Here is my fanart of Eren who occasionally glances at his little crush during work time! Eren, it’s no good to slack! I hope you enjoy this simple little fanart /RUNS

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PART ½ (3?)

Quick I-Don’t-Know-What-They-Are based on the first six chapters of The Little Titan Cafè [x-x] by pocketsizedtitan [x-x]. I just put together the main characters/drinks of this chapters. Hope you’ll like it!

 CHAPTER 1: Levi & Caffé Latte
 CHAPTER 2: Christa and Chai Tea (‘Tai Chi’)
 CHAPTER 3: Ymir and Hot Chocolate
 CHAPTER 4: Sasha & Peppermint Mocha Latte
 CHAPTER 5: Armin & Chocolate Chai Tea Latte
 CHAPTER 6: Eren & Wings of Freedom Latte

// I still need to accept how the last chapter ended… ;_;

Haaaaa…. this looked different in my head.

I usually don’t read fan-fic that much and I neeeeever do fanart for it, but pocketsizedtitan has written a really cute one called “Little Titan Cafe”. You should definitely check it out if you like boys being awkward and and painfully oblivious. I hoestly don’t know why I’ve gotten so hooked on it.

I love how Eren’s guesses at what Levi does for a living are gradually getting weirder and weirder. 

Okay, thank pocketsizedtitan for this little drabble because her reblog of this post is where I found the motivation (and since I read your tags, I figured you’d want to know about the drabble) anywhoo, I think this may become a collection of drabbles, because it was fun writing but my motivation comes and goes as it pleases and I have no idea when it’ll be present.

Drabble | ~1500 words | [G]

Levi couldn’t stop the irritation from snaking it’s way through his mind as he silently cursed Hanji and Moblit for their busy work schedules. Although he hadn’t objected at the time of Historia’s birth, if he had known that the position of a godfather would have made him a candidate for toddler chauffeur he might have refused. Levi sighed in annoyance as his thin fingers tapped the steering wheel impatiently. The quiet hum of his TTS Coupe usually soothed his frayed nerves, but it was doing nothing for him at the moment.

Soon, he pulled into the small parking lot of the town’s only kindergarten. Levi sat back with another long sigh and glanced at the clock lethargically. He was a few minutes early, but he figured it wouldn’t hurt to go the kids class now. They’d be getting ready to leave anyways and he hated waiting in the car.

Levi opened the car door and quickly shut it behind him, stepping out into the chilly November air. He glanced down at his phone to confirm he had remembered the room number correctly, and he had: Room 4. Walking through the gate that surrounded the kindergarten section, Levi noticed a miniaturized playground to his left, painted hopscotches on the concrete beneath his feet, and a wall of connected classrooms to his right. The playground was empty, save for a few discarded toys, and some of the teachers had their doors open. Levi could hear children’s laughter pouring out of the openings, one of which was Room 4’s and Levi’s lips turned up slightly at the corners as he picked Historia’s laugh out from the rest.

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“When Eren was sure Mikasa wasn’t looking, he frantically scanned through his book, thinking Mikasa must be mad to think he was always drawing Levi. That couldn’t be the case, right? He had to have drawn other stuff. Other things. Other people. But nope. There was Levi holding a cup. Levi on his laptop. Levi writing in a notebook. Levi’s hands. His forearms. His smirk. His slanted eyes and the tilt of his head and the angle of his jawline and his unbuttoned collared shirt and the curve of his neck and – Eren slammed his forehead down against the table.”
The Little Titan Café - chapter 12: pocky by pocketsizedtitan

guess who was wondering how Eren’s sketchbook looks like…

mannnnn i rly wanted to draw them doing the thing sitting at the desk scene thing but it was rly not working out or anything else today either

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from this cute oneshot

i dotn know how letterman/ varsity jackets work

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