminstone i västvärlden. Du finner dem hos Ocular Plus i Kowloon City, Hong Kong. Ring och fråga efter priset om intresse finns. Telefon +17 238 316 18. Hälsa från Pockin.

Moscot (översta) är ett annat varumärke inom glasögonvärlden. Riktigt snygga bågar som passar även dem som inte har världens tjockaste plånbok. Du behöver alltså inte sälja varken cykeln eller din nyinförskaffade Pockin. Nitty Gritty i Sthlm har dem online.


Pockin - great squares goes stilleben

Pockin Paisley pocket square is a piece of modern vintage. A jacket with this hanky Pockin is much more interesting than without one. A bit more expressive than traditional paisley handkerchief; just as Pockin people prefer it. One of a kind. 100% Silk. Tailored in Sweden.

You can get your own Pockin Paisley pocket square at www.pockin.com

The Design Hotel Book, isn’t that something? The 424-page publication focuses on the key message “Made by Originals” which captures the essence of what each hotel offers: experiences that can’t be duplicated, made possible by people who have stories to tell. You can get your own hard copy at www.designhotels.com/shop

Leica camera. The first Leica prototypes were built by Oskar Barnack at Ernst Leitz Optische Werke, Wetzlar, in 1913. Intended as a compact camera for landscape photography, particularly during mountain trips. In 1986, Leica moved its factory from Wetzlar to the nearby town of Solms. You can get your own at www.leica-camera.com

The book. New York Times Bestseller The imperfectionists by Tom Rachman. Tom was sent to Rome as an AP correspondent, with assignments taking him to Japan, South Korea, Turkey and Egypt. Beginning in 2006, he worked part-time as an editor at the International Herald Tribune in Paris to support himself while writing fiction. He now lives in London, where he is working on his second novel.

The glasses. MOSCOT is a New York City eyewear institution. It is renowned worldwide for its iconic eyewear. MOSCOT infuses its unmistakably refined, downtown aesthetic with nearly 100 years of eyewear expertise.

The pocket square is a piece of modern vintage. A jacket with this hanky Pockin is much more interesting than without one. One of our best sellers. This pocket square is a bit more expressive than traditional paisley handkerchief; just as Pockin people prefer it. One of a kind. 100% Silk. Tailored in Sweden.

After a spring and summer, consisting of work, construction and painting, we are here on the sidewalk, signing papers for our store, Pockin - great pocket squares.

Pockin - Kind of Storey Telling

Efter en vår och sommar bestående av arbete, snickrande och målning är vi där vi ville vara redan efter middagen då vi bestämde oss för att köra fullt blås med ett accessoar-brand. Vi döpte det till Pockin. Vi skulle ägna oss åt att ha de mest varierade och kreativa näsdukarna, pocket squares. När övriga världen intresserades av vår ide så tänkte vi att varför inte hela världen? Vi är inte där än men nånstans ska vi börja, då börjar vi här. Mr Lucaci, på söder i Sthlm, en signatur med stöd av en cykel krävdes det att starta Pockin AB.

Besök vår online store på pockin.com. Sprid gärna nyheten om vår online butik - vi kallar det storey telling.


The Walkman turns 35 this year, and back in the ‘80s it could set you back $200. It was a game changer when it debuted, transforming the way people listened to their music. Sound familiar and does anyone got a mixed tape?

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Next stop Borås, the leading destination for textile and design in Sweden. The location of our local pocket squares manufacturer.

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