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hello friend i would love to hear more about your waffle house theory

Hello Friend! (and two other anonymous askers!)

I believe you are asking in reference to this post

The Waffle House Pocket Dimension Theory arose in conversation with @shelomit-bat-dvorah over a lovely cup of tea last week. We were talking about liminal spaces and the odd, disjointed feeling you get sometimes in abandoned or difficult to reach locations. I pointed out that Waffle Houses would seem to qualify as liminal spaces. In my experience, you typically go to a Waffle House at odd hours of the day, while traveling, or during natural disasters because they always, always stay open. Waffle Houses always look almost exactly the same too, no matter where you find them, and the menu is limited and consistent. This seemed suspicious.

And thus, the Waffle House Pocket Dimension Theory was born. Of course Waffle Houses seem like an otherworldly, unchanging space, reachable only when the world or at least your life feels a bit off-center! Waffle House locations are actually just easily-identifiable doorways into the Waffle House pocket dimension! This dimension is just one big, highly-specific diner with the major exports of waffles, hash browns, breakfast meats, and coffee. Given the high concentration of doorways to the Waffle House pocket dimension located in Georgia, it would seem probable that the pocket dimension itself exists somewhere in or near that state in a yet-to-be-explained, ineffable fashion. I’m not certain, but I suspect that if you were not careful, it would be possible to enter on Waffle House location and exit another in an entirely different state. This means of conveyance might be cheaper than air travel, but I think it would be rather problematic in terms of reliability. 

The True RPG Horrors! - Pet Peeves in RPG Maker Horror Games:

Looking through what aspects through rpg maker horror games (or just rpg maker games in general) on what makes and breaks a game, prepare for a really in-depth time. We’re going on an adventure through the most basic aspects of a game that you can see in a game, all the way to the things that people make up as “canon”.

Over the years since the birth of games like Yume Nikki, Ib, Mad Father, The Crooked Man and other iconic titles, there have been titles introduced into the rpg maker community which are iconic, but for reasons which are…bad…in one aspect or more! Anytime I don’t speak about a game that’s featured, that means that the gameplay just fills the video with something to look at while hearing.

Timestamps for each category spoken about below:
1. Game Title: 0:44
2. Title Screen/Menu: 2:37
3. Introduction: 3:21
4. Characters: 4:26
5. Scripting: 6:02
6. Story: 7:20
7. Mapping: 8:39
8. Spelling & Grammar: 9:52
9. Riddles & Puzzles: 10:49
10. Randomness: 13:46
11. Horror: 15:06
12. Dark: 18:07
13. Difficulty: 20:53
14. The Same Thing: 22:42
15. Production/Blogs: 24:26
16. Translations/Releases: 26:45
17. Hypotheticals: 29:25
18. Endings: 32:07
19. You (Fan): 34:33
20. You (Developer): 37:18

The video also serves to show if you’re a developer yourselves on what and what not to include in your game(s). At times, a rant is here and there but ultimately should be at best educational with a little banter involved. Took about half a day to prepare this video including gameplay recording, voice recording and editing.

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What exactly is your Waffle House theory?

Hello Friend!

The Waffle House Pocket Dimension Theory is that every Waffle House restaurant you might encounter is actually an entrance to the Waffle House Pocket Dimension rather than the distinct small buildings in separate towns and states that they appear to be. The theory is most thoroughly spelled out in this post here http://wordsaredelicious.tumblr.com/post/144532225721/hello-friend-i-would-love-to-hear-more-about-your and there is some more elaborate speculation in this post http://wordsaredelicious.tumblr.com/post/145531581321/dark-wordsaredelicious-show-me-the-forbidden 

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Why is minseok a lunchable man? Is it bc he's snack sized?

he’s got everything you could want he can do it all he provides a Full and Satisfying meal INCLUDING a dessert Every Time whether he’s singing, rapping, dancing, being a visual, barely being alive at the airport, astral projecting during vlives, or even just SLEEPING and im not talking a shitty lil lunchable im talking abt the Ultra Lunchable that includes a caprisun or a tiny waterbottle and a kool aid powder mix like… this is literally him… a 24/7 grade A lunchable

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Well now I'm curious. Does that mean two Pocket Fis in a house can occassionally be seen playing videogames with or against eachother with their two individual joycons? Because that's the cutest mental image. Do they play it on kickstand mode so it's like the game console is their size?

Multiple Pocket Fis indeed play video games together! They will also play with each other by other means, like playing tag or hide and seek! Not only do they play, but they also sing and dance together.

And yes, they do play the Switch in kickstand mode.

When they play Mario Kart, all Pocket Fis play as Link.

Chloe Elise Dennis 2017

Is the lamp really big? Are they really small? Who knows. Most of these are based on plants I own and plants I want. I don’t make enough plant artwork.